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DSCF2827.JPGOk, ok, ok. I have been tagged more than once for the “6 Weird Things About You” meme and so here they are. I did not open this up to discussion among family members, as this is SIX weird things about me, not SIXTY weird things.

1. I love rainy days and I don’t like bright and sunny days. In fact this morning it was raining, and I found myself saying “I need to open up the shades in here so that I can enjoy this great rainy day!” I need to move to Seattle. (And yes, that does happen to be a rainy day picture from this summer when the trees still had green on them. But I like winter rains, too.)

2. I like corn, all by itself. And only frozen corn, cooked. I don’t like corn in salsa, or corn in soup, or corn in cornbread, or corn in casseroles, or corn out of a can, or creamed corn. Just regular, plain corn.

3. I read magazines from the middle to the back, and then from the middle to the front. And I can’t stand all the little cards and cardboard paper ads in them. I tear them all out before I read it. (Did you know you can cut the Reader’s Digest almost in half by just removing cards and cardboard ad pages?)

4. I like to clean the house. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean I do it as often as it needs it, necessarily, but I like the satisfaction of having worked to get it clean, and then enjoying the results. However – most of the time I’d rather be knitting than cleaning the house.

5. I’m picky about how waiters/waitresses refill water glasses when we’re out to eat. I like the ones who know not to touch the water pitcher to each glass as they pour water. (Think about it. They touch the pitcher to your glass as they fill it, then they go to the next table and the pitcher rests on the edge of that water glass, then they go to the next table and the pitcher swaps germs on the edge of that water glass, etc.) Ick.

6. When I fill the car with gas, I always have to stop the pump on a “good” number. Not $38.79, but $38.80. Not $47.13, but $47.20. I always know which gas expenses were mine on our credit card bills. I’m sure there is a benefit in knowing that.

Who will I tag? Every single one of you! But you don’t have to do six. Just leave ONE weird thing about yourself in the comments section, if you dare. 🙂

Today’s recipe comes at the end of the first week in a new year, when most people are ready to give up on their diet/exercise resolution. (Or not. Maybe you’re good. If so, you’re weird. Hey – that can be your comment today – “I’m still losing weight this week!”) If and when you DO need something really good, try this Peanut Butter Fudge. It’s wonderful.

pbutbarsPeanut Butter Fudge

1/3 pound graham cracker crumbs (1 pck. About 1 1/2 cups)
1/2 pound margarine, melted
1 1/4 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 pound powdered sugar
10 oz. pkg. peanut butter chips (or butterscotch chips work, too)

Combine graham cracker crumbs, margarine, peanut butter and sugar.

Mix well until smooth and creamy. Press into 9×9 pan (although I used a 9×13 pan).

Melt peanut butter chips in microwave and spread on top. Let set at room temperature until firm. Cut before refrigerating.

Pictures of my latest completed socks on Monday – I promise!

Sheri don’tbeweird-leaveacomment 🙂


  1. Good thing you only asked for one weird thing, or I could be typing all day – just ask my kids. I don’t like “wet” ice. I like for it to be really cold and dry and if it has gotten “wet” before I add it to my drink, I’ve been known to throw it out and start over. OK, can anybody top that?

  2. Here’s one weird thing: I slow down for big garbage piles that look like people are throwing away more than trash. When I was a kid I used to go out with my Dad on garbage night and we’d drive around looking for good stuff to keep or resell at flea markets or auctions. I still do this and now continue the tradition with my son. Some things I have gotten from the garbage: Christmas ornaments (from victorian glass to 1950s stuff), chairs, a coffee table, vintage tableclothes and tea towels, art pottery, etc). My house does not look like it came from the trash. People are shocked when they find out where I got the cool table or whatever.

  3. I do that same thing at the gas pump.

    I did my weird thing meme last week. Let me see if I can think of another weird thing for you.

    Ok, I know. Everything on my desk has to be perfectly aligned. If someone knocks the stapler an eighth of an inch out of the normal spot, I freak out and cannot concentrate on anything else until I fix it.

  4. I don’t like even numbers or numbers with only angles, like 44. Not only is it an even number but it is all angles. I always try to do things with odd numbers. When I turned 44 I decided to skip that year and just be 45 for 2 years. It’s all good with sock knitting though because even though there are even numbers the sock is seamless and ROUND! Weird, I know. By the way, my favorite number is 5.

