April Monthly Mixer

Lilacs The Loopy EweWelcome to April! I hope this means that spring is right around the corner, because we’ve had enough snow around here. (You too?) I’m ready for the lilacs!

Last month, we celebrated March and Mars and all things M with yarn, fabric, patterns or designers beginning with M. I am making a Match and Move – only 2 1/2 stripes left – for my March Mixer. I decided to save it to finish at The Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, because it’s a great no-brainer knit.

For April, the Monthly Mixer challenge is to knit or sew something by your favorite designer. Now I know a lot of you have several favorite designers, but pick the one that is your go-to person when you are in the mood to knit something new and want to see if he/she has a new pattern ready for you. I do have a lot of favorites, but for the April Mixer I’m going to do another Martina Behm pattern. I think I have used her patterns the most in all of my projects. I love multi-colored skeins of yarn, and Martina just has a lot of great (and simple) options for those.

Why participate in the Monthly Mixer? It’s a great excuse perfectly good reason to buy new yarn. And who doesn’t want to do that?? Pop over to the Loopy Groupie thread on Ravelry and talk to us about your April Mixer Ideas!

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  1. Nice idea! I do have several designers I like so picking one could be hard! I’m ready for spring! We are supposed to get one more round of snow Saturday! Up to 3 inches here in dairyland. I am sooooo done with winter and snow! This better be the last of it! .

  2. Martina Behm is probably my favorite designer too. I’m making a Match & Move for my daughter’s birthday now (only 1 1/2 stripes to go) and another of her new patterns too. You’re right. They are great patterns for de-stressing…. And the results are really special!

  3. Martina is one of my favorite designers also. I’m waffling between Thousand Tulips and Heaven and Space which would tie into the loopyrewards this year. I need to finish my March Match &Move first.

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