Happy Weekend!

9fb31051-5cea-4f15-ba0d-e8712504ceceIt’s starting to flurry ever-so-slightly here in Fort Collins. I don’t think we’re due for much, but it makes me think that a nice cozy weekend at home with the fire lit and coffee and knitting in hand would be really nice. I have about a dozen projects in the works, plus a quilt to bind and another to cut out. Weekends just need to be longer, don’t you think? (Or are you one of those lucky people who can be productive all day at work and then come home and be just as productive every week night until toddling off to bed? Because I’m not.)

81fa09d3-db68-46c9-90f4-3228f194e84b (1)Lexi has other ideas. She thinks I should be content to just sit and let her lounge on my lap, without any other distractions. I’ll have to figure out a way to set her straight about that. This is her “don’t bug me with pictures, I’m relaxing” face.

What are you currently working on, and what is up next in your project queue? I have a Fractal Danger project in-the-works and hope to start A Little Jazz next. Well, that and about twenty other things. And you?

Sheri whohas12skeinsofyarnonherdesk,contemplatingfutureprojects.Seepictureabove.


  1. I can usually do hand-work with a cat (or two) in my lap, but quilting I need to be at the machine. My boys like to help me sew, too.

    I’m still working on my last Loopy Academy project: placemats. All cut out, ready to start applique. But work hasn’t been cooperating lately…

  2. Working on another headband. Will be starting a hat for by grandson it is called “Foxy or Wolfie” And after that start another sweater for him. The list just keeps getting bigger.

  3. I believe you have misunderstood Lexi. That is her, “Mom, you totally need to relax and absorb my calm vibe so I’ll sit with you.” look. I know it well.

  4. The Darn Knit Rasta hat out of Malabrigo Rasta. Third attempt at making a hat from this yarn. The other patterns didn’t fit the yarn.

  5. No pets atm but I knit with the TV on some evenings. I am working on my last Academy project with cables and loving the yarn. I have a sweater up next is some delightful Tosh dk.

  6. It snowed in Michigan. A lot!! I was happy to see it. Ecstatic! Remind me I wrote that in February when I’m sick of it. My cats are NOT helpful. I started working on my podcast and Yaps, our black and white tuxedo cat, got right in the lens. I’m confident that no one wants to see a cats nose that close up. LOL!

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