Malabrigo, Smooshy with Cashmere, Mountain Colors & More

Today’s Monday Update is all about soft, smoothy, luscious feeling yarn. You can’t go wrong with any of it. We just added in:

Malabrigo Sock – I don’t know how long you’ve been waiting on this Sock base to come in again, but I feel like I’ve been waiting close to forever. I’m so glad it’s here! This fingering weight yarn seems to be used just as often for cowls, scarves and shawls as it is for socks. At 440 yards per skein, it’s plenty for most sizes of socks and one-skein shawls. (Shown here in Marte.)

Malabrigo Silkpaca – 26 more colors of Malabrigo’s newest lace weight. This 70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Silk base comes 420 yards to the skein and is perfect for shawls and scarves or cowls.

Mountain Colors Bearfoot – My second ever pair of socks was knit from this yarn, and they continue to be my warmest, coziest pair. This fingering weight base is 60% superwash merino, 25% kid mohair, and 15% nylon. I’m sure it would make equally cozy scarves, hats and mitts, too. We have 25 colors up for you tonight. (Shown here in Thunderstorm.)

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere – This is another yarn that doesn’t come around all that often. When they have this base in stock, we order lots, though! I’m working on a shawl out of this fingering weight yarn, and the 70% super wash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon base is spoiling me. I’ll show you my shawl on Wednesday’s blog post. (There. That will make me get it done. Nothing like putting a deadline right out there on the blog…)

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere Camp Colors – We also had them do up four colors to celebrate the bug groups from Camp Loopy this summer. You’ll find Dragonflies, June Bugs, Lightening Bugs, and No-Seeums under the Camp Loopy category on the homepage. (We’ll have more Camp colors coming later this month.) Shown here in No-Seeums.

Universal Cotton Supreme & Cotton Supreme Batik – This yarn is great for spring and summer sweaters, and for kids clothes year round. It’s 100% cotton and can be tossed in the machine to wash and dry, so it’s easy care. (I made a sweater out of it that turned out too large because I didn’t think being off 1/2 stitch per inch was that big of a deal with gauge. Turns out, it IS a big deal. Lesson learned. And this yarn when you put it in the dryer. Even if you want it to shrink.) I think the Batik colors are particularly cute for kids sweaters.

Kollage New Square DPN’s – Now made in the U.S., these needles have been re-done and are better than ever. We currently have the new styles in circular sizes 24″, 32″, 40″ and in the 6″ DPN’s. Many knitters say that square needles are easier on your hands. These DPN’s come five needles to a set. Due to the difference between square and round needles, you’ll want to be sure to do a test swatch for needle size. Most knitters find that they need to go up a needle size on these square needles.

Enjoy your shopping and we’ll get your Box of Fun out to you asap!


Sheri finishingshawl,then4thquarterchallenge

Fourth Quarter Challenge!

Now that Camp Loopy is over (except for the bonus yarn – hopefully ready by the end of next week!), it’s time to turn our attention to the Fourth Quarter Challenge.

The nice thing about Camp – you have a quick month to get it done and it teaches you how fast you really CAN get things one when you focus on one thing. (Talking to myself here …..)

The nice thing about Quarterly Challenges – you have 3 months to get it done, which allows you plenty of time to insert other projects in there for variety, as you knit along.

I think there are advantages to both, but I’m ready for a little longer amount of time on this next project! The Challenge is to knit a project using yarn held double. Have you done that before?


Here are the details and then I’ll talk about a couple of ideas.

Your project must use two yarns, held and knit together. (Two strands of lace, or two strands of fingering, or two strands of DK/Sport, or two strands of worsted, or two strands of bulky, or a combination of any of those weights.)

It must be a 400 yard (or more) project. This means you’ll be using 800 yards of yarn: 400 + 400 knit together. You can begin any time after today.

The project must be done (with pictures uploaded to the Fourth Quarter Challenge Gallery) by December 31st. That gives you three months!

If you want to purchase yarn for your project, you can get a 20% discount on one project’s worth of yarn for this challenge if you order between now and next Thursday, September 20th. You will need to leave us an order note, telling us which yarn you will be using for the challenge. We will apply the discount after we receive your order. If you are going for free shipping in the U.S., please do a bit of math ahead of time to be sure that your discount won’t take you under the $75 amount, or the website will add the shipping back in. We can only apply the discount to one project in one order during this shopping week, so choose carefully and calculate yardage wisely!

– If you do purchase yarn during the Challenge Week (Sept. 12-20) and if you finish your project and upload the photo by 12/31, we will double your project’s Frequent Shopper Benefits when we approve your photo. That means if your yarn is $30, you’ll get FSB points for $30 when your order ships, and another $30 in FSB points when your project is finished and photo uploaded by the deadline.

– You can also use stash yarn and upload your photo to the gallery to be included in the random drawings, as long as it’s a yarn base/brand that we carry here at The Loopy Ewe.


So what are you going to make? I’m planning to use two skeins of laceweight held together to (finally) make the Charleston Tea cardigan. I don’t have a lot of success in sweater completion. I’ve knit two sweaters (a Mr. Greenjeans and a Zoe Cardigan), and I have 3 sweaters currently in time-out (for no reason except that sweaters take so long and there is always something else that comes along that I want to knit instead). This time, I found a friend to knit along with me, and SHE has a great track record in sweater completion, so I have hope! I’m using this Wollmeise Laceweight  in Spice Market that I bought when I visited Claudia’s shop in Germany, so it’s a little heavier laceweight than the wispy stuff.

