New Additions to the Website

danny-2006.11.13.jpgHi Loopy Ewe people! I have quite the privilege of getting to say hello and introduce some of the new website features. I’m “College Boy” / “Web Guy” / “Danny” and I have been working on some new stuff for The Loopy Ewe which has just been updated. Here are some of the latest ‘features’ for you to discover.

One of the first changes we have for you is a Search Feature! So, perhaps you read something about a “tapestry” skein in the blog a while ago but aren’t sure who made it or where to find it. All you have to do is go to the new Search Inventory on the right navigation and type in “tapestry” to find out it’s made by Interlacements and it has a couple of great photos.

This next introduction is hopefully going to be a popular feature. Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates! Perfect for your friends and stocking stuffers. You can send a gift certificate via email, have us mail it, or print it out yourself to hand deliver. You’ll find a new link for gift certificates on the main right navigation. After placing an order with a gift certificate, they will typically be sent within 24 hours.

One slightly new page on the site is for our Frequently Asked Questions. We’ve put some of the common questions on the page that should hopefully help you with your Loopy Ewe experience. Be sure to let us know if you have another question�we can answer those too!

One thing I’ve learned is that a lot of people have blogs…it’s not just a high schooler thing anymore. So, we’ve added Blog Referrals to our Tell-a-friend Loopy Perks. Many of you have a blog as an easy way to show off your wonderfully knitted works � so we�ve added the ability for you to connect your blog to your Loopy Ewe account. If you link to The Loopy Ewe and one (or more, of course) of your visitors ends up clicking the link, registering, and eventually placing their first order…you�ll get a $5.00 credit! You don�t have to do anything special on your blog, so it�s very simple for you. Just be sure to visit your newly designed account page to add your blog.

While we’re on the topic of blogs�we were thinking The Loopy Ewe needs a fun Blog Button. Now, in the blogging world, isn’t it fun to stumble upon someone’s blog and see they have one of the same blog buttons that you have? Makes the two of you instant friends. So we have The Loopy Ewe blog button. Check out our button to your right…I’ll wait…… That’s our new button…sorta. The one on the right shows one of our many yarns available and we want you to be able to show off your favorite yarn! That means you can pick from many of the yarns we sell and make your own Loopy button for your own blog! You can check out this simple guide about how to put your Loopy button on your blog in minutes.

We’ve also made a couple of minor changes in terms of order email notifications. We no longer will send you a message when we�ve received your payment (PayPal sends their own and we don�t like adding clutter to your Inbox). Typically, after you�ve placed your online order, you’ll only get an email once we ship your order, including a link with the tracking number.

On the more technical end of things, we’ve resolved a couple of issues that affected a few customers including:

  • some credit card orders were being declined by our credit card processor � we believe this issue should be resolved (including international orders; we’ve made these issues easier to track too)
  • placing an order that didn�t need payment (e.g. with an existing balance or now gift certificates) previously required payment information � we automatically skip the payment step if none is needed

Well ~ we sure hope you enjoy this round of new additions to The Loopy Ewe! If you have any ideas for us please leave a comment, send us an email, or gives us a call � we’d love to hear from you! Until next time, happy browsing and knitting!

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(Sheri’s P.S. Cool, huh? :-) Let us know what you think! Also – I added NEW PRODUCTS to the website over the weekend. Check out our Wooden Sock Blockers and our Fun & Funky Red plastic Sock Blockers – both made by Wonder Husband just for The Loopy Ewe. I also added some handy Loopy Ewe totes, and the cute Loopy Ewe Stitchmarker Set. (Update: Loopy and siblings have all gone off to live in their new homes.