Happy Weekend!

Just a few cute friends to give you a smiling start to your weekend. Of course you should click on them to make them jump to lifesize on your screen! (Well. Practically life sized.)













We’re under a Winter Storm Watch this weekend, so it sounds like a knitting weekend to me, don’t you think?

Sheri whowillnowbedisappointedifitdoesNOTsnow…


  1. No thanks — I’ve had enough snow— we had 22″ of snow here in the Great North Woods last week– more snow in that week than for the entire month of December!
    Better this week-end than next!!!
    Happy knitting!!!

  2. Thanks for all those beautiful, happy, smiling faces!
    I hope they (and you) enjoy a delicious snow-filled weekend!

  3. Thanks for getting the snow storm out of the way this weekend so we can all have a beautiful weekend for Fling. See you soon!

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