Sending Loopy Love 2017 (and a CONTEST!)

Last year we had so much fun sending out Loopy Boxes of Love to some really deserving people. We asked you to nominate someone who could use a spot of cheer for the holiday season, who maybe could not afford a Loopy Box of their own. And we were snowed under with responses! We sent out lots and lots of wonderful boxes of love. Here are a few of them, waiting to be picked up by the post office last year:

We want to do that again this year, and we need your help again. Let us know who you think needs a box of love right about now. Email us ( by this Saturday, the 16th. Please include the person’s name and address, why you think they would be a good person to get a Box of Love, and whether they are a knitter or a sewist. We’ll gather all of the nominations, will pick some to send to, and then we’ll get these boxes shipped out next Monday. (We wish we could send a box to everyone that is nominated, but of course we can’t. However, we’ll do as many as we can.) Just a reminder – this costs you nothing. We are paying for the shipping and some of the contents, and we have companies who have donated things to us over the past year that we’ll be including in the boxes or packages. So who do you know that needs a box of Loopy Love right about now?

Thank you for helping us carry out this Random Act of Kindness again this year! We’d also like to share a Loopy Box of Fun with one of you. To enter the contest, leave a comment below. Tell us anything you’d like to share with us this December (what you’re working on, what you want for Christmas, your favorite holiday treat, the temperature in your town, what you are going to knit or quilt in January – anything you want to tell us.) We’ll send out the contest winner’s box next week, too!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Hi!! That is such a great thing you are doing! I love seeing all your post on Instagram. But I am too late this year, so I’ll try to remember to check to see what you are doing next year! I am a knitted and quilter!!

  2. I am knitting my 21 year old son’s a pair of socks ; he picked out the yarn himself & it will be his first handknit pair!

  3. I want to say thanks to Loopy Ewe and all your employees. You have made my knitting life oh so much better. Thanks for providing me the perfect yarn every time. I am currently knitting Laura Aylors KAL and have plans for a pair of socks to be finished before the end of January. Got to be ready for last semester of Academy. Merry Christmas y’all.

  4. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful holiday season! I’m currently knitting some chemo caps for my sister who has breast cancer. She’s got five so far, but I figure you can’t have too many to cheer the days. Thanks so much to all of you for creating such a fun, accepting and warm knitting atmosphere for all of us out here in the cyber world!

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