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The Loopy Ewe Knit NightI’m working on my Funky Grandpa Cardigan. Several people who have made it say the sleeves can be a little tight, so it was suggested that you add some extra stitches. Good advice, I thought!

So I knit that sleeve (with extra stitches) almost down to the wrist, thinking the whole time, “This seems way too big. But I’m sure it will be fine ….”. Yes, I tried it on. And I thought, “I’m sure it will be fine.” I finally admitted that it was so NOT fine and ripped it back up to the shoulder.

Someday I’ll learn to trust the one voice (“It’s too big!”) and not the other voice (“I’m sure it will be fine …”).

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  1. Yup, “I am sure it will be fine”, seems to be the mantra that does not work with knitting! And yet I do it over and over. Sorry I am not alone in that.

  2. My other voice has also been known to lie to me with, “I’m sure it will block out.” Sorry for your reknitting, but glad to hear that I’m not alone!

  3. I’ve been there so many times, you’d think I’d learn! And almost always I follow up with the sentence, “It’ll block right out.” It usually doesn’t. 🙂

    1. Kathy – I’ve counted on blocking out some mistakes, too, and always hope for the best. (Sometimes successful, sometimes not. Oh well!)

  4. I don’t know how many times I’ve done that, Sheri! I just never want to admit that serious ripping is called for. I made a whole Featherweight cardigan out of my favorite color of Wollmeise and never admitted that it was too small. (Yarn stretches, doesn’t it?) It would have been way too much trouble to rip out so luckily I found a small person to give it to!

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