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yarn and booksIt’s fun to get the different accessories that go along with your favorite hobbies. And there are so many fun extras that are available. But organizing everything? Not always such fun. We had a blog contest about 10 days ago and asked you to share some of your favorite organizing tips. (Did you know we also have a photo gallery of organizing tips and knitting spaces? You’ll find that by clicking on this link. Feel free to upload photos of your own spaces and tips and we’ll add them into the gallery too!) I loved all of your ideas, but here were just a few of my favorites:

wooden yarn bowlsHolly: Stores all of her sewing supplies in a large trunk that once belonged to her grandmother, which I think is great. I love pieces that come with a history and then can be repurposed in your home. Emily: Stores some of her supplies in jars and project bags that belonged to her grandmothers, and keeps them inside her mother’s childhood toy box!

Savannagal: Uses press on hooks in her craft room for rings of stitch markers (and quilting templates, etc). She says it’s easy to just grab a ring of markers for a project.

Lauren: Uses an Altoids tin lined with adhesive magnets to keep her darning needle and stitch markers set.

Carri Ray: Uses a clear over-the-door shoe organizer to store (and keep on display) some of her prettiest skeins. Marianna uses her shoe organizer to store her circular needles.

Val: Keeps everything organized on Rav (and I know a lot of you do that as well), but what she also does is keep track of her needles in the needle tab. If she loans a needle out, she edits that note on Rav to include the name of the person who borrowed it and the date.

Robin and Lisa: Both keep their WIPS in bags and they hang them from a coatrack to keep track of what they have going on. (Plus you get to enjoy your cute project bags that way, too.)

Pam: Asks for 2-3 new pizza boxes each time she gets pizza, and uses them to keep all of her cut quilt pieces organized for her next project. Sheila uses 12 x 12 scrapbooking organizers for the same thing.

Mariela: Uses vintage train cases to organize her needles and accessories. (I love vintage train cases.)

Elizabeth: Writes her pattern rows on a card and then uses a paper clip to move down the side of the card and keep track of which row she is on.

Pat: Uses cord locks (4 for .82 at WalMart) to hold her needles together on projects in progress.

Jackie: Spends the last 5 minutes in her sewing room getting things cleaned up and put away. That seems like a smart thing to do.

Patricia: Keeps detailed records of her projects on MS PowerPoint. She adds notes, shopping lists and photos.

Robin and Joy: Use a fishing lure binder for their circular needles.

Bonney: Keeps one project bag filled with supplies and a wound up skein of sock yarn ready at all times, to just grab and go.

You can read through all of the comments with ideas – there are many more. I drew a name for the $50 Loopy Gift Certificate and that goes to:

Amy S. from Wisconsin. Congratulations, Amy! I’ve added the $50 credit to your Loopy account.

Thanks to everyone who shared!

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  1. Holy cow! I should be buying lottery tickets. Thanks so much! Now I can order some of that new gradient. YeeHaw!

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