Designer Spotlight: Jimi from JimiKnits

Today I’m happy to have Jimi from JimiKnits in our Designer Spotlight. She and her family live in the United Kingdom and she is known for her beautiful sweaters and accessories.

Jimi Cricket © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Jimi Cricket © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: Hi Jimi! Thanks for being in our Designer Spotlight today. Tell us, how long have you been a knitter and who taught you to knit?

Jimi: Hi Loopy! I’ve been knitting for nearly 12 years. I am self taught, but with a lot of help from YouTube, knitting magazines, Ravelry and my elderly neighbour (who helped me identify which way round my stitches were facing!)

Moorside Mitts  © Jimenez Joseph JimiKnits
Moorside Mitts © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: It’s always nice to have knitters nearby for emergencies like that! What is your favorite type of item to knit?

Jimi: Sweaters. Nothing beats it… ok, tell a lie, socks come a close second.

Short Stuff Slouchy Beanie © Jimenez Joseph
Short Stuff Slouchy Beanie © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: You have designed some gorgeous sweaters. And also some fun socks! What is the most challenging thing that you have knit to date?

Jimi: The most challenging knit was the Aran Loose Pullover by Michiyo. The pullover was covered head to foot in cables and the pattern was in Japanese. 

Chicane © Jimenez Joseph
Chicane © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: The cables in that pattern are beautiful, but doing a pattern in Japanese does sound like the hardest part. When did you start designing, and what spurred that interest?

Jimi: I officially launched my first pattern in 2011 with Sakana, a sock pattern. I started designing while I was learning to knit, purely because I couldn’t understand the knitting patterns from the magazines. I would sketch something then try to knit it up. Later on, I would discover that I didn’t have enough yarn for what I was trying to accomplish! LOL! There were a lot trials like that.

Sakana © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Sakana © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: Knitting patterns are like a foreign language, until you learn what all of those crazy abbreviations mean. I can see adapting, as a new knitter! Do you have a favorite pattern that you’ve designed?

Jimi: Aggregate is my ‘go-to’ palette cleanser. It is such a calming knit and very quick to turnaround. I would sometimes knit an Aggregate just to help me gather my thoughts and use up odd skeins of yarn.

Aggregate © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Aggregate © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: It sounds like a very meditative knit. I was looking at your projects and you really have knit a lot of those – all so beautiful! What is your favorite part of your designing? And your not-so-favorite part?

Jimi: Sketching and knitting the prototype is my favourite aspect in designing. Grading patterns is not so bad, if I’m honest, but it fills me with dread every time I’m faced with the numbers!

Langbrook © Jimenez Joseph
Langbrook © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: To me, that whole grading/sizing thing sounds very intimidating. (Plus, math.) Do you do this business full-time or part-time, and is that hard?

Jimi: It is a full time job and yes it is hard. I am doing practically everything!

Buckshot © Jimenez Joseph
Buckshot © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: I think designers have to wear so many hats. Does anyone else in your family knit? (Would you like to tell us about your family?)

Jimi: My husband asked me to teach him how to knit a few years ago. He wanted to know what the fuss was all about. He has knitted hats and scarves and is definitely a process knitter because 2 years on now and he still hasn’t finished that scarf! My daughter thinks knitting is too weird. Giver her time, she’ll come round.

Howzat © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Howzat © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: I love that your husband is a knitter. I hope you each have your own stash! And you’re right – I bet your daughter will come around to it one day. She will have grown up seeing you reach for the needles her whole life. Are there other hobbies that you enjoy?

Jimi: I play a lot of tennis. I have always been into sport.

Tubman Cuff © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Tubman Cuff © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: What would be your favorite way to spend a day off?

Jimi: Picture this… A comfy sofa, a knitting project, a hot mug of tea, some cookies, Netflix TV and no other bugger in the house!! Bliss! 

AllTerrain © Jimenez Joseph
AllTerrain © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: That sounds just about perfect! (I might have to add a little chocolate for an afternoon snack. But otherwise, perfect.) Ok, last question: Morning or Night person? Coffee or Tea? English or Continental? Solids or Multicolors?

Jimi: Night / Tea / Continental / Solids.

Bitter & Twisted © Jimenez Joseph

Loopy: Thanks for being here today, Jimi!

Peaslake Shawl © Jimenez Joseph
Peaslake Shawl © Jimenez Joseph

Jimi has offered you a 20% discount on one of the patterns show here on this page – your choice! The discount code is: loopyewe20 and this code is valid 9/18-25, 2020.

Westcott Cowl © Jimenez Joseph Jimiknits
Westcott Cowl © Jimenez Joseph

You can find Jimi on Ravelry: JimiKnits, on Instagram: @jimiknits, on her website:, and on PayHip:

And you can find yarn for all of these beautiful patterns at The Loopy Ewe! (But you already knew that….) 🙂

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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  1. Thanks Sheri for another great spotlight. Jimi is a new to me designer but I love her designs so she won’t be new to me for long.

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