  5. I enjoy a rainy day as well and if I didn’t live where I do now I would be in Seattle.
    It’s a wonderful, fun and clean city. Happy New Year.

  6. Umm… right now the only thing I can really think of is that I prefer to drink warm soda. Not as in actually “heated on a stove/in a microwave” warm, but out at room temperature. If I order it out (rare), I generally let it sit until the chill is off of it before I’ll drink it.

    Ok, my spices are alphabetized too. But that’s it.

  7. I do the same thing at the pump also. And magazines!! I’m so glad you mentioned that…I hate those cards and will tear them out. But you made me think of this- newspapers. I read the front page then turn it to the back and read the back page, the next to the back page and work my way back to the front. I read a stat once that there are many “readers” like me just not a majority. lol

  8. Like most, I have several “weird” things about me. However the one that comes to mind first is that I was born in Colorado and have lived here pretty much all my life. Yet I have never skied – and I don’t plan on ever learning. When people learn that about me they look at me like I’ve grown a second head!

  9. A weird thing about me is that I can’t think of anything weird about me.


    Okay. Here you go — I am painfully painfully painfully (did I mention painfully?) shy and introverted, and have always been. So much so that I almost flunked out of a college course because I would die a thousand deaths at the mere idea of having to open my mouth to participate n class. (Lucky for me my writing skills pulled me through!)

    Now tell me the truth — would you have thought that of me? 😉

  10. Well, as I agree with loving the rainy days and am the same way with putting gas in the car..I will have to let you know something else.

    I can’t stand making a few little trips out to the car to bring in groceries…..I will knock myself out carrying all the bags, balancing a gallon of milk, closing the car door with my foot….oh, and heaven forbid…the usually caramel macchiato but latley peoppermint mochas..balancing in the mix! This drives my husband crazy…but hey, why not hurry up and get back to the knitting.

    Oh, the fudge recipe looks too good. Thanks for sharing! Try the Cinnamon Dolce Latte next time at Starbucks…pretty good!

  11. I give you 2 weird things about myself:

    1. The first thing I do when I get in the shower is shave under my arms. It must be done daily if not more than once (and I am not hairy at all).

    2. I only drink soda that has gone flat.

  12. I do the gas pump thing, but really like to get to a whole dollar if possible.

    One of my other weirds is that I like to eat stuff in twos or multiples thereof — M&Ms, other candies, cookies. I don’t like it if my husband puts 3 cookies into my lunch — 2 or 4! (Preferably 4!)

    Thanks for all the great recipes — I’m looking for something fairly easy to do for the guard group at work — there are 61 of them!!! (I’m a little late on holiday gifts.)

  13. Where to start!

    I will not pump gas. My husband does it for me or I find a full service. I cannot stand the smell of gasoline on my hands, even when they are washed are still can smell it.

    Sheri I started a blog over Christmas, if you would like me to send the address email and I will. I have mentioned you and the shop, and linked to both the shop and blog. When my Yarntini arrives I will post a picture for all to see.

    Peanut butter and fudge, you’re killing me girl.

  14. To this day, I don’t like my food to touch other food on my plate. My meat can’t touch my veggies, etc. If the food is mixed than it can stay mixed on the plate but it can’t touch something else on the plate. My mom saids that I should have out grown this food fetious but I haven’t and since I’m 37, I don’t see it going away anytime soon.

  15. I, too, am picky about how my water glass is filled in a restaurant. I really don’t like it when the wait person takes a bunch of glasses away to refill with soda, lemonade, iced tea, etc. I might not get mine back. YUCK! And the inserts in magazines? I hate those too.

    One of my weird things is that when my husband is out of town on business I don’t go anywhere. I plan ahead to get all of my errands and out of the house stuff taken care of, and I stay home.

  16. I eat things in pairs (like Jan), and I don’t eat the last bite of anything. The peanut butter fudge recipe looks amazing. 🙂

  17. I read this post earlier in the morning before I went to work, and came back to comment/look at comments. Very entertaining.

