Sock KAL (& Nostalgia)

It’s time for a Sock Knit a Long! Socks were the first type of knitting that I was taken with. Of course I started my knitting with a lot of scarves, but when I started knitting socks, that was all I wanted to knit. I still like knitting socks, but have been busy knitting things that can be shop samples for awhile now, and socks aren’t the easiest to display so they have gotten set aside for a bit. Now I’m ready to do another pair of socks. Would you like to join me?

I went through some of my past sock photos to look at yarn and patterns. Here are some favorite patterns that I previously used:

Shur'tugal Socks
Shur’tugal (Sanguine Gryphon yarn)
Celebratory Chevrons Socks
Celebratory Chevrons (String Theory yarn)
Swirl Hat Socks
Modified Swirl Hat pattern with slipped stitches (Tumbleweed yarn)

As I was looking through my Ravelry projects, I also had a nostalgic trip through past dyers and companies that are no longer out there. Do you remember any of these past dyers we have carried? Alisha Goes Around, All Things Heather, Amy Butler Yarns, Alpaca with a Twist, Bellamoden, Brooklyn Handspun, Cherry Tree Hill, Chewy Spaghetti, Cider Moon, Colinette Jitterbug, Creatively Dyed, Crystal Palace, Swell Yarn Shop, Dye Dreams, Fiesta, J Knits, Misty Mountain Farms, Numma Numma, Perchance to Knit, Sanguine Gryphon, Scarlet Fleece, Schaefer, Sheepaints, Socktopus, Spindle City, Tuscan Grove, Woolly Boully, Yarntini, Yarn Nerd, Yarn Pirate, and Zen String? (I know there are more that we’ve had – these are just the ones from my project page and off the top of my head.)

People pass through different stages and occupations in life and I’m glad we had a chance to get a small part of their beautiful yarn and creativity while they were dyeing. I hope you used some of their yarn or have some of it in your stash for projects to come.

Let us know if you’re going to KAL with some new socks and tell us what yarn and pattern you’re going to use! (No deadlines or anything – just sharing our love for sock knitting and sock knitters.) 🙂 I haven’t finalized my yarn or pattern yet, but plan to do that and will start them this weekend. I’ll Instagram the start, just to stay accountable. If you want to Instagram your start too, use #LoopyKAL so we can see it!

Sheri stillasockloverandsockyarncollector

P.S. You’ll find some really pretty FREE PATTERNS from past works at this link to our website. Including lots of socks!


  1. So, do we get double points for finding sock yarn deep in stash from dyers no longer stocked? With this unending winter, I probably do need another pair of socks.

  2. Sure I’ll join you! I have a luscious skein of B&C Grinch and I will probably just use a vanilla sock as a pattern. That way the wonderful stripes will really show.

  3. Talk about sending someone on a trip down Memory Lane. The very first order I ever placed at The Loopy Ewe was placed for me by a friend because I didn’t have an internet connection. It was for a sock pattern by Monica Jines– Dancing Tulips and the yarn to knit them —Sprightly Goods.
    I’m IN — I loved that pattern and I think I’ll use it for this KAL– just seems appropriate for some reason!

  4. so many fave yarn cos and those beautiful socks! I used to have a long train/bus commute and was knitting almost a pair a wk back during the Sock Craze!

  5. I’m in! I’ll use the first sock pattern I ever bought from the Loopy Ewe – Blessing Socks by MimKnits and Fibre Company Canopy Fingering – it makes such wonderful soft socks and the Bamboo helps it to wear well! I should do this KAL more than once though, because my stash is FULL of single skeins of gorgeous sock yarn from the Loopy Ewe and they have all been waiting a loooonnngg time to be used!

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