Uschitita, Fresh From the Cauldron, and Notions

Happy Monday to you! Are you ready for some more beautiful colors (and must-have accessories)? Today we added in more Uschitita, and other must-haves for you:

Uschitita Merino Sock Last week we introduced Steffi from Uschitia as one of our new indie dyers, and we shared her Merino Singles with you. They flew out the door. If we have any left, you’ll find them at this link. This week, we have a batch of her Merino Sock, which I know you will love just as much. We will get this yarn as often as we can. I think we are scheduled to get another batch in December. Steffi is a med student in The Netherlands, so her dyeing time is limited, but very productive!

Fresh From the Cauldron Freyr Sock
Jen’s colors are always fun, and we’re happy to have a new batch to tempt you with! (You’ll also love her colorway names.) Freyr is a luscious merino, cashmere, nylon blend of fingering weight yarn, with 400 yards to the skein.

Pattern ideas for multi-colored fingering weight skeins:
This is the Sea, Gardens of Giverny, What the Fade, Reyna, Close to You, and Speckled Fade.

George Sichterman Woodwork
George brought us another new batch of Yarn Caddies and Swifts a couple of weeks ago. Perfect timing, since the holidays are around the corner! Wouldn’t these make a wonderful gift for your favorite knitter? (Are YOU your favorite knitter?) We have the swifts in Walnut, Oak and Cherry, and the Yarn Caddies in two sizes and in multiple woods. Treat yourself to beautiful tools for your knitting and crocheting time.


Accessories – We added in Mesh Zip Project Bags in three sizes. We also have new Loopy Accessory boxes to hold scissors, darning needles, stitch markers, and counters. And we now have Loopy Bag Tags. After seeing a knitting project bag left on an airplane recently (and people were passing the photo around, hoping to find the knitter it belonged to), we thought it would be smart to add bag tags to every one of our project bags. If you’re like us, your project bag goes a lot of places with you during the week. Add your name and email address or phone number so your bag will always find you! Each pack comes with three tags.


Note Card Sets – We’ve had a great response to our monthly Blue Moon Exclusives that are designed based on one of Paul’s original photographs. If you’ve ordered some of the skeins, you know they come with a notecard featuring the photo. We have now added 6-card notecard sets to the website. Each of the two packs contain 6 different notecards from our photo series.


We will be doing monthly exclusives with Blue Moon again in 2018, and the new colors will be based on different programs we have going on next year. You will love them! In the meantime, the October colorway should be up next week. We’ve knit up the sample skein into a fun cowl, and it’s beautiful!

Our last Yarn Update included: Uschitita Merino Singles, Ethereal Fibers, Leading Men Fiber Arts, The Fibre Company, Dream in Color’s October Pop Up Skein Club, and Blue Q bags and totes.

You know, I buy yarn from Loopy just as often as you all do. Did you catch my Instagram post last week? It’s dangerous to work late and then wander the yarn aisles on my own. 8 skeins last week and 2 so far this week (with 2 more that I’m eyeing).

Have fun shopping through the new things, and we’ll get your orders right out!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. Did you enter our most recent blog contest? We’re giving away five Fall Fling Goodie Bags and we’ve drawn the winners. Congratulations to: Meg C in MA, Emily H in MT, Mary Beth M in VA, Robin F in FL, and Shirlee (who needs to email us with her address! Shirlee from the Farmhouse blog….)


  1. Is there a similar thicker yarn as this reduces strain on small hands, please 12 – 18 sts per inch? Perhaps there is a thin yarn which can be knitted comfortably on thicker needles, maybe a smooth yarn which slides along the needles?
    I would love to try a piece of lace using larger needles, 5mm minimum.

    Thank you.

  2. I’m so excited that I won a fling bag- I wanted to come but had to help my daughter and had to cancel my spot- hopefully next time.

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