    I’m a waitress, and I don’t do either the thing you mentioned nor the one in the comment two above mine (unless it’s only one person that wants “half the glass” refilled). I also try to always grab a glass at least two inches below the lip. Yay me?

    Peanut butter fudge…umm, can I come over sometime when you’ve just made some? =9

  18. Is there a word/character limit to the comments? My weird thing didn’t show up! I guess I’ll type it again:

    When I eat a meal, I’ll eat the sides first, then the main part. Example: cole slaw and mashed potatoes first, then fried chicken. Two reasons: 1. When I was a kid, my brother would steal my fries because he eats faster than me. 2. I eat small portions, and the meat still tastes good reheated, unlike sides reheated, usually.

  19. Please don’t touch my laundry or use my washing machine. Seriously. Even if I’m in the hospital or bed ridden don’t touch the laundry. I can not stand for anyone to do my laundry. I am very particular about what gets washed together, how it gets washed and, most important of all, how things are folded. I’ve tried, really tried, to just put away laundry that well meaning (insert mother in law here) people have done for me but I just can’t do it. At the very least, I’ll need to refold it. I may even need to wash it all over again.

  20. I have to have at least one bottle of full laundry detergent or I get nervous. I hate the thought of running out. I am the same way with trash bags, toilet paper and Starbucks Ice Cream.

  21. My one wierd thing is genetic. I have one green eye and one blue eye. Total strangers are likely to get within an inch of my face when they notice and then inform me of my different eye colors.

  22. Given a snack sized bag of plain M&Ms, I first sort them by color. Then I eat them randomly until there are the same number of each color. Then I regroup them into piles that contain one of each color and eat one pile at a time. I’m perturbed by the fact that the purple M&M didn’t return after the “absence of color” advertising campaign a couple of years ago because you can no longer form a proper color wheel with the M&Ms. When purple was still in the bag, you had all three primary colors and all three secondary colors… but now, no purple. It’s just so disappointing. Yes… people give me M&Ms just to watch me do this.

  23. Magazines that are mine or that I intend to read cannot be “flipped through” by anyone else. It just destroys the karma, makes all the deliciousness leak right out. Same with puzzle books. Don’t flip past my page looking for a new puzzle, all the pages have to be done in order!

    I think I just knit the socks on my blog in the same yarn you used for your Christmas tree mittens.

  24. I eat my M&M’s in pairs, one on each side of my mouth and if there’s one left, I bite it and eat half on each side of my mouth

  25. see, this is hard cause things that might be strange seem totally normal to me. um, our huge dog sleeps in bed with us every night, not just on the bed but wedged between us with his head on my pillow. we had to buy a cal king to accomodate/enable this behavior. It’s a long story that begins with him being diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and me tearfully telling my hubby that the dog would sleep with us for the rest of his life no matter what. Now he’s in remission and there is no convincing him it’s ok to sleep on the floor. Also maybe a strange thing, I spent $5K on doggy chemo a few years ago (it was worth it though). I’m obsessed with making sure doors are locked, and i can’t watch true crime shows cause they freak me out. oh, and the only kind of showers or baths I can stand to take are scalding hot ones. I would rather not take a shower at all than take a luke warm shower.

  26. Whenever I eat pancakes, I cut one piece, eat it, rotate the plate counter-clockwise, cut another piece, eat it, then rotate the plate counter-clockwise, etc. I also have a tendency to do that with steak and other large items of food that require cutting.

    By the way, congratulations on selling out of Yarntini is less than 24 hours. 🙂

  27. Just one? Hmm… well, all my sock yarns have to have their labels facing the same way in their bins. They also have to be put into certain bins (one for Opal, one for hand-dyeds, one for Blue Moon, etc.), or I freak out. I also have to watch the odometer when its ready to flip a big number (like to 1,000 or 10,000). It doesn’t help much with my staying in the lane, but there you have it.

    I think I’m the one who got the last Yarntini. 🙂

  28. I can’t eat food I have to dissect first (like chicken on the bone) and I don’t trust breaded meat aka nuggets. I can eat steak and pork chops off the bone but I never eat the last 1/8th or so that touches the bone. All the fat has to be trimmed off, too. Non-breaded chunks like what’s in Chinese food is acceptable if I know the restaurant well (I’m liable to go vegetarian the first time I visit a new place, until I’ve looked carefully at the meat in what everyone else orders). I am completely grossed out by the sight of raw meat. But I can easily eat it if it is extremely well-done. That includes bacon (I like it almost-burnt). Go figure.

