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“Cat for sale. Cheap. Promises to leave your balls of wool alone if you keep them wound up nice and tidy. Vows to bite every stray yarn in half when loop portions/strings are pulled out. Not a lick of remorse to be found in said cat. Email all inquiries, or to add your cat to the ‘wool snipping for sale’ list.”

Well, I was a bit alarmed at taking my WOOPs list down so quickly (from 10 to 6 projects in a blink.) I just don’t ever want to feel too “together” with my knitting projects, you know? It doesn’t seem right not to have a long healthy list of Works Out Of Progress. So, I remedied that this weekend by starting another. (No, my Fall Socks are not yet finished. Thanks for asking.) I started the Log Cabin Quilt that I have been dying to knit ever since Kay and Ann tempted me with this book. Since I want it to be warm, I am using wool. Since I want it to be easy to wash, I’m using Superwash. The common sense solution to “what yarn to use”, therefore, was Regia. I am so into the blue/brown color combination right now, so those are the colors that I picked. These things are addictive, I’ll tell you. Each strip seems to knit up fast, so you think, “Well, I’ll just do one more strip before bed.” (Kinda like, “I’ll just have one more Oreo before putting the bag away.” You must know how well that works.)

DSCF2860.JPGHere it is, so far. Not sure if the browns are photographing right – I have a light, medium, and dark brown, a light and dark blue, and a cream color that I’m alternating. I am knitting it double-stranded on size 4’s and it’s knitting up beautifully. This will be a wonderfully warm blanket. I’m noticing that the cat is volunteering to sit on my lap more often, now that I’m knitting this. Which brings me to this delightful photo.DSCF2843.JPG This is what happened when I went to the kitchen for some coffee, got distracted for a minute by my coffee syrup choices, and then wandered back into the family room. Snipped. Right in two.

DSCF2855.JPGWhen I found her (lounging nonchallantly on the back porch), I had a word with her about her fondness for imitating a scissor. She loudly proclaimed her innocence. In fact, you can see her here, mid-sentence. She denied the whole thing. Can you believe it? Blamed it on the dog. (The dog has a fondness for all things edible, and not one ounce of fondness for wool. I don’t believe the cat.) She simply needs to go. I can’t have a cat with an attitude about wool-snipping and a propensity for lying to pass the blame.

Sigh. Ok. I’m lying. She’s not for sale. In fact, I’m actually very fond of her. So I found a solution to my problem. DSCF2842.JPGHave you ever spent $$$$$$$$$$ (oops – got carried away) a little bit of money on these lovely baskets made in Ohio? Have you ever purchased one with no idea what you’re going to use it for? (You haven’t? Oh. Me either.) Well this one seems to be perfect for knitting my Log Cabin Quilt. Not only can I keep the different colors of yarn in different compartments, but it has a lid. (Which will be perfect, if I remember to put in on when I’m done knitting.) A heavy lid. It weighs a ton. Solid wood, about 3/4 ” thick. A no-cat’s-gonna-get-in-here-to-bite-yarn lid. DSCF2846.JPG It’s such a good thing that I bought this all those years ago. I knew I’d need it someday.

One last note before I go back to knitting working, for those of you who guessed “All Things Heather” for the next yarn line we’re getting in – you’re right! Heather has amazing colorways and yarn, and I can’t wait for us to get it in. (I’m still so thrilled that she said YES to us, as she is in high demand and has to turn down most requests. One talented person can only do so much, you know.) Actually, it’s going to be an exciting couple of weeks pretty soon, because I have a feeling that All Things Heather, Sweet Georgia, and Yarn Pirate will all be arriving around the same time – all from incredible one-woman yarn businesses. (Poor Wonder Husband. Lots of photographing for the website. I’ve already warned him about it.) I don’t know why I started this Log Cabin Quilt. I have so many sock yarns that I want to knit up in the coming weeks………….

Sheri dogissnoringundermychairasItypeforpete’ssake


  1. My cat does precisely the same thing, Sheri! Isn’t it really annoying? Unfortunately, I don’t have such a large, heavy basket to store my yarn in. I tried to store my WIPs in my backpack, but she figured out how to work the zippers. Now, I put the yarn in my backpack (it’s so portable!) and then store it in a closet.

    The things we do for our kitties. :o)

  2. Sheri, the log cabin is looking fabulous! I am so thrilled that someone I ‘know’ is making one…..on my list….and congratulations on the yarn score! Can’t wait to see them.

  3. I have three kitties. Here are their fiber interests: yarn being wound into a ball, undoing yarn wound into ball, snipping yarn, grabbing knitting project off table or couch and running, climbing in the knitting bag to check the progress of the project, “helping” to open boxes of newly arrived yarn (they like the tissue paper, “peanuts” and box almost as much as the yarn), and chewing the ends of non-metal needles – particularly when in use. One of my cats has a particular fondness for Rowan Calmer, a yummy cotton and acrylic blend. It doesn’t digest. Don’t ask me how I know! I have to put all of my knitting away, even if I leave the room for one minute. I think I need one of those baskets. I could just sweep it all in there!

    The log cabin blanket is wonderful. Fab colors!

    Can’t wait for the new yarns to come in!

  4. The log cabin blanket is going to be amazing! ( I have a Green Vintage Bag I made that I may be willing to trade you for it!! 😉 ) You are such an inspiration on how much ‘work’ you get done!! Love your blog and keeping up with your Loopy Life!

  5. I have got to start one of those blankets. I’ve been procrastinating on starting one for too long. Yours is looking great! I’m envious (can you tell?). My kitty could care less about yarn. Around here it’s the dogs that you have to hide it from! My beagles love it when they score a ball of yarn and run all around the house chasing the dog which has the yarn…………….. unravelling it all as they run. They have been known to steal WIPS to use as toys too. Bad doggies. Bad bad doggies! LOL. Ah, such is life!

  6. i keep balls of felted wool in my knitting basket. when the cat starts pestering me i throw the balls across the room, which he then chases. once he’s on the other side of the room, the wool balls can also be used for throwing AT the cat, to fend of his yarn biting advances. he also likes to lick the felted wool. it keeps him busy…for a while

  7. Awwwwwwww, he DOES look like Buddy!!! And I think we’re gonna keep him. He’s litter trained and generally a good kittie, except I have to teach him that yarn & needles are NOT toys! LOL

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