Loopy Academy Extra Credit plus Monthly Mixer!

Two fun things to work on today! First – it’s time for this year’s Loopy Academy extra credit assignment. If you’re doing Loopy Academy this semester and want to earn an extra gift for your year’s completion, this is for you!*



                  Loopy Academy Extra Credit for 2017


Loopy Academy Yarn Extra Credit: Pick a pattern from one of your favorite designers that you haven’t made before. Project needs to use a minimum of 200 yards of yarn.

Loopy Academy Fabric Extra Credit: Pick a pattern from one of your favorite designers that you haven’t made before. Project needs to use a minimum of 2 yards of fabric.

* There are two requirements to earn the extra gift:

  • Yarn or fabric must be purchased any time between April 3, 2017 and the end of May when the project is due.
  • Photo of the completed project must be uploaded to the Extra Credit Photo Gallery on our website by May 31st, 2017 at midnight (Mountain Time).


Q: I don’t have time to do the extra credit this semester. Can I do it later?
A: No worries. This is just a fun little extra and there is no pressure to complete it. We’ll offer other extra credit projects at different times in the future, and maybe one of those will fit into your schedule a little better.

Q: What if I’m just now doing first semester projects and won’t complete the second semester until the fall?
A: If you do the extra credit project during this semester, we’ll send you the extra credit gift along with your Freshman/Sophomore Year Gift after you complete your Freshman/Sophomore Year in the fall (or whenever you complete it).

Q: Is this the extra credit challenge for Freshman Year or Sophomore Year?
A: We offer one extra credit challenge each spring. If you complete it, it will go towards whichever year you are working on. (If you’re working on two semesters at the same time, we’ll apply it to one of them.)


                      Loopy’s April Monthly Mixer


It’s also the beginning of the month, so we have an April Monthly Mixer for those of you who like to participate in that! For the Monthly Mixer, you can buy new yarn and fabric or use yarn and fabric that came from The Loopy Ewe. Pop over to the Monthly Mixer thread on our Loopy Groupies Ravelry page to share what you’re making!

Monthly Mixer Yarn – Knit up something with one of our monthly exclusive Blue Moon Fiber Arts skeins. This is our second year full of exclusives from Blue Moon, and we get our monthly colors in Socks that Rock Lightweight, Mediumweight and Heavyweight. Pick one of those exclusives and make something fun!

Monthly Mixer Fabric – Sew up something from one of our Mini Short Stack sets. We sort these by color and they are fun to putter around with! You can pick one of the multi sets or a solid set.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. We don’t have a Monday Update today. The stock room is full of boxes, but we ran out of time to unpack them and get them photo-ed last week. We’ll be back next Monday with beautiful new yarn for you!

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