Loopy’s Tenth Anniversary Kit, Plus Lots More!

Today we are celebrating our Tenth Loopy Anniversary, a milestone that we have reached because of your wonderful support. We so appreciate you – your orders, your projects, your encouragement, your sharing, and your fun! We will be sharing contests on the blog, Facebook and Instagram with you this month, but today we are sharing our Tenth Anniversary Kit and plenty of Monday Update news, too!

10th Anniversary Kit The Loopy EweThe Loopy Ewe Tenth Anniversary Kit We had Renee from Knerd String do up an exclusive colorway for us, as well as an exclusive project bag (cute saying courtesy of Elf Cathy!). Did you know you have Superpowers? You do!

Debbie O’Neil of Nutty Creations took a skein and created this gorgeous shawl pattern, which we will email to you with each kit purchase. Of course this yarn is also wonderful for other projects too.

We have loved creating anniversary kits for you for the past ten years, and always appreciate the wonderful dyers and designers who work with us on them. They help to make each of our kits truly unique.

Into the Whirled Kettle-Dyed DK You know we’ve long been a fan of the dyework that comes from Cris and James. And now we can share their wonderful DK weight with you! Not only is it great for sweaters, but also for warmer hats, scarves and cowls. This DK yarn is 100% Superwash Merino and comes with 230 yards to the skein.

ITW Orn. The Loopy EweITW Cripple Creek The Loopy Ewe

A big re-stock of Kauni just up! This yarn is a sport weight, Shetland type wool (so not as soft as a merino, but wonderful for making textures pop), and sells by weight. We re-weigh each skein when it arrives so you know you are getting just what you are ordering. Lots of multi-colors and lots of solids available.

ZZ The Loopy EweEQ The Loopy Ewe

Fibernymph Dye Works BFL Roving
These 4 oz. braids are reading for spinning, and you will love how they spin up. 20 beautiful colors to choose from.

Plumage The Loopy EweRainbow White The Loopy Ewe

Needle Keepers
Have you ever popped your circular needles into your project bag, only to pull them out later and find that a few stitches had fallen off of one of the needles? I first saw these while sitting in the Wollmeise Shop in Germany last December, working away on my project, and wanted to order these right then. You poke both circular needles into the slot on the rubber-tipped end and there they stay until you are ready to pull them back out and continue working on your project again. No stitches lost, no sharp needle points making holes in your project bags, and no sitting on a needle and injuring yourself. They come in lots of pretty colors.

pinkNeedle Keeper The Loopy Ewe

Lavishea Lotion Bars
Made with unrefined Fair Trade she butter and 100% natural soy, these lotion bars are quick and effective for moisturizing your skin. Keep one in each knitting bag for re-moisturizing when you are done knitting.


We’ve re-stocked lots of notions, including Stork Scissors, Digital Row Coutners, Norwegian Knitting Thimbles, Puppy and Kitty Snips, and more.

Knitter's Safety Pinsstork

The last Yarn Update included:
Our July Blue Moon Exclusive Colorway (Summer Afternoon Escape), Knerd String Fingering Weight, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock Speckles, Blue Moon Socks That Rock Lightweight, and ChiaoGoo needle re-stocks.

The last Fabric Update included: Robert Kaufman’s Manchester Yarn Dyed Wovens, plus kits, notions, Cosmo Embroidery Floss, and thread re-stocks.

Have fun shopping through the new things, and thank you again for your support as we celebrate ten years of Loopy-ness and Boxes of Fun!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. First, congrats on the big 10!!! May there be many more! I am personally thrilled to have Loopy at the ready in cyberspace for me to look and order when I need my supplies!! Especially with such great service from everyone at Loopy central!!!
    Second, I’m having a hard time figuring out the needle keeper- you put your needles in the black rubber part first? So does your project on the needles go through the pipe too or does it slip down onto the cord? I can’t seem to visualize it! It sounds like something I need though to help keep me from losing stitches.
    I failed Camp Loopy! I didn’t make July’s deadline! So bummed! With the summer, the move and people coming and going all the time, I totally lost focus! I’m going to finish the project and still work on August though! I have my yarn and am going to use it, darn it all!!!

    1. Lisa,
      I can answer you about the needle keepers. And I can tell you from using them you CAN NOT live without them. I was introduced to them about 18months ago and have 7 of them and I am ordering more today. So glad TLE is carrying them!!

      All you do is slide both your circular needles into the needle keeper at the black end. That end part has a black rubber piece that you push the needles through. When they go through, it is engineered so the rubber part basically closes up around the needles and they will not fall out until you pull the needles back out. It is easy to pull them out, but it also holds amazingly as I have never had the needles fall out by themselves.

      Your project and the cord do not go through or into the needle keeper. It just hangs below it and you can easily still inspect your work. etc. I usually weave my ends in with my needle keeper in place.

      It is hard to explain, but trust me, once you use one you will never want to be without one! I suggest one in every color!!

      I also want to wish TLE a great big congrats on your 10 year anniversary. I am so glad I found you!!

      1. Thanks so much, Becky! I think I am getting a better picture now that you described it in detail. You are right- I do think I need some because I lose stitches when I have to set my work down! I’m glad TLE is carrying them too! Thanks again for your help!!!

  2. Just wanted to say congratulations to Sheri and the Elves on reaching the big 10—that’s really a milestone! And looking forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with you all!

  3. Happy Anniversary, Sherri!! Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since we started shopping at that corner of your basement. Here’s to another fabulous 10 years!

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