Beginner Brioche – A Primer

Remember this blog post, where I was picking out two colors to try a Brioche Cowl (new beginner brioche)? So many good choices and Malabrigo Rios has the colors and the squish to make your project extra fun.

I don’t know why I waited so long into my knitting career to try Brioche. I guess I thought it was hard. (It’s not.) Or that I wouldn’t like it. (I do.) Or that there weren’t cute patterns out there for it. (There are.)

I’m using a very beginner brioche friendly pattern called Training Wheels (free on Ravelry). I watched this video on YouTube to learn how to do it. Full disclosure, I did have to frog and re-start the project once, but after that it was smooth sailing.

My cowl is coming right along. The colors are a little lighter/brighter than this photo shows. When I get it done, I’ll have Paul take a photo of it where the colors show true. This one is supposed to be a shop sample, so I’m going to have to make another one for myself.

Beginner Brioche The Loopy Ewe Malabrigo Rios

The fabric itself is so squishy, which I think is why so many people love this stitch. I definitely want to do more of it. In fact, I’m thinking of tackling Briochealuscious next. Andrea Mowry must love Brioche, too, because she does a lot of patterns with it.

I’m thinking about this combination of The Uncommon Thread Everyday Singles. What do you think?

Uncommon Thread Everyday Singles The Loopy Ewe

I have been looking at other patterns, too. These look interesting: Lemon Difficult, Flyaway Twist, Luna, Baubles, Raina Shawl, Ghost Ranch, DK Brioche Bandana Cowl, All About That Brioche, Cabriola, and Icicle.

Do you knit Brioche, and do you like it? Do you have other fun pattern suggestions that you have enjoyed and that I might want to try?

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  1. Thanks for your inspiration! I was at the shop last weekend. My husband and I were in town visiting his son. It was a great place!

  2. I’m just finishing my first brioche project “A Walk in the Woods” in Rios. I love this pattern! And you’re right, brioche in Rios s very squishy. My colors are Yerba and Natural. I’m already planning my next Lisa Hannes project.

  3. I will be making Sylvan Tales, a brioche shawl, for my first Camp Loopy project! I’ve knitted brioche before and loved it (Stephen West’s Askews Me Shawl) but this one is more complicated, with a beautiful vine pattern and 26 pages of instructions. I’m excited and a bit nervous!

    1. That’s impressive looking – and 26 pages of instructions?? I’m not ready for that yet, but it looks like it would be a great challenge when I have a little more brioche experience under my belt!

  4. I did All About That Brioche for Loopy Academy and it was a good beginner project. Instructions were very well written.

  5. I love knitting Brioche, but I would never have tried it if it hadn’t been for the Camp Loopy Pirate challenge! Thank you for providing the impetus for me to learn a new skill!

  6. I am now a Brioche addict. I recently finished Willow by Nancy Marchant using Rowan Kidsilk Haze with my light color being a solid and the dark color being Kidsilk Haze Stripe (I think this has been discontinued by Rowan). The colors in the stripe were a surprise. My next brioche challenge will be Bi-color Brioche Stole by Lily Chin found in her Power Cables book.

    1. I saw that Willow when I was looking through brioche patterns. It looks amazing! The Bi-Color pattern looks fun and not too terribly hard for a beginner. (I think…) Thanks for sharing!

  7. I tried Brioche for Academy. I met the requirement but have not become a fan. I know I can do it and that’s enough for me. I’m glad to have tried it.

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