June Camp Favorites and Anniversary Winners!

We did rewards on June Camp Projects on Wednesday’s blog post. (And voting is open for the July projects. See the links in that blog post and vote!)

But there were so many beautiful projects that I wished I was sharing with you, besides those fun winners! So I decided to do a post with some of my personal favorites. (This is just a few of them. There were a LOT of really cool projects that I loved. We’ll showcase more in future posts!)

Some of my favorite Yarn Projects from June:

June Projects

  1. Jennifer’s Ballerina Shawl out of Wollmeise Pure
  2. Nancy’s Loopy Seahorse Socks out of Magpie Swankie and Cascade Heritage Sock
  3. Laura’s I Heart Rainbows Sweater out of The Loopy Solid Series
  4. Michele’s Brioche Cable Cowl out of Dream in Color Classy
  5. Carol’s Denim Shawl out of Loopy Hues
  6. Stephanie’s Fin de Siecle out of Dream in Color Classy
  7. Carrie’s Blue Siren Shawl out of Baah LaJolla
  8. Lainey’s Sheep in the Meadow Pillow out of Cascade 220 Superwash
  9. Rachel’s Pirate Socks out of Pirate Pack One (Dream in Color Jilly)

(Click on the links for specific product links and any pattern information that they included.)

Some of my favorite Fabric Projects from June:

June Fabric Collage

  1. Karen’s London Star out of Moda, Andover and Kaffe Fasset
  2. Denise’s Loopy Splash out of Kona Solids
  3. Jenna’s Floor Pillow out of Makower’s Radiance
  4. Carol’s Hammerhead Shark out of Riley Blake Blackbeard
  5. Shelby’s Sassy Tote out of Moda’s Mon Ami
  6. Diane’s Gift for Richy out of Robert Kaufman Foxes and Riley Blake’s Treasure
  7. Susanna’s Woven Pillow out of Stof’s Geo Strips and Kona Solids
  8. Maria’s Christmas in July out of Kona Solids and Moda Merriment
  9. Emily’s Jacobs Ladder out of Riley Blake, Penny Rose, Robert Kaufman

(Click on the links for specific product links and any pattern information that they included.)

We have winners from our Tenth Anniversary Contest last week! We picked ten winners for our ten years and here they are. We will ship your prizes out next week!

A new Kauni multi-color goes to: Karen (check your email – need an address for you!)
Another new Kauni multi-color goes to: Stella M. in VA
A George Sichterman Yarn Caddy goes to: Trisha C. in CA
A Loopy Swag Box of Fun goes to: Cheryl A. in MI
A Loopy Solid Series Bonanza goes to: Doreen G. in NJ
A UCount Tote and Accessory Pouch goes to: Anita D. in WY
A Loopy Mini Stack Fabric Pack goes to: Jenna T. in TN
A Loopy Pillowcase Kit goes to: Bonnie K. in MN
A $50 Loopy Credit goes to: Stephanie L. in PA
A $25 Loopy Credit goes to: Lizzie A. in PA

Thank you for all of your really really nice comments on our anniversary blog post. I read every one and plan to do so again when I’m having a bad day! (Not that those happen too often, but they do once in awhile.) You all are the best.

Sheri lookingforwardtomanymoreyearsofLoopyLovewithyou


  1. Loved looking at all the gorgeous projects! 🙂 So much inspiration!! Is there a pattern available for Rachel’s Pirate Booty socks?

  2. During Camp Loopy, my “Favorites” tab on Ravelry expands by leaps and bounds. So many inspiring projects completed in colors and combinations that just never occurred to me.

    (Other than having three finished projects at the end of the summer) The inspiration is what keeps me coming back each year.

  3. Wow!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I didn’t know I’d won until I received your box and opened it. I’m overwhelmed with all the wonderfulness. I love the time out notes, what a great idea.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  4. Thank you I did not know I won until today, the yarn went to my old address. I just love the sock yarn it is so soft and squishy. The colors are amazing,

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