Loopy Pet Legends! (Yours?)

Loopy Pet Legends The Loopy Ewe

All of us here at Loopy are into our pets. Loopy loves pets! And we’ve donated over $1000 to our local Humane Society from our Little Loopy Library over the past 18 months. (Thanks to all of you who have donated and bought our $5 books in the shop. ALL of that money goes to our Humane Society.)

That got us to thinking – how can we raise even more money for them? 

The answer? Loopy Pet Legends. We would love to feature YOUR adorable pet (cat, dog, hamster, iguana – whatever special pet you love) on our upcoming Loopy Pet Legends yarn line. We will be donating $2 from each skein of yarn sold. $1 to our local Humane Society, and $1 to your local Humane Society.

So how can you participate?

1. Take a great picture of your pet and email it to us. (support@theloopyewe.com)

2. We will put some of the pictures up on our social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) to get feedback.

3. We will pick 25 different pets for this first batch of Loopy Pet Legends.

4. If your pet is picked, you will get to design a colorway to bear your pet’s name and photo. (This isn’t meant to be a color based on your pet’s coloring. You can pick any color combo that you want that is beautiful. We can help with the color picking process if you need suggestions.)

4. We will have the yarn dyed up, the labels made with your pet’s picture on it, and will name the colorway after your pet.

5. We’ll keep making the donations as long as we have your colorway up for sale, and we’ll send you the receipt for the donations made in your pet’s name to your local humane society.

Please have all pet photos in to us by 3/06/20. We’ll notify you in March if we picked your pet for this first batch!

Sheri and the Pet-Loving Loopy Elves (and Oliver)

Loopy Pet Legends The Loopy Ewe (Oliver)


  1. Cool idea! Is there a limit of one entry per person? And can the photo have been taken previously or just between Feb. 11 and March 6?

    Thank you for always remembering the rescued pets!

  2. Sheri, of all the many brilliant ideas you have given us, this is THE most brilliant, compassionate, fantastic and creative! The joy of participating, the thrill of winning, the fame for victorious pets, the ecstasy over the winning yarns, the gorgeous items to be made from the winning yarns and the shelter pets who will benefit….it is a giant jubilee of pet and yarn nirvana that only you could have dreamed up! Thank you!

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