Ashlynne? Ashby? Ashburn?

Hi everyone! We have had a busy week around here but I think we’re finally caught up and back to almost normal. I know you all love using your Loopy Reward Credits and we love giving them to you! You get Loopy Reward Credits and Loopy Reward Points for the product purchases you make here at Loopy, every single day of the year. (Because we appreciate you and your orders every single day of the year!)

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We love having you shop here at The Loopy Ewe and we have fun packing up your boxes of beautiful things and sending them off to their new home! 

What have you been working on lately? I’ve been working on a project and whenever anyone asks me what it is, I can never remember the correct name. Ashlynne? Ashby? Nope – it’s Ashburn. (Ashburn, Ashburn, Ashburn. One of my college professors told me if you say something out loud three times, you won’t forget it. Does that work for you?)

This was our Knit Club pattern for March (a program that we have going on in-store the first Saturday of the month.) I wasn’t going to make it, as I have three other things that I am in the middle of. (Well, thirty other things that I’m in the middle of, but three that are in my current project bag right now.) I was helping some people pick color trios for their Ashburns. We were standing in front of our gorgeous selection of Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere and I found that I needed to take the Tucson color home. Maybe for socks. Then just for fun, I picked a tart green and a bright pink that looked so pretty with the Tucson (I was in the “pick three” mindset that morning). Before I knew it, I was heading home with these three colors to start my Ashburn. And it’s a super easy and quick knit, as it turns out. I’m heading into the middle color (the Tucson of my trio) and can’t wait to watch it knit up.

I think one of my favorite things to do lately is to make two or three color projects, because picking out the colors is so fun. (Don’t forget to use our Loopy Project Planner – it helps!) Here are a few multi color projects that have caught my eye lately: Shindig (just finished mine and will make it again), Zweig, The Shift (how DOES she come out with so many patterns??), Conversation Scarf, Suburban Wrap, Up Early-Up North, Baubles, and Highline.

Do you have any favorites to add to my list?

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  1. I love Jojo’s Three Color Cashmere Cowl and Shawl. Helen Stewart is doing a three color MKAL starting next month and the DIC three color kits are just the trick.

    1. Joji’s cowl is on my list to make – it looks fun. And now I will have to pop over to see what Helen’s MKAL sounds like!

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