  29. Weird things!

    1. I HAVE to have at least a 1/2 tank of gas or I panic….I have never run out and can’t understand how you can.

    2. I read magazines Back to Front…and I hate all the card inserts also….

    3. I can’t LEAVE the house unless all the pillows and cushions on my couch are perfectly straight and plumped….

    Ok, that’s 3……have a good day…Diane

  30. LOL-these are awesome! I am glad that I am not alone with the gas thing.
    The family room carpet has to be straight or I go crazy! I don’t even know why I have the darn thing, but if it’s a little crooked I go nuts.
    And, the fitted sheet always has to be on the mattress. I can’t stand it when the sheets are all wonky. So I end up making the bed everyday. But this is the only daily chore I do.
    I clean up before I leave a hotel room (even the day we are checking out). My DH hates that. This includes piling up the dirty towels and making the bed. And I wipe up by the sink.

  31. A weird thing about me? I spent all last year trying to lose weight, and put on another 5 pounds. Around Halloween, i changed jobs and just gave up — it was pointless, I was just going to be a size 12 for awhile, why stress about it.

    I’ve lost 10 pounds since then.

  32. One weird thing….hmm…..gonna have to limit myself here…lol. When I get into a project and want instant gratification I forget to eat and sleep. The project consumes me until it is completed (ie: finishing my first sock on New Years Eve). Nevermind I have a stash that insulates our home rather well, this one yarn had me. (and no I didn’t have second sockitis). Onward ho!!!

  33. I hate water on the floor. Especially melting icecubes. It’s what makes me scream and yell. So I keep a special roll of paper towels just for drip patrol. There can be dog hair and legos but, please, no water.

  34. It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one who loves dark and gloomy days. In fact, if there are too many sunny days (like this winter here in OKC), I tend to become depressed. I just don’t have the energy on a sunny day–my friends all think I’m deranged.

    What else–I can’t eat cookies or candy in anything but even numbers, and I also do the gas pump thing, but I think it’s more about getting the tank as full as possible. I used to be obsessive about finishing a project once I started one, but that’s gone by the wayside–I’m too old to stay up all night sewing or knitting. I also hate to make more than one trip from the car–I’ll nearly tip myself over trying to carry everything at once.

    Oh, and I have to have one of everything in my pantry–I can’t use the last one of something and not have a replacement. I seem to be afraid I’m going to run out of green beans or toliet paper, which is dumb because there’s two grocery stores within a mile of my apartment, and I pass at least a dozen places going to and from work every day.

    My worst obsession is with my PDA. I have to hotsync it to my computer twice a day–in the morning while I’m having breakfast and in the evening after I come home from work. Recently I had some issues with it, and I spend DAYS getting the thing back to rights. If it has a problem, I’m going to obsess over it until it’s fixed. I can’t just put it aside and let it be for a while. It has to be JUST RIGHT.

  35. hi sheri and all of you who have written so far. this has just been a hoot to read all these entries. it has truly been alot of fun. i can only think of one thing, off hand, that others have told me is weird. if i’m snacking on salty things like chips or popcorn, i like to drink milk with that snack. would not enjoy soda with it like alot of folks. i agree about the magazines. the first thing to do is get rid of the inserts or stiff pages of ads. it’s a beautiful sunny day in my part of michigan and i love the sunny days. happy knitting.

  36. I enjoy rainy days as well!

    Your fudge recipe reminded me of this one: I love love love LOVE peanut butter (creamy only, but I can eat it by the spoonful) BUT… I don’t like homemade things containing peanut butter. I like reese’s peanut butter cups, pb m&ms, but don’t like peanut butter cookies, fudge, even the breakfast shakes I make for my husband, I can’t drink if there’s PB in them.

    I enjoy making things for others with PB in them, but not for me!

  37. LOL, thank you Sheri for listing your weirdness!! I share the rainy days with you. I live in Oregon and I do enjoy the rain. I don’t like it hot, humid or the blasted wind that we have had this year. I just came up with another weird one for me. Green olives. I have had this horrible craving for green olives for almost two years now. I eat them straight from the jar, usually a dozen at a time. Then the next day, if not sooner, I do the same thing. Sometimes I will actually put them into a little bowl and sit down with them to savor them, but it’s not the same.

