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Too many things going on to form a coherent post today. So, I’m giving you snippets of information as they run through my head. (That’s scarey, isn’t it?)

DSCF2861.JPGI am heading out of town today, and will be gone through Sunday. That means no post on Friday, and I will miss that. That also means that Knitting Daughter and Wonder Husband will be filling all orders that come in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. (be still my beating heart.) They’re saving Saturday and Sunday orders for me to fill when I get home. Now, they have been well-trained to do this. I have left lists and instructions, and they are intelligent. I have every reason to believe that this will go just fine. Really. It’s just that I’m a bit picky about everything that goes out of here I want to make sure it all arrives to you correctly, safe and sound. So, they’re doing it together and double checking each other. I’m counting on them to do a great job. I know they’ll have fun sending packages out to you (and will no doubt proudly relay their efforts to me on a daily basis.) They were just thrilled to pieces about me wanting to take an action shot for the blog. Thrilled, I tell you.

DSCF2856.JPG Did I mention to you that Knitting Daughter has now secured a job at Starbucks? This is what comes home to our house every single week – a free pound of coffee. (One of the many benefits of working at Starbucks.) She is having a great time working there. After 14+ years of being around Wonder Husband (aka Wonder Dad) and I with our home-based businesses, her customer service is second to none. I always told her that would come in handy some day!

DSCF2859.JPGSpeaking of coffee, I thought I’d share a great gift idea with you. My friend Monica gave me a set of these coffee syrup dispensers one Christmas, and we have used them ever since. You can buy these jars at kitchen stores, and you can buy the coffee syrups at World Market (or coffee places). It’s easy to make up personalized labels on your computer. That way, you can keep all of the wonderful knitted items you’re making all for yourself and give coffee syrups to everyone on your holiday list instead.

While I’m gone – I thought I’d spice things up with another blog contest. You know that we have three GREAT yarn lines on order, and expected in any day. Well, actually I expect them any time between now and mid-October. So here is the contest – guess which yarn shipment will arrive first – All Things Heather? Sweet Georgia? Yarn Pirate? (I just listed those in alphabetical order, so there are no hints in the sequencing.) And secondly, guess which day between now and 10/15 they will arrive. List your yarn and date guess in the comments section, and the winner will receive a free skein of whatever company came in first. (If there are multiple correct answers, I’ll draw a name.) And yes, of course I will let you pick exactly which colorway you’d like!

Have a great rest of the week – and please do give these two characters some orders to fill. They’ll be so proud of themselves and you already know you’ll love the wonderful yarns that you pick out. I will be working on knitting under the table, during my meetings when I can fit it in between important meetings.

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  1. Hi Sheri – I feel so bad to have missed you before you left to tell you that hark! Alas! You CAN take knitting needles on planes still! I knit socks over the Labor Day weekend jaunt to Cincy & back! (on bamboos) Buzzed right through security – they confiscated my lip gloss though. But not the needles! Oh well, good info for next time! You poor dear, whatever will you do while waiting in the airport and sitting on the plane!

  2. Hi Sheri, I love you blog. I will be placing my first order real soon. You have so much to chose from that I can’t make up my mind.

    Let’s see, Sweet Georgia on 9/28.

  3. As much as I like your idea of sending out coffee syrups as gifts for the holidays and keeping the knitting for myself, I’m sad to say, ‘they’ all like their good coffees unadulterated and love the handknit socks even better than their coffee. Have a safe trip and a fabulous time!
    Sweet Georgie 9/27

  4. Sherri,
    loved the Regia silk in denim…. Thanks for the VERY speedy mailing!!! Hope your trip goes well; you can not only take needles on the plane, but also sharp scissors, as long as they are less than 4 inches long!!! (but don’t bring your shampoo…..)

  5. Sorry I missed you. I can’t order now…………. I just got my order from last Sunday today and as much as I would like, DH would kill me if I ordered again. Gotta knit up what I just got first. LOL. Loved loved loved the yarn! Took all afternoon to decide which one to knit up first. For the contest………….. Yarn Pirate on 9-29! Have a safe trip!

  6. Hi!! I picked Yarn Pirate on 9/28/06 but I sent it as an e-mail πŸ™
    I still like Yarn Pirate on 9/28/06!!! πŸ™‚
    Hope Sheri has a safe trip and you’re together again soon!
    God bless you all.

  7. Your angels did good. I ordered my yarn Wednesday evening around 9:00 P.M. My yarn order arrived beautifully wrapped on Saturday afternoon:D. Everything is perfect. I hope you don’t mind that I will become a repeat shopper:D

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