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We have lots up on the website for you today, including a new line.

Jamieson & Smith 2 ply JumperOne thing you all have been asking for is more “sticky” wool. Not sticky as in little toddler fingers and a lollipop, but sticky as in not merino wool. Sticky wool is great for colorwork, as the fibers hold your stitches together better, and the textured stitches in your project just pop. It’s not soft like merino, but it softens up more after washing. And it wears forever!

Try this for colorwork socks, cowls, hats and sweaters. For striping sequences in scarves, hats and mitts. For knitting up classics that will be wearable for years and years to come. It’s such a great workhorse yarn.

This new line comes in 92 colors, and each skein is 125 yards in a fingering weight, woolen spun (light and airy), 100% Shetland wool. We get this wool shipped in from Lerwisk, Shetland, UK. 

Pick your favorite palette, your team colors, your “happy” colors, or colors outside of your comfort zone and try it out!

Here are some patterns to try: Vivid, Snawheid, Hansel (Half), Merrie Dancers Toorie, Stevenson Sweater, and Lang Ayre.

Jamieson & Smith The Loopy Ewe
Jamieson & Smith The Loopy Ewe

We’ve re-stocked all of our Uncommon Thread bases Lush Worsted, Merino DK, Everyday Singles, and Posh Fingering.

Uncommon Thread Lush Worsted The Loopy Ewe
Uncommon Thread Merino DK The Loopy Ewe
Uncommon Thread Everyday Singles The Loopy Ewe
Uncommon Thread The Loopy Ewe Posh Fingering

We’ve also re-stocked our Blue SkyWorsted Cotton, Woolstok, and Extra. (Need a luscious, soft, warm cowl or hat for yourself this winter season? Try the Extra.)

Blue Sky Worsted Cotton The Loopy Ewe
Blue Sky Woolstok The Loopy Ewe
Blue Sky Extra The Loopy Ewe

Our last Yarn Update included: Universal Bamboo Pop and Cotton Supreme, Snowy Owl Needle/Scissor Minders, Tudor Rose Scissors, Hexie Holder Sewing Kits, Annika Kits, and our favorite Notions Flip Case.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with when using these fun balls from Jamieson and Smith. Please tag us or share your photos!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I am thrilled that you will have J&S! I will be enrolling in Loopy Graduate school next semester to play along and use it!

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