Sheri’s Top Ten Ideas for Knitted Holiday Gifts

It’s September. Do you know what gifts you have to have knitted by December? It’s only three months away – time to get crackin’. I have been pondering which of my own projects are going to turn into gifts for friends and family. Here is my list:

1. The Cherry Tree Hill Java socks. I have one done, and just need to knit the twin. This is the colorway that reminds me of fudge and coffee. I love the Wildhorse Farm pattern that I’m using on these. Never mind. Those need to stay with me.

2. The Yarn Pirate Viola socks. I have one done, and just need to knit the twin. I don’t have any other purple socks and I’m trying to make a collection of every color under the rainbow. Plus, I also love the Wildhorse Farm pattern that I’m using on those. So, never mind. Those need to stay with me.

3. The Socks That Rock socks in the no-longer-available colorway. I have one done, and just need to knit the twin. Never mind. Until Tina-The-Wonder-Dyer decides to let us carry Socks That Rock, my STR sock-knitting is few and far between. (Well, because I have so many wonderful sock yarns to choose from here. How can I justify buying more sock yarn when The Loopy Room is overflowing with sock yarn wonders?) While my STR knitting is limited, those need to stay with me.

4. The Fleece Artist Jester Fall Socks. I have one done, and just need to knit the twin. But these are MY fall socks. I’m working on socks for each season. Never mind. They definitely need to stay with me.

5. The blue/purple color-stacking bag that is half completed. I ought to be able to finish it in just a few hours. But it’s such a pretty little bag. It would be perfect for winter. Never mind. I can use that bag myself. That needs to stay with me.

6. The lime/green sweater. It would be great to have a deadline for that sweater, and three months is definitely do-able. However, I did pick the lime/teal colors out just for me. And it will make a great spring/summer sweater. Never mind. That needs to stay with me.

7. The Log Cabin Quilt. It’s turning out so pretty and would make a wonderful gift. No doubt I’ll be able to finish it up in a month or two. However, it does remind me of Vera Bradley Java Blue, and I’m the one that is into blue/brown. Never mind. That needs to stay with me.

8. The blue/turquoise scarf. I just have a few inches done, but you know scarves – they are quick to finish. I guess I did pick this out to go with one of my sweaters. And I do still love the color/yarn. Never mind. That needs to stay with me.

9. The brown/green felted bag that I have not yet started, but bought the yarn and pattern for. It’s going to be beautiful and I can’t wait to knit it. Or use it. Ok. Never mind. That one needs to stay with me.

10. The cashmere fingerless gloves that I have not yet started, but bought the yarn and pattern for. They are to-die-for. Can you imagine wearing cashmere on your hands in the cold winter air? Are these not going to be great? Might have to make a scarf to match. I will love these. Never mind. They need to stay with me.

“Houston – we have a problem.”

Apparently “someone” is too attached to her knitting projects. How did that happen? I guess everyone on my list is getting Barnes & Noble Gift Certificates instead. (Quick and easy to buy, insures more knitting time for me. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?)

Please inspire me with your knitting gift lists and encourage me not to be so selfish with my knitting to go out and buy more yarn to make wonderful things for others this season……

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  1. Yep, I think you have a problem……and, I think I have the same problem! Barnes and Nobles sounds like a good plan for my list, too.

  2. Personally? I love love love this post. I’ve got to tell you, it’s hard…absolutely everyone in the family has requested socks, and what have I done? I have 3 socks needing their twins, I have finished a pair of Fetching, plus another one knit up longer (it’s going to live far far away from home). I’m now actually looking into finding DK weight yarn to whack out some of those socks with…..the proper sock fingering weight is just taking far too long to crank out, I’m starting to sweat it already…..ack! I have my moments that I would gladly hand out the gift certificates, believe me.

  3. i knit lots of things for friends and family, and i have a little secret that makes it easy to give my hand knits away. i use yarn i don’t really like. i know, it’s terrible but true. if i didn’t, i’d want to keep everything and i’d be drowning in a sea of socks and mittens and hats.

  4. In a pinch, you can hand out gift certificates for handknit items. Of course, that will only cause your gift knitting crisis to spill over into the new year. But if your back is against the wall, it’ll work. You can emphasize that the recipient can choose her/his own yarn for the project, and that’s why you couldn’t knit it before the holiday.

  5. Janelle’s got a darn good point. I’ve got a long history of doing that, though, and I really look forward to January/February/March being time where I just knit for ME, so I try to avoid it if possible. Right now, I have a sweater on the needles (alpaca, with a braided cable, on size THREES. Oy), a pair of socks, and Christmas stockings, but I’ve got about seven other projects that need to be done by Christmas too. I do get in over my head sometimes…

  6. Oh yeah, the Christmas handmade-gift obssession/stress is in full swing here. Having lived long enough to know myself I am now taking a hard look at my lengthy project list to see where I can cut something. There is the lovely alpaca cardigan for my dad (he asked for one so I really want to do that), something for my mom (shawl? modular vest?) cause I can’t make a whole CARDIGAN for dad and give mom only socks. And then 2 pairs of socks for each of them since they’ve seen me knitting socks all summer for myself – how could I be so selfish as to not make them some? Plus knitted faceclothes for my friends with a nice bar of soap. Oh, and the Noni bag for me (and my friend). (Strike that 2nd Noni bag for the friend… she is a little funky and wants a Pirate Bag instead.) Hmmm, could I maybe turn one of the THREE project classes I’m signed up for in Sept/Oct into a gift? Nah, spent a fortune on the yarns that I want for me so no dice. This leaves the Christmas gift progress as of 9/27/06 at 2 cable repeats on the very first Christmas sock for Mom. However it is so beautiful, such heavenly yarn to work with that that I am filled with joy and hope for the season already. It is done in Cherry Tree Hill Indian Summer colorway using the Penllyn cable pattern … all from The Loopy Ewe. Since it won’t fit my foot it will definitely be a gift. Sheri: we must both remind ourselves ’tis better to give than to receive. :>)

  7. Yeah… This is a tough one.

    As a new knitter, I decided to make something different for everyone on my list. This is not easy. I haven’t completed even one project, yet, and with one side, we’re celebrating at Thanksgiving. Deep breaths. And, guess what?! My brother and sister-in-law just adopted another baby! While this is fabulous news for them, it means that I will have yet another knitted garment added to the list. But, baby things are really fun and really small.

    I really like Georgia’s suggestion. If you don’t like the yarn/color, you won’t want to keep it, right?

  8. I think Barnes and Noble gift cards are a great idea.. Although that Log Cabin Quilt could surely be put to a better use a little further north……. I would like to make the Fiber Trend felted clogs for gifts… maybe Christmas 2008.. that seems doable!

  9. In past years I’ve made all family members a pair of socks, then one year I made hats and scarves, and then last year I made the felted clogs for everyone. It was sooo fun to see their faces when they pulled out these big floppy slippers that looked like Ronald McDonald shoes. Then when I felted them, everyone was so amazed and actually excited to have them as a gift. Janice, the clogs are really not hard to make. It usually took me 2 evenings to make 1slipper. So in a week’s time, you’ve finished the pair. They do make great Christmas gifts!

  10. hi, sherri – i am your target for sock wars, and just wanted to touch base with you. due to a hurricane in ireland (yeah, wierd, huh), yarnmonkey was unable to send the dossiers, and is having continuing problems. let me k now if you have any questions, thanks

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