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DSCF2827.JPGOk, ok, ok. I have been tagged more than once for the “6 Weird Things About You” meme and so here they are. I did not open this up to discussion among family members, as this is SIX weird things about me, not SIXTY weird things.

1. I love rainy days and I don’t like bright and sunny days. In fact this morning it was raining, and I found myself saying “I need to open up the shades in here so that I can enjoy this great rainy day!” I need to move to Seattle. (And yes, that does happen to be a rainy day picture from this summer when the trees still had green on them. But I like winter rains, too.)

2. I like corn, all by itself. And only frozen corn, cooked. I don’t like corn in salsa, or corn in soup, or corn in cornbread, or corn in casseroles, or corn out of a can, or creamed corn. Just regular, plain corn.

3. I read magazines from the middle to the back, and then from the middle to the front. And I can’t stand all the little cards and cardboard paper ads in them. I tear them all out before I read it. (Did you know you can cut the Reader’s Digest almost in half by just removing cards and cardboard ad pages?)

4. I like to clean the house. Now, that certainly doesn’t mean I do it as often as it needs it, necessarily, but I like the satisfaction of having worked to get it clean, and then enjoying the results. However – most of the time I’d rather be knitting than cleaning the house.

5. I’m picky about how waiters/waitresses refill water glasses when we’re out to eat. I like the ones who know not to touch the water pitcher to each glass as they pour water. (Think about it. They touch the pitcher to your glass as they fill it, then they go to the next table and the pitcher rests on the edge of that water glass, then they go to the next table and the pitcher swaps germs on the edge of that water glass, etc.) Ick.

6. When I fill the car with gas, I always have to stop the pump on a “good” number. Not $38.79, but $38.80. Not $47.13, but $47.20. I always know which gas expenses were mine on our credit card bills. I’m sure there is a benefit in knowing that.

Who will I tag? Every single one of you! But you don’t have to do six. Just leave ONE weird thing about yourself in the comments section, if you dare. 🙂

Today’s recipe comes at the end of the first week in a new year, when most people are ready to give up on their diet/exercise resolution. (Or not. Maybe you’re good. If so, you’re weird. Hey – that can be your comment today – “I’m still losing weight this week!”) If and when you DO need something really good, try this Peanut Butter Fudge. It’s wonderful.

pbutbarsPeanut Butter Fudge

1/3 pound graham cracker crumbs (1 pck. About 1 1/2 cups)
1/2 pound margarine, melted
1 1/4 cup crunchy peanut butter
1 pound powdered sugar
10 oz. pkg. peanut butter chips (or butterscotch chips work, too)

Combine graham cracker crumbs, margarine, peanut butter and sugar.

Mix well until smooth and creamy. Press into 9×9 pan (although I used a 9×13 pan).

Melt peanut butter chips in microwave and spread on top. Let set at room temperature until firm. Cut before refrigerating.

Pictures of my latest completed socks on Monday – I promise!

Sheri don’tbeweird-leaveacomment 🙂


  1. I talk to myself and have actual conversations. My friends at work are used to it now, but we just hired a new dentist and he has yet to get used to it. It may be due to the fact that I was an only child and needed to amuse myself or it could be that I’m just weird!

  2. I have had a blast reading about all of the idiosyncrasies. I absolutely can identify with the whole gas thing. My biggest thing is my keys. I have a place that they belong when not in use–a small pocket on the front of my current purse. I start to twitch if my DH uses them and lays them on the counter or on my desk top. Thanks to all for sharing. It’s nice to know that there are fellow “humans” out there!! 🙂

  3. I’m with you on the rainy stuff, I once moved to San Diego and begged my boyfriend (who is now my husband) to send me a plane ticket home after only 3 weeks. I live in Connecticut.

  4. It’s nice to know there are others like us isn’t it? I eat all the topping off a slice of pizza and then eat the crust-never both at the same time and I too only drink “flat” soda. I am a sock convert and have a goal of a pair of socks for each family member for Valentine’s day. One down and six to go. I think the Loopy Ewe is a wonderful shop and Sheri is exemplary in her service and personable attention to our needs. Thanks for all your hard work.

  5. I’m really weird. I eat md’s frencfries with vanilla ice cream. i have half a million things going at once. i love to plan outtings for me and my friends and i keep a lot of people’s scedual’s going(did you remember that you have an appointment at such and such time? i never nag, i just remind if you tell me.) i play with people’s faces, like when you play with a kid’s face. Kid’s like me because i am just like them and get what they are saying. I love rainy days too, but i also like sunny days. when i was working i couldn’t get enough sleep, and now that i’m not, i am getting so little sleep and thriving on it. And aparently i’m weird because i think elephants are gorgeous. i want to come back as one after i die. one thing i want more than a lot of stuff is a snowflake necklace. and i can’t find one.

  6. I look for a good place to sleep in case I ever become homeless. I work in the financial district in SF and I arrive in the dark. I look around building structures and alcoves for high, dry places to sleep if I ever am without a roof over my head. My family thinks that’s really weird, but it is an innate fear I cannot shake. My favorite building has picture windows about 4 feet off the ground and protection from the wind. It’s on Sansome between California and Sacramento.

  7. 1. I love to iron linens.

    2. I love the smell of fumes from large buses.

    3. While dressing in the morning, the first thing I put on are my socks, the second is my shoes. If my slacks don’t fit over the shoes, I make an allowance and put the shoes on after the slacks. It gets cold here in Minnesota.

    4. I love to take tests.

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