Another Visitor to the Deck

Three cats, two raccoons, miscellaneous birds, and now a squirrel. All of them frequent the water in the bird bath and the bowl of cat food on our deck. I didn’t know that squirrels ate cat food, but this guy was pretty content to just sit there and eat and eat and eat.

The only reason WH puts up with the cat food on the deck? He figures it’s better than listening to me go on and on about wanting another cat or a dog or any other kind of additional pet. Cat food on the deck is a heck of a lot cheaper. Plus it gives him a chance to take some nice animal photos from time to time.

Do you have any visitors in your back yard?

Sheri whodidnotnamethesquirrel.

Taking a Day or Two Off

It’s so fun to have Knitting Daughter home for Spring Break this week. (And I refuse to think about the fact that this is her very last Spring Break, since she’ll be graduating in May. Must not think about it.) We have some errands on the to-do list, but in addition to that, this is what we have planned for a good solid day while she’s home. We both love this show (and coffee, and knitting). I did notice one of the maids knitting on the show, but I’m pretty sure she was a fake knitter. (Really, how hard is it for someone to show the actress how to hold the needles and look realistic? Maybe they need one of us to go over there and be an on-the-set knitting coach …..) So –  today’s post is short and sweet. We need to brew more coffee and settle back in to the world of Downton Abbey.

Any other Downton fans out there? And why do we have to wait so long for Season Three??

Sheri patiencenotoneofmystrongsuits…

Mocha, Harvey and Marge

Several of you have asked how Mocha-the-outdoor-cat is doing these days. You’ll be happy to know that he’s still coming around, drinking from the heated bird bath, and now eating the dry cat food that we put out for him. He still has no interest in letting us get near him. That about kills me. I’m a hands-on animal person. But he does seem to show up just after we get home in the evenings and when we get up in the mornings. I think he likes us. To a certain degree. At least he likes the food and water coming from us.

Guess who else wants to eat cat food and drink from the bird bath? These are the night-time visitors to our back porch. They’re very big and pretty cute. And in my typical “let’s name them” fashion (I know, I’m weird), I’ve dubbed them Harvey and Marge. However, I am not feeding raccoons. The cat food started coming in at night after that. I don’t really want to encourage these two, no matter how cute they seem from the other side of the glass. They are pretty funny, though. The one on the left got IN the bird bath, tipped the whole thing over, and then backed his way into the bigger guy on the right, to get him away from the cat food dish.

See?  In and tip:

Bump – “Move over, Dude.“:

Fortunately, Mocha seems to be doing a good job of avoiding them completely. I don’t think raccoons are good to cats.

Sheri ofcourseourcatGraciedoesn’tliketheraccoons,either

Backyard Visitor

Soon after we moved into this house, we noticed a cat sitting in the back of our yard, some afternoons. Of course I tried to make friends with him, but he doesn’t let anyone get too close. We (ok, I) named him Mocha.

He has gotten braver. This fall he started coming up on our deck in the mornings and peering in our back door. This causes our (indoor) cat Gracie all kinds of stress. She does not want anyone else on the deck. (Our other cat Zoe doesn’t mind at all. She’s a bit more mellow about such things.)

One morning I saw him drinking from a puddle on the deck, so I put water out for him. After that, he’d come 2 or 3 times some days, just to get a drink. So when the weather got cold, of course I had to get a heated bird bath so that he (and the birds) could have water all winter long.

He seems to like it here. Sometimes he even comes and sits on our window ledges and looks in.

Did I mention that Gracie doesn’t like him hanging around?

He comes as early as 6:30 am to drink, and the other night I saw him getting water on the porch at 9:30 pm. I’m getting worried that he has no home and sleeps under our deck. What will happen when it gets really cold? Paul assures me that he probably has a cat door in his home, where he is free to come and go. But I think I had better worry about him all winter long. You know, because worrying is so effective.

So far I have refrained from buying an outdoor heated cat house, and putting food out for him. So far. But I’m still worried about him.

Sheri istherea”bleedingheart”signonmyhouse