Hi everyone,
Thanks to Marianne for letting me know that no one can leave comments on the blog for some reason. I will look into it and will get it fixed post-haste! I thought I must’ve just written a really boring post and no one felt the need to comment. Marianne also wondered if it was Prairie Dogs that I saw in Texas. Do they have heads and tails like squirrels? Hmmm. I’ll check that out. Meanwhile, off to check on the comment-less blog problem……….

Sheri haveImentionedhowmuchIreallyreallyreallydon’tlikethingsthatdon’twork?

(Updated note, 1 hour later: it’s fixed now. Talk to me!)


  1. I also wondered if it was prairie dogs that you saw. Glad you got the blog problem fixed, Sheri. Since I won the last contest, I won’t play THIS time. My Lorna’s Laces socks are coming along nicely…working my way down to the toe on the first one. I’ll post a photo when I get it finished. Good luck to everyone on your guesses!!

  2. Just checked the store and there are little pictures of Posh Yarns and Yarn Pirate…. you evil temptress! (just kidding)

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