Camp Loopy Project Three!

How in the world did we get to Project Three for Camp Loopy already? This summer is flying by. I hope you’re having fun camping along with us! Today begins Camp Store Week for Project Three, and here are the details:

The Project Three Dates: Starting date is 7/27 and ending date is 8/27, with photos uploaded to the Project Three Gallery at The Loopy Ewe by 8/29.

The Challenge for Project Three: This project should:
1. contain two or more colors (because the Olympics are about working together in harmony, right?) plus,
2. must be at least 500 yds. single knit (not 250 yards doubled), plus,
3. be a pattern that you have not done before.

(Note – two colors meaning two different skeins, not two colors within one colorway/skein).

Camp Store Week for Project Three: If you need to purchase yarn for your project, we are offering a 20% Camp Loopy discount for the yarn during this month’s “Camp Loopy Store Week”.The discount for Project Three, is valid on one camp project’s worth of yarn purchased during Camp Store Week Two (Wednesday, July 11 – Tuesday, July 17). To get the discount, you will need to leave us an order note on the order, telling us which yarn will be used for your Camp Project. We can only apply the discount to one order, so you’ll need to calculate carefully and order what you need in a single order. We’ll apply the discount when your order comes through to us. If you’re going for free shipping in the U.S., please make sure that your discount won’t take you below the $75 level, or the website will add the shipping charge back in after we do the discount.

Another benefit: In addition to the 20% discount on your yarn during Camp Store Week, we’ll also double your Frequent Shopper Benefits from that yarn purchase, if your project is done and a photo of it is uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery by the deadline. (Yarn must be purchased during this month’s Camp Store Week, 7/11-17, for the double credits benefit.)

Please review the other details and FAQ’s on the May 9, 2012 blog post to insure that you know the ins and outs of how all of this camp stuff works.

Camping Groups on Ravelry – if you’re on Ravelry and would like to chat about your Camp Projects, pop into the Loopy Groupie board and jump in! For Project Three, we’ll be dividing you into different Tents. Your Tent Number can be found on your Loopy receipt from your Camp Store Week purchase (on Loopy’s luggage tag in the drawing). If you’re using stash yarn, you’ll be in Tent 6. Those groups will go up on the Loopy Groupie board sometime within the next week. Right now, the bug groups for Project Two continue!

A reminder – to earn the free extra bonus yarn at the end, each project yarn needs to have been purchased during Camp Store Week or after, for that project.
Yarn used for Project One purchased: May 9 – June 25
Yarn used for Project Two purchased: June 11 – July 25
Yarn used for Project Three purchased: July 11 – August 25
Plus, all three finished project photos need to have been uploaded to our Loopy gallery by the due dates for each project.

It does take us an extra day or two to get all of the orders out during Camp Store Week. Just know that everyone is working extra days and hours in order to get your yarn to you as quickly as possible. We know you’re anxious to get it! (Although that’s always the case, right? Not just during Camp Loopy.)

So – what’re you going to make for Project Three? Thoughts? Ideas?

Sheri hopingoneofyourideasinspiresme.Stillundecided!

(Loopy has been outfitted for Camp, all summer long. He and his pal Socks oversee all Camp Loopy order packing. Socks is an old friend. He came from St. Louis Elf Susan’s mom’s childhood, and Loopy is glad to have Socks by his side at all times!)