Uschitita, Stonehedge Crazy & More!

Lots in the Update today, since we skipped last week. (My fault. I was out with visiting friends all week, but back at it today!) Just up:

Uschitita Merino SinglesEvery time we can get yarn from Steffi in The Netherlands, it makes us happy. Her dyeing time is limited (she is doing her medical residency), so we get it when we can! Her Merino Singles are: Fingering weight, 400 yards, 100% Superwash Merino, single ply.

Uschitita at The Loopy Ewe

Uschitita Merino SockThe other Steffi-base that we love! Fingering weight, 464 yards, 75% Superwash Merino and 25% Nylon.

Uschitita at The Loopy Ewe

Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool This beautiful wool is milled and dyed in Michigan. Worsted weight, 250 yards, 100% Wool (not Superwash).

Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool at The Loopy Ewe

Stonehedge Crazy We also love it when these Crazy skeins come in! We can only get 50 skeins at a time, but just know that we re-stock them often. Each is unique. Leave us an order note with the main colors you’d like us to pick (or avoid) and we’ll send you a pretty skein! We’ll also send you the pattern for the quick cowl pattern that we came up with. Makes a super holiday gift.

Stonehedge Crazy at The Loopy Ewe

Cascade Aegean TweedLooking for “crunchy” wool? (Non Superwash, with a bit of texture to make your cables and patterns pop?) This is a great option. Beautiful colors. Sport weight, 328 yards, 100% Organic Wool.

Cascade Aegean at The Loopy Ewe

Notion re-stocks, including Yarn Winders, Knit Blockers, Locking Stitch Markers, and Needle Gauges.

Knit Blockers at The Loopy Ewe

Button re-stocks from Buttons, Etc, including pewter, coconut, flowers, trucks, and more.

Kits of the month! First Monday, means new scissors (Spooks and Spells), new Needle/Scissor Minders (Halloween Cat), new Knit Kit (Simon Says Cowl), and new Sewing Kit (Goodie Bags Kit). Aren’t they fun?

Halloween Scissors at The Loopy Ewe
Halloween Needle Minder at The Loopy Ewe
Simon Says Cowl Kit at The Loopy Ewe
Goodie Bag Kits at The Loopy Ewe

We also have Dream in Color’s latest Sock It Club and Pop Up Skein Club offerings.

Sock It Club at The Loopy Ewe
Pop Up Club at The Loopy Ewe

Our last Yarn Update included: Cascade 220, 220 Superwash, 220 Superwash Aran, Ultra Pima, 220 Superwash Wave, Hampton, Heritage Silk, Heritage Sock, and Superwash Sport.  We also re-stocked all of our Knitter’s Pride Dreamz and Zing needles, as well as our ChiaoGoos last week.

All for now. Thanks for reading, and let us know if you’d like anything!


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