Camp Loopy Project Two: Finished

I know I was panicking just last week about finishing, but it turns out I ran out of yarn and had to cut 7 rows short. (At 516 stitches per row, that’s a savings of 3612 stitches). I’m glad to be done. I don’t know how it happened, but the pattern called for 800 yards and I used 1100+ yards on this. I used the same needle sizes and didn’t alter it any other way except for deleting 7 rows at the end, so I can’t explain it.

When I was at market, I saw a booth with scarves and shawls that used this color technique. You pick a multi-color for the middle, and then pick two different matching semi-solids for the beginning and the end. What a cool idea! (We do have that line of yarn and patterns on order.) I picked a shawl pattern that would let the color progression show nicely. This is Thin Ice, and I used Mountain Colors Crazyfoot in Meadow (1.5 skeins), Harmony Plum (1 skein), and Cascade Heritage Forest (3/4 skein). Mountain Colors has some really pretty multi-colors to choose from. This would also work well with Lorna’s Laces, Studio June, Sweet Georgia, and Three Irish Girls. And the pattern itself would be beautiful in Kauni, to show the long color changes!

When I blended from the green to the multi, I did one row where I alternated each stitch from the two different skeins. After I got a few rows past that, I realized that you don’t really even need to blend like that, if you’ve picked your colors well. Just jump in with the new color and the multi-color mix will make it look like you blended it. So with the plum color, I just stopped the last row with the multi and did the next with the plum and it blended great. So easy.

I hope you’re all winding up your Project Twos so that you can get ready to cast on Project Three on Friday! I have bunches of photos waiting for approval in the gallery that I’ll be working on this week. You’ve all done such a wonderful job. I can’t wait for you to see all of the photos.

Sheri doingtheRippleRockShawlforProjectThree