New Dinosaurs Discovered (and a CONTEST!)

This month, we arranged our Camp Loopy chat groups in our Ravelry group based on new dinosaurs – Purlasaurus, Eweadactyl, Loopasaurus, Kniteratops, and Sewasaurus. You probably haven’t heard of these before. That’s because they have been newly discovered, just this summer. And each of our chat groups came up with a description and drawing of their dinosaur.

We are running a contest to find your favorite dino, so please leave a comment below and tell us which new dinosaur gets your vote. The winning group from the Ravelry chatters gets Loopy Reward points added to their accounts, and we’ll also draw a name from all of the comments to win 25 Loopy Reward Points, too!


My scientific name is Purlasarus
You can call me Purl.
“Always Be Prepared” is the Purlasarus mantra
And as you can see I’m just that kind of girl!
I’m a fun loving Dino and I’ve been told
Camp Loopy in the summer is where one wants to be!
Perhaps you’ll think I’m being a tad but bold
But I just couldn’t resist
And had to bring some Junior Campers along with me.
My hide is iridescent pinkish purple
And bumpy to the touch.
A daily diet of plants- fruits- vegetables and such
Is what I’m supposed to eat
To be perfectly honest
I’m often tempted by something gooey and sweet!
My knitting skills are always growing
And Camp Loopy puts them to the test
But truth be told
I like knitting socks the best!
My stash is quite extensive
But you know how it is
There’s times when a gal just has to have something new
And there’s no better place to find it then The Loopy Ewe!



Our Eweadactyl counts aloud when knitting,
Curly wool coat in an aqua and light purple iridescent sheen,
A tuft of curly pink wool on its head between the ears, the ears are little and pink inside,
Digits to knit to be a ‘dactyl with tactile abilities!
Wears glasses to see every-ewe!
4 Legs,
Makes a ”Baaaah!” sound when not counting,
Is a herbivore/vegetarian with Tootsie rolls a favorite treat!
It has wings to protect its wool coat when raining and to fly from danger.


Introducing Miss Loopasaurus. Miss Loopasaurus has a curly, loopy network of temperature regulating plates running from a crest which looks like adorable curls on her forehead along the back of her neck and spine, down to the tip of her long tail. Hence the name Loopasaurus. (L-fantasticae knitcrochetis.) Her tail ends in an unusual formation, looking uncannily like a bow securing a tassel. Even with her temperature regulating, loopy plates, she still likes to wear shawls and socks to keep her back and feet nice and cozy and to look stylish and clever!Miss Loopasaurus loves to knit and crochet her own shawls, socks, cowls, hats… She is an adventurous knitter and will tackle any knitting or crochet challenge. She is rather amazing, in that she can knit with her back feet, and crochet at the same time with her front feet! Her versatile claws help her in this endeavor as her “big toe” claws are long, thin and sharp – much like vestigial knitting needles, and her front “finger” claws are hooked like crochet hooks! Miss L. has added an interesting design feature to her socks – eyelets to fit her claws through!Miss Loopasaurus has beautiful, soft, leather-like skin that is able to change colors to coordinate with her knitwear collection. Today she is a delightful teal color, because she knows that red and teal look great together, and are her favorite colors! But when she wears her purple shawl/hat/sock ensemble she changes to a gorgeous rose pink! Miss L. loves to look her best, and always does her makeup before she goes out, making sure her lippie and blusher are perfect. She doesn’t use any eye makeup, though, because her beautiful, brown, doe-like eyes and long curly eyelashes need no enhancement!You can tell when Miss Loopasaurus is happily knitting and crocheting because you can hear her sweet singing which sounds somewhat like an adorable baby lamb! When she starts Baah Baahing “How Dry I Am” it could be that she has been enjoying a few (or more) drops of Merlot or Shiraz to wash down her favorite cookies – delicate little Lemon Cookies! She can KWI quite well, but when she is out with her other knitting and sewing dinosaur friends she tries hard to limit herself to a glass of red wine , or two at the most, so that she can get home safely!


The Kniteratops is a creative bird! She lives among the primordial swampy dyepots of colour with steam and bubbles of dye rising all around her. On her head are tall and intricate antlers with spokes like a swift and on these antlers she always carries a skein of yarn which she dips into the swampy dyepots and then let’s dry on her head…She spends her time knitting and so as she knits she is either making a rhythmic soothing clicking sound, or she is singing accapella, songs of spinning, while she knits…The Kniteratops lives in a fairly cold climate, so she wears her knitted creations: hat, shawls, cowls, leggings, and purple and red socks! She wears glasses, and has a clever little chain around her neck, from which her glasses suspend.When she is hungry, she never goes on a dinosaur rampage – she is too mellow for that! She has an endless store of chocolate, caramel, and champagne on which to dine! She shares her food with her dinosaur friends, the sheepasaurus and the pacasaurus, who provide the fiber for her to spin and knit!


Our Sewasaurus is an ingenious creature centered around a heart of hexagons. From her self-threading needle eyelashes, to a rotary cutting blade at the tip of her tail, she’s a superior beast! Look at the spool holder horn so she’s ready to stitch and the pinking shears teeth so her edges don’t ravel. She has a scissor foot when there’s something to snip and a foot with seam ripper and tweezer claws (which she rarely uses!). Wearing a quilted Loopy slipper sock in fantastic red, she has an iron for a foot, and scales that act as a thimble when hand sewing is required. She has gorgeous prairie point scales that run down her back and is modeling a fabulous pieced vest to show off all of her talents! As with all sewasaurs, she likes being with friends, helping them tie or pin their quilts and is always available for color consultation, design advice, or to lend a rotary tail to cut a few blocks when a friend is running behind schedule! There’s no better Sewasaurus anywhere, The Loopy Ewe creates only the very best!

I know it’s going to be really difficult to pick a favorite – they are all amazingly creative and we’re so happy to have discovered them this summer. But let us know which one gets your vote so we can crown a winning dinosaur!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I’ve been encouraging our junior knitters this summer, so I’ve just gotta cast my vote for Ms Purlasaurus with the little ones.

  2. I have to vote for the Kniteratops! She spins, dyes, and knits…all while eating chocolate and drinking champagne! Now that’s the life!

  3. Eweadactyl. I feel a certain kinship with someone else who has to count so much, and like the flying Eweadactyl, I always have a project with me on the go. =)

  4. Pearls/purls never go out of style so my favorite Purlasaurus is here to stay. So happy to have discovered this fun-loving, classy lady dino.

  5. Sewasaurus, definitely. By far the most useful. I just want to BE one, even though I can’t sew for beans and gave up trying long ago.

  6. Purlasaurus is my favorite as she is a sock knitter. I always have two sock on needles at all time as a quick pickup wherever I am.

  7. Kniteratops get my vote. Of course they are all so creative, I would expect nothing less from this group of talented people.

  8. the purlasaurus would be so great to have as a friend, I imagine walking into a LYS w/my purl, named Pearl, on an icord leash.

  9. I’m voting for the Sewasaurus! I could use her in my sewing room—she can rip out those little boo boos while she presses seams—I think she would really speed up my chain piecing.

  10. Except for the wine drinking, I can totally identify with Miss Loopasaurus, so she gets my vote. Very funny! What a great group of knitting/sewing dinosaurs.

  11. I love them all, Purlasauras touches me in a way the others don’t. Although I would say Kniteratops would easily be high on my list.

  12. Im doing the knitting for camp….but i love the picture of Sewasarus! So very useful! I need one setting on my table!

  13. They are all so wonderful and so creatively different. We are a fun bunch aren’t we. Thanks Sheri for another fun camp. I vote for sewasaurus.

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