Loopy Selfie Day (and he adds a sale….)

Hi. Loopy here. It’s National Selfie Day and I like nothing better than taking selfies, so I am taking over the blog today to show you what I’m up to.

I’m at the Loopy Lady’s house. She is working at home this week and then going in to Loopy at night to move things around the shop so the Elves can’t find anything. (She calls it re-organizing. I’m sure the Elves call it “messing with them”.) She and the Loopy Husband come home late.

We started our day with coffee. I like it with cream and sweetener but she never fixes me any. Maybe because I tried it once and spit it on the floor. She didn’t appreciate that.

She has been busy all day. She says that we are adding in “SO many fun new lines this fall!” and she keeps placing orders and saying, “Woo hoo!!” (Not really. She doesn’t woo hoo. But she seems really happy to be working with some of the new people and she is smiling a lot.)

I tried to play with the cats, but they were both sleeping (as one does in the afternoons). They didn’t want to wake up and play. (The Loopy Lady has a third cat but she said Gracie was sleeping in the closet and told me not to disturb her. So you only get to see me with Oliver and Lexi.)

I thought you might like to see the projects she is working on. She made a baby sweater for a friend’s grandbaby, and now she has started a second one for another friend. I thought maybe it was a kilt for me, but she says no. She also seems impatient for July 1st to get here so she can start something else for Camp Loopy. I think she has enough on the needles already.

I tried to help by working on the baby sweater for her. But the needles are too long and I can’t take my selfies very well with needles in my hands, so I gave up.

She is also working on a wool appliqué project. (I had to get on my tummy for this selfie – oof.)

And a quilt for someone for Christmas (but she won’t tell me who it’s for).

And she’s sneaking in some cross-stitch, too, but she says we are not (actually, she said, “we are NOT”) adding any cross stitch to the shop because we have enough with yarn and fabric. And no more room. But she still likes to cross stitch.

She said I could pick something to put on sale in honor of my guest blog post, so I picked the most expensive thing in the shop (you’re welcome) – the Atenti Overnight Bags. I marked them 25% off for you through this weekend. But then she said we’d have to put them back up to the regular price after Sunday.

So – selfies of me and a sale for you. I think my work here today is done. Now I’m going to go outside and get some sun. I promise not to eat the flowers. Or at least I’ll try not to.

Did you take a selfie today?

Love, Loopy


  1. Loopy!!!! I have not taken any selfies, but I think you took enough selfies for the both of us today.

    Happy Summer and Selfie Day to you, the Loopy Lady and all the Elves!


  2. Too cute! That Loopy Lady sure is busy with the shop and knitting and quilting and cross stitch, too. Tell her to take some time to take a selfie with you and give you a cuddle.

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