The Annual Owl Unveiling

It’s so fun to have an owl’s nest to watch every spring. The mother lays the eggs in late January and we usually can catch her pointy ears poking up out of the top of the nest at that time. The babies usually pop up sometime in late March (fluffly little guys) and then they start getting out of the nest in April. By the end of April, they’ve all flown the coop and we have to wait another year for a new batch!





The owls usually have 2 or sometimes 3 babies each year. This year, this mama had FOUR! (Not sure WH caught a good picture of all four, but of course in between pictures they were all lined up in a row with their mama.) They have now flown the nest, but boy, they were fun to catch sight of for several weeks this month. Hard to get photos because they are so far up in the tree, and the secondary location with a nest closer to the ground didn’t host owls this year. (You can see some of those photos from the closer nest from last year, here.)

I wonder if that mama owl has more or less work to do, now that all four have flown off?

Sheri stillnotfondoftheirtendencytogoaftercatsandsmalldogs,though

Here is the batch from 2013 and 2012.

Gray Day (and Loopy Refund Winners!)

I’m not sure about today. This is what I see from my office window:

Snow Day

And WH sent me a picture of one of our lilac bushes:


But fortunately, this is the color and beauty I’m surrounded by, in-store:

Colorful Loopy!

That helps immensely!

Snow, snow, go away. And don’t come back another day. At least not until October or November.

We had a lot of fun rewarding our Loopy Tax Refund Credits to 10 of the orders from yesterday! We used the Random Number Generator to pick from all of yesterday’s orders and 4 people received a 25% refund from their order, 3 people received a 50% refund from their order, 2 people received a 75% refund from their order, and 1 person received a 100% refund from her order! Congratulations to: Andi, Sara, Carla, Christina, Pat, Christi, Jacqueline, Robyn, DiAnne, and Kirsten. I hope we helped to make your Tax Day a little bit better!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. No Fabric Update today. We’re in a bit of a dry-spell with fabric shipments, as all of our fabric companies are gearing up for showing us new lines at Market in May. We’ll have more fabric before May for you – the shipments are just going to be fewer and farther between for a bit.

Blue Sky, Blue Q, Fibernymph, Moda and More!

The Thursday Update is ready for you. Today we added in:

Fibernymph Dye Works Roving – We always love orders from Lisa! This batch is 4 oz. braids of 100% BFL Wool, which is great for spinners of all levels, but I especially like BFL as a spinning novice. It seems to be a little easier to work with. Shown below in Rainbow Riot Gradient, Froot Loopys Gradient, and Northern Lights Gradient.


Blue Q Bags – new styles, new sizes, new colors, including a Yarn Bombing bag that is too cute. (It includes a cat with knitted hat and a penguin with knitted vest in the scene. Can you see that in the photo?) We love Blue Q bags for all kinds of things. The pouches are great for accessories and patterns. The Handy Totes are perfect for single projects (although we have people who use them for lunch bags and gift bags as well). The Shoulder Totes and (new) Shoppers are wonderful for large projects, shopping, and traveling. Shoppers shown below in Knit City, Mister Cat, and Dick & Jane Umbrella. Handy Totes shown in Giraffes are Good People, Pretty Print, and Boss Lady. Extra Large Pouch shown in Bring Me Flowers, I Heart My Stuff, and Shoes. Shoulder Tote shown in Colorfest, Pretty Bird and Bookworm.





Blue Sky Alpacas – we’ve re-stocked everything in Worsted Hand Dyes, Skinny Cotton, Worsted Cotton, and Metalico. You can find my favorite Worsted Hand Dyes project here and my favorite Metalico project here. I love working with their yarn. Shown below in Worsted Hand Dyes Dungaree Blue, Mulberry and Charcoal.


Spud and Chloe – we’ve re-stocked everything in Fine, Sweater and Outer. You can find my favorite Fine project here and my favorite Sweater project here. I like knitting with this yarn as well. It looks like I need to knit something up in their Outer as well. Maybe some Too Late Knit Wristwarmers,  a Slope Hat,  a Big Snowy Owl (!),  a Clara Cowl, or a Cush pillow in a pretty spring color. Shown here in Sunkissed, Cornsilk and Bayou.


Moda Fabric’s April Showers line – Such fun colors and patterns! Elf Jenny is already planning a quilt out of it.  You’ll find flowers, polka dots, umbrellas, and raindrops. We have 24 bolts and a Loopy Short Stack available. A sampling shown below.


Moda Fabric’s Hubba Hubba line – Ready for summer? These patterns and colors are upbeat and cheerful, great for adding some summer pop to any room. We have 11 bolts and a Loopy Short Stack as well. A sampling shown below.


You’ll also find Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs from Moda’s Bloomin’ Fresh and Winter Wonderland – both upcoming lines that you will find here in about a month.

Have fun checking out the new things, and we’ll have just as much fun pulling your orders and packing them up to send off to your house!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

Hedgehog Fibres, Atenti, Moda and More!

Happy Monday to you! We had a warm and sunny weekend, so I’m thinking that Spring might be around the corner! We’re keeping our fingers crossed. In the meantime, we just added more beautiful things to the website for you. (Remember to click on the photos to make them bigger.)

Hedgehog Fibres Sock – all the way from Co. Cork, Ireland, Beata and her team do a wonderful job of creating beautiful colors on beautiful yarn. This fingering weight yarn is 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Nylon, and it is one of the most luscious merino/nylon bases that we carry. It’s perfect for socks, shawls (see the one I knit up here), cowls, hats, sweaters and other accessories. Pattern ideas: Avant l’orage, Happy Street, Afshari, Hedgerow Socks, or The Age of Brass and Steam. Shown below in Pheasant, Poseidon and Pod.


Atenti bags – re-stocks plus new fabrics. You’ll find that all of us here at Loopy are big fans of the Atenti Overnight Bag. They’re a great size, perfect for larger knitting projects (like sweaters and afghans), great for sewing projects (I bring my projects to Loopy in there), and also wonderful for corralling all of your small project bags into one big bag. You do have multiple small projects going on at all times, right? Popping them into one bag makes your knitting area look a little more tidy. Shown here in Paisley Bean, Arabesque, and Camillo.


Loopy Cakes – 60’s Mod Squad re-stocked. This is a fun, happy yarn collection, including lime green, surf, royal bue, tomato red, lemon and tangerine. The 60’s were brighter than I though!


Moda Fabric’s Printemps Collection – This whole collection says summer to me. You’ll find primroses, buttercups, soft aquas, and ivories in flowers, blossoms, and other beautiful prints. We have three Loopy Short Stacks available with this line – one each for the buttercup colors, the primrose colors, and the pond colors. Plus, we have the 108″ fabric, suitable for quilt backs. These would make a beautiful quilt, but also good for garments, pillows, curtains and bags. We have 24 different fabrics in the collection, a sampling shown below.


Have fun checking out the new things and we’ll get your orders shipped right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew