Crawling Out From Under the Yarn…

I’ve been buried all weekend. Yarn, yarn, yarn! 🙂 We had big orders come in from Posh (that wonderful cashmere blend that you all snapped up the last time it was in), and Schaefer Anne and Lola (some of the prettiest colorways from them, ever) and our new self-striping line from Sam at sKNITches (wooohoooo!!). I uploaded 100+ photos to the website today, so you can imagine what Wonder Husband was doing all weekend long. (thanks, dear….)

poshstarbrdHere is a peek at Posh. This yarn comes all the way from the U.K. and is so fun to knit. It gets softer and softer each time you wash it. Of course I have a skein of it in my stash sock yarn buffet to knit for myself. (That was from the last order. DSC00046I may have to add another skein of a different color from this order. Cashmere socks are rather addictive.) The colorways do vary from batch to batch, so get what you need at one time. We have 12 new colorways in (I think only 2 are repeats from the last time – Chintz and Highland Mist – but honestly, these new skeins came looking very different than those same colorways last time. Here are the socks that I knit with it the last time it was in. These are going to my mom in the next day or two. (Hi Mom!) These were done in Highland Mist, and you can see here that the new Highland Mist has a much more olive tone to it. It’s all pretty – just different from time to time. That’s one of the many things I love about hand-dyeing – you never know just quite what you’re going to get. (Yes, these socks are done and blocked and ready to be packed up and on their way.)
DSC00057.JPGHave you tried Schaefer Anne and Schaefer Lola? Anne is great for socks (the little bit of mohair in them makes them so soft and warm) but it’s also great for lace shawls and scarves as well. Lola knits up SO fast in socks, and I also used it for fingerless gloves. (This fingerless gloves pattern is called “Fetching” from It’s a soft, springy kind of yarn and I find myself veering over towards it every time I am looking for a sport weight to knit up. There are some really eye-poppin’ colors in this batch!

DSC00478.JPGThis line of sKNITches is new and I am totally in love with it. I emailed Sam (the sKNITches gal) when it came in and told her I didn’t want to sell it. I wanted to keep it all for myself. (I have found, however, that that doesn’t pay the bills. So sell it, I must.) I did keep a skein of Collegiate out for myself, and I’m already working on a pair of socks out of this Bricklayer. I love the variety of stripe widths in here. We will definitely be keeping this line, but may not be able to get another order in until the end of March or into April. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the timing. Isn’t it a fun line?

(You all crack me up. I just finished putting all of these yarns up, and while I’m writing this blog, the “order boxes” just keep popping up on my computer. You are SO on top of things!)

I have loved reading all of your grandparent memories! I think these are my favorite blog comments ever. It’s amazing how many things I could picture so clearly, from your writing. It also made me think about what things I want MY grandchildren to remember about me, one day. (NO grandchildren yet. And since Knitting Daughter is only in high school, and College Boy finds it MOST unhelpful whenever I try a bit of match-making, there will be NO grandchildren for some time to come. But I’m still thinking about it……) If you haven’t left a comment, please do! I know that I didn’t need to “bribe” you to leave comments with a contest this time, but I do like doing monthly contests and this seemed like a fun one. So get in on it by leaving a memory comment for this post. I’ll do the drawing on Friday. I really should take pictures of the Loopy Loot prizes, shouldn’t I? I always try to make them good. 🙂

I had better get to packing these orders. I’m warning you, I am taking time out to watch 24 tonight, but other than that I’ll be packing, packing, packing. I hope YOU are getting some of these fun yarns sent to your house! I’ve had them all weekend and I’m finally ready to share them…..

Sheri sorelytemptedtocastonWoodlandForestfromSchaeferAnne


  1. YouMUSTfinishyourFranksocksbeforecastingonWoodlandForestfromSchaeferAnne.

    Thanks for packing up orders tonight. I really struggled to eliminate some of the sKNITches colors. Oh my! I can’t wait to get my hands on those self-stripers though. What fun!

