Back Home Again

I’m back! Nice trip. Here’s what I discovered while in San Antonio:

– they have nice hotels. (I stayed at the Hyatt Hill Country and was glad someone else was paying for it. I also liked their spa. Hard to believe I went there on business, right?)
– I need to find a good recipe for Tres Leches Cake (not sure of the spelling, but very sure of the wonderful taste. Probably best not to know all that goes into it, calorically speaking.)
– I loved visiting Max Lucado’s church (I snuck over there on Sunday with a few friends. Do any of you read his books? They are so good.)
– they have weird squirrels. They are longer than Missouri squirrels, they walk like dogs, the upper half of their body is black short-hair, and the lower half of their body is “regular” brown fluffy squirrel. Every time I snuck up to take a picture of them – they disappeared down a hole in the ground. Very strange. Googling Texas Squirrels did not turn up a picture of this unique creature, so you’ll have to use your imagination. So can any of you Texans enlighten me? What’s up with those squirrels?
– I love Vera Bradley’s Java Blue pattern. This has nothing to do with Texas, except that one of my friends at the meeting kept showing up with different bags in this pattern and now I think I need something in it, too. I’m trying to resist.

DSCF2873.JPGThis is the sock that I completed during my meetings. It’s one of the two Regia colors that I have no color sample for, and we have only 8 balls of it left. I’ll have to post this picture on The Loopy Ewe, too. It is a discontinued colorway, but I loved the colors in here DSCF2869.JPG(and in this other one that I just took a quick picture of to show you), so I bought them right up for us. You may wonder why I started yet another sock, when I have several “twins” that need to be knit up? (I’m sure there are a couple of you out there who keep track of these things. Unfinished projects and such.) I needed a mindless pattern to work on, so that I could pay attention in my meetings. I find that people running meetings don’t mind you knitting, if you can still look alert and participate. It’s when you have needles clacking, yarn balls rolling, patterns crinkling and scissors snipping, that they think your mind is on your knitting and not the meeting. The socks I have waiting on “twins” were all sock patterns that I had to think about too much, thus the need to start a new yarn. I may break tradition and knit up the twin to this one right away. Can you believe that?

DSCF2867.JPGA special thanks to all of you who placed orders while I was gone. Wonder Husband and Knitting Daughter had so much fun packaging them all up for you! Here is the stack from Day One. (And then they got a real workout, thanks to Wendy’s wonderful 9/21 post at while I was gone. Wendy’s blog is one of the very first knitting blogs I ever started reading, and one of just a few that have their own icon on my toolbar. 🙂 Her posts constantly inspire me to get more knitting done, as she seems to do so much with the hours in her day. Plus, she has a very cute cat, Lucy.) Of course now I click on all of your blogs when you leave comments on my blog, because I’m always interested in getting to know who you are. I really ought to leave comments every time I do that, because I know how much I like getting comments from all of you.

You did a great job of guessing yarn delivery dates! If you have not left a comment with your guess, you can still do that. I have dutifully copied your name and guess onto a calendar, so that as soon as the first delivery comes in, I can post a winner. Did I tell you that I had to expand The Loopy Room already? I have more new shelves, just waiting to be filled with Yarn Pirate, Sweet Georgia, and All Things Heather. (Still trying to re-do things a bit for the other yarn line that will be coming in in October or November – a wonderful cashmere blend from Posh Yarns that I ordered about a month ago.) So many wonderful yarns, so little time to knit them all up……….

Sheri whyistheresomuchtodoafterbeinggone?whatI’dreallyliketodoisjustsitandknit


  1. A couple years ago I bought some cashmere socks on sale from Ann Taylor. I loved them so much that I learned how to knit my own socks. Since then I’ve found some yummy yarns, but never cashmere that tempted me. Thanks for tempting me, I’m anxiously awaiting your shipment from Posh Yarns!

  2. Joan and I loved seeing all of your yarns today. She is eager to knit on the way back to Des Moines.
    I love the new burgandy leather knitting bag that I purchased … tomorrow all of my projects will get transferred the bag. and I will once again start knitting on my socks…..

  3. Check out the October issue of Southern Living for the recipe for Tres Leches Cake, page 154….sounds delicious…just ignore the calories.

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