Making Knitted Minis!

We feature cool Trunk Shows here at Loopy each month, and it’s always fun to put the new things up. This month we are featuring the work of Loopy Customer Pam Clemmer. Pam is a beautiful knitter, and she also has a great sense of humor! In addition to the wonderful sweaters and shawls she brought in, she also brought in some adorable knitted minis that I wanted to share with you.

A Little Kindness Monster

This little guy is so cute. I liked him so much that I’m now knitting up my fifth monster (since she brought these in two weeks ago). I might be a little out of control. I’m making mine striped, just for fun. I think that’s why I keep making them – I keep coming up with different color combos that I want to try. You can see a picture of my first two on our Instagram account. Pam used Cascade 220 and I used Spud and Chloe Sweater for mine. Any worsted weight will work.

A Little Kindness Monster Knitted Mini

Steamed Broccoli Florets

This one cracked me up! I love that Pam made it into a necklace. I definitely need to make some of these. (Why? I don’t know. I just need a few of them. Maybe as magnets on my fridge as a reminder to eat my vegetables.) And the designer – Sara Elizabeth Kellner – has several other patterns I want to make, too.

Steamed Broccoli Florets Knitted Mini

Dutch Rabbits

So sweet and I’m sure you will need a whole fluffle of these. (Did you know a group of wild rabbits is called a fluffle? And don’t you need one?)

Dutch Rabbits Knitted Mini

Cupcake Pincushion

The interesting thing about this cute pincushion? You put a regular tomato pincushion on the inside with a bit of stuffing. That way, you can stick pins into it and use it for more than decoration.

Knitted Pincushion Knitted Mini


I favorited these way back in 2014 and have not made them. Seeing them in person definitely makes me want to do some. They are cute and I can see a whole bowl full of them out for the holidays.

Stjarna Knitted Mini

Who knew that knitted minis could be so fun? Have you made any fun little patterns you’d like to share? Leave a comment and let us know!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Love these littles! I put the Stars in my queue. I want to have knitted things out in my house. Seriously, I have two pillows. Thats it. I did them for Loopy Academy. If you walked in my house you wouldn’t know I was a crazy obsessed knitter. Seriously. Well, except if you went into the yarn room. That’s another story.

    I use the Kindness Monster in my classroom. Every classroom needs a little Kindness.

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