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Happy Monday! We have a new stitchmarker company (hello Floops), new colors from a favorite company, and new colors from a favorite indie dyer. Here’s what we just put up:

Floops Stitchmarkers – We included these in one of our Kits this year and the response was great, so we’re adding them in to the shop! We have three sizes, and three color options in all of the sizes. Each set contains 20 markers.

* Small Floops – fit sizes US 000 – 3
* Medium Floops – fit sizes US 4-8
* Large Floops – fit sizes US 9-15

* Colorado Set – the colors of the Aspens, the Evergreens, and our cloudless blue skies here in Fort Collins
* Loopy Set – the colors of our Loopy shop in St. Louis (teal), Colorado 1 (yellow) and Colorado 2 (red and black.) Also, striped/dotted black ones in case you need a “start of row” option. (Loopy Set shown below)
* Brilliant Set – the happy colors of the rainbow. 

Floops The Loopy Ewe

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere New Colors – We added in more gorgeous semi-solids in: As a Bird, Do Re Me, Fortune Teller, Lay a Rose, Power Plant, Rain on Me, Shadowbox, Skipping Stone, Sprout and Straw into Gold.

Dream in Color Smooshy Cashmere The Loopy Ewe

JulieSpins Euro Fingering 820 – These big (820 yard) skeins are perfect for larger shawls, for sweaters, and for matching sets (cowl/hat/mitts, or two pairs of marching socks, or whatever else sounds fun!).

JulieSpins The Loopy Ewe

Our last Yarn Update included: Leading Men Fiber Arts, Sheepy Needle/Scissor Minders, Pumpkin Scissors, Wine Bottle Totes, and Another Way kits.

Are you doing the Loopy Grad School Fall Challenge with us? You get to pick a major, pick three projects, and jump right in! (Fabric lovers – we also have a Fall Sewing Challenge just for you.)

Check out last Friday’s Blog Post to see the book I’m using for my first project. I do not have a good history with making stuffies (as in, I have 2 stuffie projects long ago in the works), but I really really want to make the owl in that book. And several other ones in that book. So I thought if I put it out there in a newsletter, you’d all help me to stay accountable. Book ordered and received, yarn bought and wound, needles ready, fingers crossed.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. If you participated in Camp Loopy this summer, all earned reward points were added to your accounts over the weekend!


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