June 1 – Camp Loopy Start Day

The Loopy Ewe Camp Loopy Start Day

Time to blast off into Outer Space, with our June starts! Feels like we have been waiting forever, doesn’t it? Get your needles (or hooks) clicking and keep us posted on your progress. We have sent a lot of Camp yarn out this past month, and now we can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

We wanted to start the day with a contest. Tell us your favorite outer space movie. OR, tell us your favorite TV show to binge watch. With all of the knitting and crocheting happening this month, we probably all need a few new ideas.

We’ll do the random-draw next week and the winner will get a fun surprise box of cool things from us!

Also be sure to follow us and tag us on Instagram, as we’re doing drawings over there this summer, too. https://www.instagram.com/theloopyewe/

Happy Camping, friends!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. One of my favorite shows to binge watch is Babylon 5. As for space movies I enjoy the original three Star Wars movies (episodes 4 – 6).

  2. I loved to watch the TV show Stargate SG1. So many interesting things to encounter out there on other worlds. As for movies, I really enjoyed The Martian.

  3. So much good space stuff…I think we’ve watched most of it in my household.

    At heart though, I’m a Trekkie. Just started rewatching DS9 as my bgine-while-working show.

  4. Oh for me, it’s Star Trek, all eras. I’m not a Trekkie, but I can certainly watch multiple episodes.

  5. I love space shows so this is a hard one to narrow down. My favorite one to binge watch is Dr. Who. I especially love the ones with David Tennant. However I have watched Star Trek since the first ones came out and have enjoyed each new generation they have created. I also recommend the newer Battlestar Galactica and Firefly. (okay, can you tell I really really like space shows??)

  6. I am a huge Trekkie. I hadn’t even thought of binge watching them! I’ve been binging Riverdale. Definitely adding space movies into my watching hours now.

  7. I do love to binge watch the Lord of the Rings, and any new BBC murder mystery series I discover. Lately I’ve been binge watching Warehouse 13, which is corny and lots of fun.

  8. just binged Good Omens on amazon prime and it was excellent..
    also enjoyed Russian Doll on netflix recently.

  9. This is a tough one! I watch the Star Wars movies the most and I like to binge watch doctor who from time to time. But one of my favorite “classic” space movies is actually Independence Day with Will Smith. I will never forget that movie from growing up. Happy Space Camping!

  10. My all time favorite outer space movie is the original version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. I still know the words to stop the robot just in time after Klaatu is shot before he gets to the meeting of the scientists. The remake just didn’t cut it.

  11. I remember being scared ( at about age 6 or 7) seeing a brief segment of the original Star Trek when it was first on. Stumbled upon reruns of the show whwn I was in high school and loved it.

  12. Since it’s a space movie you want and not science fiction – completely different, since most of my favorite SF movies aren’t set in space – it’s definitely Star Wars, the original 1977 release that had only that name ( no “Episode IV” or “A New Hope” subtitle).

    For TV shows, I don’t binge watch much, but I did start re-watching “Gotham” on Camp day #2.

  13. Star Trek. Any of the generations…but also not a Trekkie.
    And the movie with Groot. I cant remember the name, but love both of those.

  14. Like Ellen Miller I love Dr Who but am a sucker for all sci fi, fantasy etc type shows. I learned all needle crafts from an early age from my mom & grandma & always do them while watching something or with music on! I even made a gift for my mom with her in the room with a granny square afghan over my head, crocheting all the way, while watching tv through the holes in the afghan. Where there’s as will, there is always a way!!!

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