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DSC00138.JPGI have had fun reading about all of your weird things. Although, I must say that I could totally relate to an alarming number of them. Should that worry me? Wonder Husband (WH) wanted me to add another weird habit of mine – talking to our cat and dog (and really – the squirrels in the yard, the birds on a walk, etc) as if they could totally understand what I was saying. (“I have told you before not to eat out of the cat’s bowl. Why do you keep doing that? Bad dog!” or “Why are you sitting up there in the window where it’s freezing cold?”) I just don’t think that’s weird. Just sayin. Want to know something weird about WH? He leaves 1/2 inch of liquid in his glass and comes back to finish it later. After meals, after snacks, etc. Every time I find a glass like that, I know it is his. And if I toss it, he asks “Where’s the rest of my milk?” I don’t get that at all. That’s just downright weird.

A Loopy Ewe update – I put Yarntini up on the website last week. I know I didn’t mention it in the blog. The reason for that is simple. I put it up around noon one day, and we were sold out of the entire lot by dinnertime. I thought I had better say something, because I know some of you are still wondering when it’s coming in. It has come and gone. I’m hoping for some variegated skeins from Yarntini later in the spring, but that’s not a promise, yet. Just keeping my fingers crossed that that will work out.Peony I put up more new colors of Claudia over the weekend! You all are huge Claudia fans and I know you’ll have fun with some of these new colors. Many of them are “nearly solids” (with a dash of extra color for sass), perfect for those gorgeous lace patterns that everyone is making. That makes over 50 colors of Claudia Hand Painted Fingering Weight that we have in stock. (That even amazes ME!) We also received another shipment of Sock Blocker Keychains, so those are back in stock. I just love those little things! SockBlockerKeyI may have another new line up by the end of the week (depending on the photo-taking skills and time of WH), and then one or two more next week as well. Ohhhh – and the talented Katie is working on more of our Loopy/Louise/Black Bart adorable stitchmarker sets for us! When she asked me how many I wanted, I told her as MANY as she is willing to do. So I’m not sure when they will come in, but I’ll keep you posted. Also – another fun new accessory addition that my friend Georgia (the Yarn Pirate) sent me for Christmas. Of course I immediately thought that all of you needed this, too – so I ordered it for The Loopy Ewe. ๐Ÿ™‚ Watch for it by the end of the week as well.

DSC00418.JPGWant to see some socks knit up from one of our new incoming lines? These are the socks I knit up on the cruise, for my Sockret Pal. I used the Aspen Colorway, in Fiber Euphoria’s exclusive “Lotus Toes” yarn line. It’s loosely spun, but knits up nice and tight for socks. The pattern is Garland Lace from Wildhorse Farm Designs. Angelina is shipping our first Fiber Euphoria order out today, so that’s the one I’m hoping to have on the website by the end of the week.

DSC00422.JPGI also stared another pair of fingerless gloves on our cruise. Here’s the first one, out of Lorna’s Laces Baltic Sea. Am I the only one addicted to fingerless gloves? Both knitting them and wearing them. I love them. I ought to start making some extra pairs for Christmas gifts for next year. (Since, you know, I’m going to be so much farther ahead this year and all.) (Glovelet pattern here.)ย 

I thought I ought to be welcoming new members of the Loopy Groupies every so often! This is a group that you are ushered into upon your sixth order from us. You know that we love sending out little gifts with your first five orders, and with your sixth one, you get our Loopy Groupie Gift Bag with some fun stuff inside. (And special Loopy Kisses in subsequent orders, as well as advance notice whenever I add new things to the website, and special sales and offers every so often.) So a big Loopy HUG to the following Loopy Groupie members who have been Loopies for awhile, as well as the brand new members added this week: Loren in WI, Kim in PA, Jane in MI, Isobel in PA, Michelle in AZ, Bev in IL, Wendy in VA, Kathy in TX, Michelle in IL, Deborah in MI, Sue in WI, Phyll in MI, L-B in VA, Lisa in OK, Sharon in CA, Patty in IN, and the latest additions this past week: Willi in OH, Laurie in NC, Sharon in TX and Kathleen in MA! It’s fun to be a Loopie – I hope you all join these wonderful gals, soon!

Sheri oh-IalsoaddedmoreSweetGeorgiaovertheweekend-yeehaa!


