The Loopy Ewe Moving Week!


We are in the middle of The Loopy Ewe Moving Week and it has been crazy around here. I wanted to share some pictures.

We emptied all of the yarn and pegs off the grids at Old Loopy. 


We had the yarn that was on the shelves, wrapped in place and moved whole. (That was a lot easier than moving the grid systems.)


At New Loopy, we organized the bags in the different aisles. It might not look organized, but it was! We’re also switching over to almost all grids at the new shop, so we have spent time putting new grids together and transferring shelf yarn to pegs.


The fabric also got bagged up, and we kept it by collection. There were three full walls of fabric piles that look like this!


The Loopy Elves are amazing. They have worked hard, kept a great attitude, and have gotten an enormous amount of work done. I didn’t get moving week pictures of all the Elves, but they have all put in extra days and hours over the past week. And Web Guy flew in from California for a quick few days of helping, too.


Jason, Ahmed and Sam were a few of the movers who helped get it all done. (Overheard: “Yarn is heavier than you think.” “You all have a lot of stuff.” “It seems really bright in this new shop.” “Bigger and better – nice!” “HOW many more loads??”)


We had trucks and movers working Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The last two loads were dropped off at New Loopy at 4:45 am on Sunday morning. The sun was coming up on a new day as we all headed home to grab a few hours of sleep. (And by “all”, I mean the movers and my family. The Elves didn’t stay all night!)


The yarn is shaping up:



The fabric is shaping up:


AndLoopy is patiently waiting on the red couches, until someone has time to put him up on the new wall where he belongs.


As luck would have it, we have moved in right next door to the Interweave offices. You know them as the people who put out Interweave Knits, and a whole host of other wonderful magazines and books. They made us this adorable “Welcome Loopy Ewe” fabric sign and had it hanging up in the tree outside our front door when we came in this morning! They also made this fun welcome poster. We are going to love being next to this creative bunch.


Still working hard today, getting everything put right. (Still so much to do.) Our dear local customer Janet just dropped off fresh strawberries to keep our energy up.

We will re-open this Friday, July 6, at 10 am. Come see us Friday and Saturday, for our official “grand re-opening”.  We’ll take more pictures of the new space when everything gets put into place. We can’t wait to share it with you all (whether you’re local or far away.)

Thanks for all of your nice notes on your orders this week – those have been so fun to read in the midst of all of this.  And thank you for your patience with our delayed shipping schedule over the past week. We will start shipping orders out on Thursday, so watch for those Boxes of Fun (the first ones from New Loopy – woohoo!) to arrive soon.

Sheri and the hard working Loopy Crew


  1. Y’all have done an amazing amount of work! It is looking great. Thanks for taking time to share with us! I had just ask our campfire group if anyone had a sneak peek and you gave us one. Awesome looking new digs already! Happy 4th of July! You guys deserve some fireworks for sure!

  2. I’m so glad that your move has gone well. Lots of prayers have gone out for you and the family. It’s a lot of work, but I think your new location will be an asset. How cool is it to be next to Interweave? I expect a full report from Charlene when she gets home. Hopefully, we can get out there this fall. Hope you can rest a little tomorrow.

  3. What a giant undertaking! I’m in the middle of reorganizing my craft room. I’m exhausted and I’m only doing one room. I can’t wait to travel to CO to see Loopy’s new home. We are all excited for you and the elves. Sounds like you have perfect neighbors. The welcome posted is hard to read but looks fun.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to update us during this incredibly busy time! We’re with you in spirit.

  5. So happy for you and the whole crew, Sheri! You have come so far since St. Louis and 2006. TLE is still THE most awesome, welcoming, and organized online shop ever!! Congratulations on your new digs!

  6. You are all just the most awesome group!

    The updates have been such fun for us, watching your progress. Thank you for “including” us this way!

    We can’t wait to see you again in this beautiful new location!

  7. Wow! Looking good! Wish I could pop in on Saturday, but will have to settle for your photo updates. Thanks for keeping us in the loopy!!!

    1. Hi Suzie – our new address is on our homepage at the bottom (and on our Facebook and Instagram pages). We’re at 4856 Innovation Drive, Ste. A, Fort Collins, CO 80525!

  8. These photos are great! Thanks for sharing. It looks like this move was certainly a HUGE amount of work. But the new digs look great and to have the Interweaves crew as your new neighbors – what a gift!!!! You all deserve a day (or 12) off. I may have to plan a road trip from Washington State soon. Good job!

  9. I’m sure you were all happy to be able to open the doors this morning, and not be hanging yarn and lining up bolts! It looks like a great location!

  10. Still wish you were here in Saint Louis (sigh) but the new place will be fabulous, This looks some bigger than how it all started.

  11. This is probably not a good time to ask as I am sure you are still exhausted from the move but…… will we have a fall 2018 or a spring 2019 fling? We are getting anxious for one and looking forward to seeing the new digs!

  12. What a monumental task.Hope the grand opening is spectacular.
    Thanks for the pics.
    Best Wishes.

  13. I can’t wait to come visit your new shop…..I know it is beautiful! Will be fun to come and check it out…tho, since I live in WI, it will be a while till I get there.

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