Knitting Group – Why Join One?

Do you belong to a knitting group? We love our Thursday Night Knitters (and our Wednesday Afternoon Stitchers) and look forward to seeing them every week. We appreciate being a Third Place (the place you love to go, after home and work). We always love having you here, whether in person or online!

Top Ten Reasons to Join a Knitting Group

  1. You meet new people who love what you love (yarn and knitting!).
  2. You can get impromptu help if your project is going sideways.
  3. You can find someone to demo the German Twisted Cast On (or other interesting cast ons, cast offs, and stitches).
  4. You are surrounded by people who want to know about your latest yarn purchase, your current project, and the number of WIPs you have.
  5. You can find help in fixing mistakes (because we all make them).
  6. You can get opinions on colors that do or don’t go together.
  7. You see lots of inspiring knitwear on the people in your group.
  8. You find out about new “must make” patterns to add to your queue.
  9. You hear about new shows to binge-watch, audiobooks to listen to, movies to go to, and places to see.
  10. If you’re in our Loopy Group, you find out about things like Clicklist, Butter Braids, Contact Juggling, Tootsie Troughs, and Food Trucks.

If you don’t have your own local group, please join us remotely! You can be knitting on Thursday nights with your project and your favorite beverage, and know that we’re knitting along with you in our neck of the woods! I sometimes share Thursday night Instagram stories of some of the projects being worked on, or photos of our group. (We usually have 15-25 people here every Thursday night.) And we’d love to see you and your projects, too. Tag us on instagram (#virtualloopyknitnight or #loopyknitnight), or email us a photo, or post it on Ravelry or Facebook, and let us know you’re a part of our group in your own home. We’d love to connect with you!

Sheri and the Knit Night Crew


  1. I wish I was closer so I could join you! That said, my LYS also has Thursday night group. So I guess I am knitting with you as well. Anyways, I love the friends I have made in all my knitting groups, both online and in person. It’s not only about the yarn and the sticks, it’s the people too. I’d be lost without them!

  2. I belong to 2 large knitting groups and a few small ones. I find it relaxing, fun and informative-knit info, latest restaurant info, coping info.

  3. I’m very jealous. I left a wonderful group when I moved. I’ve tried two groups in my new area — one is quite clique-y and actually judge me for not buying my yarn at a big box craft store. The other group is at a local LYS and they judge me for using yarn I bought elsewhere. I DO buy notions and patterns from them, but, in all honesty, their “yarn shop” runs a very very far second to their fabric and sewing machine focus.
    That being said, I <3 <3 <3 the TLE groups on Ravelry and a knit group on Facebook and all the support I get from them!!

  4. I wish I had a knitting group!! Or that I lived close enough to Loopy to go to yours! I just asked my LYS if they did a knitting group and theirs is on Saturday morning, which is a bit inconvenient for me. SO it looks like I will be a virtual Loopy Knit Night member! That’s for welcoming us over the internet waves.

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