  1. Don’t feel bad about talking to the animals, I do that ALL THE TIME. So does the man of the house. I also have a strange habit of singing to my dog…either taking popular songs and changing the words to apply to the dog, or making up little songs. This is a bizarre habit I picked up from my younger sister when we lived together. (I can’t believe I am admitting to doing that!) My dog, and my sisters dog, LOVE IT. They wag their tails and follow us around. It’s really bad when my sister and her pup are visiting and we are both singing little songs all the time, it drives my fiance batty.

    Fingerless gloves! Yay! I love them for my overly air conditioned office.

  2. Who says it’s weird to talk or sing to our pets???? I think that is how they learn. My first two cats knew what the word TREAT meant. My current baby, Lexi, knows what TREAT means, in fact if I spell it to someone else she may not run but she’ll perk her ears up and look at me. We had a dog years ago who knew the word CAT and would jump in the window to see where it was and start barking. She even knew when we spelled it what it meant and run, jump and bark. Years ago I lived in a condo on the 2nd floor. My stairs had a canvas awning covering the stairs. I came out one morning and there was a possum on the handrail. He felt trapped and bared it’s teeth at me. (Very scary sight!!!!) I just stood still and talked to it gently and said I’m going to walk down the stairs, I won’t try to touch you, it’ll be ok. By then he was climbing the piece of metal that went up to the canvas so I walked UNDER the possum and did just fine. I ran into him a few more times and he never bared his teeth to me again. Keep talking to your pets! I think they understand way more than humans give them credit for.

  3. I talk to my pets all the time-even the fish! (and all the outside critters I see too!)
    Wow-my name in print on your blog! -is this my fifteen minutes of fame? I hope so-it’s all I can handle!

  4. I’m so upset I missed the yarntini update. [sniff] I’m sure I can find something else to tide me over until it become available. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I also tend to say to the dog (usually as he’s jumping down from the kitchen table), “Why were you up there? You know better than that!” He also has a large vocabulary of words he understands and responds to (cookie, frisbee) and ones he ignores (sit, stay, off, come).
    Last night at dinner, as I was wiping all the juice off my steak with a paper towel, my daughter said, “Mom, that’s weird.” I guess so.

  6. Hahaha, I do the same thing with my drinks as your hubby. I always leave a little bit there and then I come back to drink it. Hubby also knows that the almost empty glass is mine, he leaves it there for me, hehehe. That is hilarious, there is someone else out there that does the same thing.

  7. He obviously does not spent enough time with your cats. Trust me, they understand. What is that old saying that dogs have owners while cats own humans?

    And I am also sad that I missed the Yarntini update. But that is okay, because I have plenty of other indie sock yarns that I need to knit up first. And I am working on becoming a Loopie Groupie….

  8. I was so sad about missing the Yarntini that I had to go buy some from her Etsy shop. =D Actually, I found the PERFECT lime green there, so I’m going to use that for my sister’s socks. Wish me luck in attempting to finish them by next week…

    I’m betting the animals understand, but they choose to ignore you.

    Four more visits until I become a Loopy Groupie, I think…it may take a while.

  9. I am an animal talker myself. I don’t find it strange because I know quite a few others that are the same. What I thought was funny was your comment about your WH because I thought it was only my boyfriend who was a nut like that. He always leaves at least that 1/2 inch in his drinks too but never goes back.

  10. I do the same thing with the drinks…and I don’t know why.

    I also talk to the dog all the time. Most the time she knows what I am saying!

    I just placed my first order. I want to be a Loopy Groupie too!

  11. I know what you mean about relating to others “weird things” – glad I’m not the only one! And, I can’t wait to be a Loopie Groupie!!

  12. I talk to my four-legged family members on a continual basis, and believe it or not they sometimes answer. I have to confess that there are times when I think they understand me more than my two-legged family members. I posted pictues of my Yarntini on my blog, my cat likes it too.

  13. Talking to the animals! You thing that’s wierd…My dog talks back to me…College Boy has what we call the “dog voice” and he answers me as if the dog is responding to my…….What are you doing with my yarn…It’s ok mommy (dog talking) I love yarn..


  14. i always talk to my lily and she talks to me too. i also talk to all my granddogs and grandcats. i think they understand so much of what we say or at least how we say it. i like the fingerless gloves too. so often my hands are cold at the computer. will have to try some of those after the sock adventure slows down. must go look at sweet georgia yarn. happy knitting

  15. Dear Sheri,
    I do not think that it’s weird to talk to animals. I don’t have any, but I baby sat
    my son’s bird last year, and he loved when I talked to him. Animals need
    to communicate just like people. They will let you know if they don’t like it.
    One of the weird things I do is start reading a magazine from the back to the
    front. Then I go back and read it the regular way or the way people say is

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