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We have new Hedgehog Fibres in the shop. But first, a little Newsletter housekeeping! Did you know we have three different email lists? You can subscribe and unsubscribe from any of them on your Loopy account page, after you log in. It’s in the column on the right hand side under the Search Box, called “Subscriptions”.

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We have three email newsletters: 

1. Yarn Shop Updates (that’s the one you’re reading right now. Sent out any Monday that we are putting up yarn, which we do most Mondays.) We’ll tell you what went up that day, and what went up the week before. We usually link to any blog posts or programs we’ve recently talked about, too.

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Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn

We ordered this Hedgehog four months ago, and are so happy that it has finally arrived from Ireland! I’d like to set up a chair in the middle of the Hedgehog aisle and just stare at it all for inspiration. So many beauties – click here to shop.

Hedgehog Fibres The Loopy Ewe

Here is an Ananke that I knit up out of one of the Hedgehog Fibres colors a few years ago. If you’re knitting holiday gifts this year, that’s a great pattern that knits up pretty quickly! The pattern is beautiful in any fingering weight yarn. 

Hedgehog Fibres The Loopy Ewe

We also added in:

We’ve also re-stocked all of our Cascade – Heritage Wave, Heritage Sock, Heritage Silk, 220, 220 Superwash, Ultra Pima, Superwash Aran, Superwash Sport, and Aegean Tweed (including 5 new colors – see below).

Cascade Aegean Tweed The Loopy Ewe

We have four fun new stitchmarker sets from Pretty Warm Designs and I’m just going to say that all of us here at Loopy are having a hard time picking. I feel like I need the cats (one of them looks like my Ollie), but then the robots are SO cute. And the owls have sparkly eyes! And the honeybees have such cute charms in the set. See? Hard time deciding. My friend Susan says, “Why choose? Get them all!” Even though she was talking about dessert at the time, I think the same sentiment can be applied to stitchmarkers, right? Anyway, good luck deciding. You just can’t go wrong with any of them. Click here to shop.

Cat Stitchmarkers © The Loopy Ewe
Robot Stitchmarkers © The Loopy Ewe
Owl Stitchmarkers © The Loopy Ewe
Bee Stitchmarkers © The Loopy Ewe

And finally, we had a backorder arrive from Universal in Bamboo Pop, so if you’ve been waiting on Black or Cream (or a few other colors), it’s back in stock.

Our last Yarn Update included:

Our Dream in Color Monthly Exclusive in Smooshy Cashmere and City called The Nights Grow LongerDream in Color’s September Pop-up SkeinJamieson & Smith’s 2 Ply Jumper, and Wollmeise Nobody’s Perfect Pure (sold out) and Lace (9 colors left).

The Nights Grow Longer The Loopy Ewe

Camp Loopy Rewards Are Ready!

If you participated in Camp Loopy this past summer and completed some of the challenges, your rewards are ready! If you completed one month, you should have received the Loopy Science Code Cowl pattern via email last week. If you completed two months, you would have received the pattern and you’ll be receiving the Accessory Pack in your next Loopy order. If you completed all three months, you receive the emailed pattern, plus you will receive an accessory set and a skein of Wollmeise Pure, Nobody’s Perfect in your next order!

We have your account tagged if we owe you a Camp Reward, so no need to leave us that note in your order. However, if you have some general colors option that you prefer in your skein, please leave us an order note and we’ll do our best to get as close as we can on your free reward skein, while the choices last!

Loopy Science Camp

Fall Challenge – LA TAG

Our Fall Loopy Academy Challenge is a fun one, and we’d love for you to jump in and participate with us! Click here to read all about it.

LA TAG Challenge

More fun coming your way next week – stay tuned!


P.S. Did you catch Katherine from SweaterBabe in our Designer Spotlight last week? There is still time to get a discounted pattern from her!

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I loved the Camp Loopy Reward package. What a gorgeous skein of yarn I received. It is perfect for the pattern that you sent. Also, the accessory pack was fantastic. Great job, Sheri!

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