  38. Well, my family would say there is not one thing that is NOT weird about me….. but here goes…One thing, in addition to the list on my blog, is that my favorite sandwich is a Tomato/potato chip sandwich. I grow tomotoes in the summer JUST so I can have these sandwiches every day. The tomato HAS to be just out of the garden; the chips HAVE to be from a just opened bag and I HAVE to use a little mayo… (NEVER miracle whip!!) Try one next time you have a garden fresh tomato…..


  39. Coming in late on the weird things.

    I LOVE rainy days, too. Always have. I didn’t know anyone else did until I starting reading blogs.

    I don’t do the gas pump thing, but I have several family members who cannot have a digital thermometer, volume, etc., set on an odd number. It has to be even. I tell them they are weird.

    The water glass thing had never occurred to me before. I now have one more thing to think about.

    No one else in the world is capable of loading my dishwasher. My mother is close. I don’t have to re-load it when my mother does it. I also can’t stand it if someone puts dirty silverware into a glass to clear the table.

  40. Just found your site and what an interesting topic! I am a fiber addict and I can’t wait to find time to browse your archives! It is always so exciting to find someone else who shares my obsession.

    I will give you 2 weird things about me:

    ~~I am OCD when it comes to hanging my laundry on the line. I have to hang it in some sort of organized system like all the socks together, all the shirts together, etc. When my kids hang out the laundry all willy-nilly it makes me crazy.

    ~~I crave potato chips when I have a banana. First you have to understand the southern US phenomenon of eating banana sandwiches…no peanut butter, just banana on bread, or even banana with mayonnaise. I know it sounds totally gross, but when you are brought up on it, it is a perfectly normal and acceptable thing to eat. Well, for some reason, in my toddler years I stuffed some potato chips into my banana sandwich and thought the crunching was cool! I ate them that way for years, and now, even though I am 40 years old, if I eat a banana, I will crave potato chips! Pretty strange, huh??

  41. One of my weird things is that I stockpile non-perishables as if I had been through the Great Depression (which I did not). Let’s just say I have 1,700 Q Tips, enough Dove soap bars to last all of 2007 and about 15 pounds of coffee. For me. Just me. However I have no milk in the fridge, lunchmeat or salad fixings. Who needs food when you have QTips?! Yarn is another good thing to stockpile at my house but that’s not really weird, is it? :>)

  42. 1) I *hate* peanut butter. My dad loves it (superchunky preferred), but my mom hates it. She claims to have tried multiple times to feed it to me when I was a toddler (just because most kids like it and she wanted me to try *everything* once), but I always refused.

    2) I’m allergic to caraway seeds. Not like anaphylactic death-allergic, but they make me unhappy. I learned this in organic chemistry lab in college when we had to distill caraway oil from seeds. Explained why rye bread always made my stomach hurt…

    3) I nearly always count my knitting by threes. Three stitches, three rows, etc. I think it started when someone near me in a guild meeting was counting out loud by twos, and I couldn’t concentrate on my counting. Now it just works better for me!

    Sheri, I LOVE my sock blockers, the friend I gifted with a sock blocker keychain/a me-made soc for it/the instructions is in love with it, and I am sorely tempted to ball and start knitting from my Yarn Pirate Isobel yarn. This first-time customer loves your “e-shop.” The YP must wait–too many socks in the queue before it.

  43. i did this meme, but i’ll see if i can figure out something different.

    I’m an Xtreme multitasker. Right now i’m reading blogs, listening to a book tape, and knitting booties for charity. This is standard for me. I’m not happy if I’m not doing at least 2 things at once. And I have a hard time JUST knitting and listening to book tapes. don’t feel like i’m doing enough.

  44. Ok, I have a weird one for you. Everywhere I go I notice how lazy folks are in the restaurants, mall, stores, especially books store bathrooms and never push down the papertowels in the receptacle-wastecans. So after I have washed my hands with the papertowels I use it to push down the waste and wow you would be surprise how it won’t overflow or even be that full afterwards.

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