Besides doubling up for a sweater, another thing you can do is something felted. Felting frequently has you knitting two skeins of worsted yarn together (so that it knits up big and fast), so you might want to make yourself a new bag. How about a Sara Purse, or a Go Green Shopping Bag? (Or hey – design yourself a bag!)

I’ve been working on another project with two yarns held together. It’s the Cabled Rib Wrap, which is knit holding Silk Cloud and Baby Alpaca DK together. It’s awesome and I love working on it. One of our Knit Nighters is working on a beautiful lacey scarve with a skein of fingering weight and a skein of that Silk Cloud held together and each time she brings it we all admire it. I think there are probably many open-lace scarf patterns that would lend themselves to that (adding a laceweight in either a different texture or color, to make it more interesting.) Check out Moiraine, or Pergola Lace Wrap, or the Summer Wind Cowl. Adding two different textured yarns together is fun. (Shown here in Silk Cloud Suit and Zitron Filigran Denim. With the two slightly different shades, you’d also be adding a bit of dimension as well as texture to your piece.) You could alter any of those patterns by adding in a second skein of something soft/warm/shimmery (alpaca, cashmere, silk) or something in a little different color, alongside your regular fingering weight skein.

If you’re adding a yarn to an existing pattern that was written for one yarn, keep in mind that it will turn out larger when you add more yarn to it, and you will probably have to go up a needle size or two. That’s why scarves/wraps/cowls are great, because in most cases, it doesn’t matter if they get bigger. They’re not fitted, and that just means more to wrap up in. In my case (with the sweater I’m doing), the pattern calls for a sportweight, and I’m using two strands of laceweight to equal a sportweight, so it should not come out bigger or require a different size of needles. (Yes, of course I’m swatching to make sure.)

Remember, the purpose of our Quarterly Challenges is to encourage you to do something you might not have tried before (or to complete something that pushes you a little further in your knitting in some way). I hope you’re up for the challenge! Who’s in?

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Camp Loopy Project Two Drawings

Thank you for voting on our Camp Loopy Project Two entries! We have tallied the votes and the winner of the Reader’s Choice Award is Janine from Missouri, who finished this gorgeous High Seas lace shawl which she calls “Belladonna Goes for a Swim”. She used Sweet Georgia CashSilk Lace in the Nightshade colorway for this stunning creation. The finished shawl is the shape of a parallelogram. Congratulations on being a Blog Reader favorite, Janine!

We also drew three names from the rest of the 672 photos that were entered, and they also win a $35 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificate! Those went to:

Tamah from North Carolina, who made the Cielo Shell out of Cascade Ultra Pima in the Cornflower Blue colorway.


And Traci in Nevada, who made a Pendulum Shawl out of Shalimar’s Breathless in the Glacier and Ore colorways.


And Christina from California, who made the Let’s Go Shopping Shawl out of Dream in Color’s Starry in the Peacock Shadow colorway.

We’ve added your $35 Loopy Gift Certificate to your accounts. And a big congratulations to all of you who participated in Camp Loopy’s Project Two. We have loved seeing all of the things that you made.

Now that we have all of the photos up and approved for Project Three, it’s time to vote on that one. Hop on over to the Project Three Gallery and pick a favorite. Then email us your vote: We’ll tally them up and will announce the final list of Camp winners in a couple of weeks.

The Camp fun isn’t over yet! We have some special Camp Colors coming up this fall, as well as the bonus yarn that so many of you earned. You’ll be getting an email from us in the next couple of weeks, if you finished all three projects within all of the guidelines. And as soon as the Camp Colorways are ready, we’ll share that with you on the blog. It looks like we’ll have two different batches of Camp colors, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Have a great weekend!

Sheri alsostaytunedfortheFourthQuarterChallenge,comingupinaweekortwo

Camp Project Three – Derecho

I had fun knitting up a Derecho for my Project Three for Camp Loopy. (So much so, that I’m making another for myself. This one will stay at the shop.) I used our Loopy Ewe Solid Series in Ivory, Iron and Barn Red, and I made the small size. I liked the construction, moving back and forth from one side to the other for the stripes. What I didn’t like was having another set of needles dangling there, while I was working on the opposite side. I eventually ended up taking the second needle out and putting those stitches on waste yarn until I needed them again. That worked out great. It took much less time to do that than to untangle needles from the two different balls of yarn that I was using, for each row.

I wasn’t sure that I’d like the one dark stripe there (which is how it works out for the small size), but once I put it on the mannequin and brought it around to the front, I thought it worked out just fine. I’m going to try the larger size, this second time around. In the larger size, you end up with two of each stripe combination, all going separate directions. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out.

Thank you for all of your exercise tips in last week’s blog contest! Lots of good ideas and motivation in there. The one that I liked the most was “Don’t overthink it.” You have no idea how many thoughts (excuses) I go through each morning, trying to talk myself out of getting out of bed to exercise. Don’t overthink it – that’s my new motto.  I did draw two names to win the final two skeins of Wollmeise Lace that we had for our anniversary month contest. Congratulations to Sheryl in San Jose, CA and Laura in Edmond, OK!

So did you make anything during Camp Loopy (or see anything that someone else was making) that you want to knit this Fall? My list is full, once again.

Sheri takingalittlebreaktoknitsomemoreBiscottefirst