  2. All the lovely and beautiful yarn. I can’t even imagine how you manage not to keep it all to yourself. I am glad you’ve decided to share it! I’m excited to try sKNITches – I bought 5 different colorways. I hope that’s enough! And the Posh – dreamy! Got a couple more hanks of that…

    I’ve been thinking about my memories of my grandparents, and in reading the memories from Monday I realize how lucky I was to have both sets of grandparents and a great grandmother until I was a Senior in high school. They all lived in the midwest while we lived in California. I have many wonderful memories of them visiting us, and of our family visiting them. The smell of cigars always brings back the memory of my maternal grandfather sitting outside smoking a cigar while watching my sisters and I ride bikes or skate. He also played Chinese Checkers with us after dinner every evening. My paternal grandmother was an excellent baker and the smell of baking bread makes me think of her. I have a loaf pan, an 8 x 8 pan and a biscuit cutter that belonged to her (My sisters and I fought over who got these things. I honestly don’t know how I came to have them!) as well as a few recipes including one for “cheesecake” written during a time of rationing. I have a wristwatch that belonged to my maternal grandmother as well as some table linens. My husband got to meet my great grandmother, who lived to be just a few months shy of 100, and her daughter, my maternal grandmother, a number of times. The others were already gone, but none will ever be forgotten.

  3. Thank God sock yarn doesn’t count. There’s no passing up on that Posh. (Especially when it’s in the perfect colors to wear on the big day. What, am I supposed to marry in anything other than cashmere handknit socks??) I don’t know how you can sell stuff like this. For me, I think it would be like receiving a huge box of adorable tiny kittens and having to immediately disburse them to strangers. No way.

  4. wow, the sKnitches yarn is great! i like “breathmint”. that cracked me up. once i dreamed i was burried under a huge pile of yarn. sometimes i worry that it might really happen… 😉

  5. oooh, I am really wishing that I could have been helping you this past weekend get unburied from all that yarn!! (And be there helping you pack orders right now…..) I am finishing the two bags I have on my needles and then focusing on my sock knitting!!

  6. Casting on for new socks is such fun….but so is having a completed pair of socks to wear. I am really trying hard to immediatly cast on for the second sock to aviod SSS.
    That said..I am sure when my order from you arrives, it will be hard for me not to cast on with the Anne yarn. Oh, and I think I like watching 24 better on DVD, what about you? 🙂

  7. Sheri – your blog is just too dangerous! ;0) These new yarns are just too yummy to pass up. There goes the yarn diet I was trying to stick with (a diet as easy to break as a food diet!) I’m weak. . . .

  8. I got so excited when I saw your email yesterday about new yarn coming. I actually kept on renewing your site to make sure that I did not miss out on anything.
    There has not been one item that you’ve added that’s disappointed me.
    I have a huge sock stash but I can’t help myself – I just have to have it.
    Oh, and when I logged on today I couldn’t believe I already had my ship notice. You spoil us! Thank you for everything you do for us.
    I can’t wait to receive the Posh, Lola and Sknitches. Wow!

    Plus the grown-up choice would be to finish your Franks but sometimes we are allowed to still be children when we knit. What do you feel like?

  9. Very nice sock yarns. Being buried in that yarn is not a bad thing on a cold winter weekend! Now, please finish the Frank sock.

  10. Wow, that colour way is gorgeous and I love the fetching hand warmers. I was actually just looking at them on knitty today and decided I’m going to knit myself a pair. They look so warm and cozy!

  11. Argh! And payday isn’t until Friday! I’ll just have to restrain myself until then, but it’s difficult with all the lovely things you’re tempting us with.

    Must. Exercise. Restraint.

    (Is it Friday yet?)

  12. sKnitches arrived yesterday – love the colours and feel, well worth the wait. You are picking wonderful yarns that are sure to please.

  13. I just said, “oh, oh, oh” at the Posh. It’s so pretty!!! Too mnay good things in this post. I’m having “want to purchase overload!!!!” LOL

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