Loopy Academy, Fall Semester and a CONTEST!

Loopy Academy The Loopy EweWelcome back to the school year, and Loopy Academy! We had so much fun with Loopy Academy last year and saw so many beautiful finished projects. We can’t wait to see what you come up with this year. (And be sure to see the contest info at the bottom of the post. You could win a $50 Loopy Scholarship!)

What is Loopy Academy? A virtual program for trying new things, developing new skills, making new friends, and participating in contests. It’s easy, simple and fun!

How does it work? We started last year with Freshman Year, First and Second Semesters. This fall, we’re introducing Sophomore Year, First Semester (plus the Freshman Year First Semester Fabric Version, see below.) We’ll give you 3 project assignments. You can do all three at once, or one every month, or do them all at the end of the semester. As long as you get them all done within the same semester, you get credit for completing it.

Just like college, you can jump in any time. Busy this fall? You can start in February, after our January Winter break. Or next fall. We have planned out projects/skills/challenges for Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior years, and we’ll roll them out one semester at a time. Again, just like college, the projects get a little more challenging as you go along and build upon your skills. You can take a semester or year off any time that you need to. Just start back up with us when it works with your schedule.

If you’re ready to jump into Sophomore Year, here are your assignments!

Sophomore YarnSophomore Year, First Semester Yarn Assignments (each project needs to use at least 225 yards):

1. Pillow in a worsted or bulky weight yarn. Some pattern links to get you started: Whistler PillowWinslow, Independence Pillow, Sheep in the Meadow, Fox Cushion, Smushion, Slip Stitch Game Cushion, Hyland Cushions, Stash Buster Cushion, Chunky Fair Aisle Cushion, and Nordic Holiday Pillow.

2. A project that has textured stitches in the body of the pattern. (Textured meaning that it changes the surface from the flatness of just garter or stockinette. Raised ridges, raised stitches, open lace stitches, etc.) Some pattern links to get you started: 3 Color Cashmere Cowl, Adama, Namesake, Hazeline, Geology Shawl, ZilverRounded Hem Pullover, Metalouse, BrucieHinagiku Hat, Interview With the Vampire, and Great Divide Shawl.

3. A project that has cables in the pattern. Some pattern links to get you started: Forest Park Cowl, Cable Madness, French Cancan, Braidsmaid, Hogwarts Express, Black Cherry Lambic, City Creek Cowl, Knotted Pine, Ishneich, Elementary Watson Socks, Love Me Two Times, and Palindrome.

Project Bags on Sale!!  Need a new book bag project bag for school? We’ve marked them 20% off for the next week (today through Wednesday, September 9th). If you’re like me, the start of a new year means school supplies, and a new project bag must top the list. (Or maybe that’s just me. You know how I like project bags!)


For those of you who are new to Loopy Academy and instead want to start with one of the Freshmen year semesters, here are the requirements for those:

Freshman Yarn 1Freshman Year, First Semester Yarn Assignments (each project needs to use at least 175 yards):

1. Cowl in a multi-colored (defined as 2 or more distinct colors in the same skein) or self-striping Fingering weight colorway

2. Hat from a designer new to you, in a Sport or DK weight

3. Mittens in a solid or semi-solid colorway in a Worsted weight


Freshman Yarn 2Freshman Year, Second Semester Yarn Assignments (each project needs to use at least 175 yards). 

1. Striping – knit a project that has stripes of two or more colors somewhere in the design. (Not self-striping yarn.)

2. Felting/Fulling – knit and felt/full a project of your choice.

3. Slipped Stitches – knit a project that includes slipped stitches in the pattern.


And for all of our fabric customers, we promised we’d start Loopy Academy for sewists this year, too. So here is the Freshman Year assignments for sewing, if you’d like to participate with fabric:

Freshman FabricFreshman Year, First Semester Fabric Assignments (each project needs to use at least 1.5 yards of fabric)

1. Drawstring Bag or set of bags, depending on size

2. Set of 4 Placemats (these do not have to include quilting, but of course you can quilt them if you’d like to)

3. Seasonal Wall Hanging (including some quilting)


Individual photos of each of the three assignments must be uploaded to our Loopy Photo Gallery on our website by the end of the semester, in order to get credit for finishing. In this case, December 31, 2015.

Yarn and fabric for all Loopy Academy projects needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe during the semester in which you’re participating, but they don’t need to all be purchased at the same time. For this semester that means purchases September 2, 2015 through December of this year.



Q: I am new to Loopy Academy. Can I start with this Sophomore First Semester or do I have to go in order?

A: You don’t have to go in order. You can start in with Sophomore First, or you can go back and start with Freshman First, or you can do Freshman Second. It’s totally up to you. Any time you do complete both semesters of a year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) you earn a fun prize from us.

Q: What if I want to do more than one semester at the same time?

A: You can do that as well (you over-achiever, you)!

Q: I completed one project assignment last fall and then got busy with other stuff. Can I finish the other two this semester and have it marked complete?

A: To get a complete for the semester, all of the projects need to be done in the same semester, with yarn or fabric purchased during that semester. Getting them done during the 4 month semester time period is part of the challenge, just like school. If you don’t finish a semester, you need to start over with new yarn and new projects. (Luckily there is no limit to the number of re-do’s you’re allowed!)

Q: I am going to do this semester, but then I’m busy in the spring and won’t be able to do Loopy Academy again until a year from now. Do you have to do it every semester?

A: Nope. You can hop in and hop out as it works with your schedule. We’ll keep track of which semesters you have completed so we know when we owe you prizes.

Q: Is there a way to participate using my stash yarn or stash fabric?

A: For Loopy Academy, we do require you to purchase the project yarn/fabric from us during the semester you’re completing.

Q. I need more pattern ideas. Where can I get them?

A. Log onto Ravelry and pop over to the Loopy Groupies. We have started new threads for LA Freshman Yarn, LA Sophomore Yarn, and LA Freshman Fabric so you can talk about what you’re thinking and get some new ideas!

We do want to award a Loopy Scholarship for this semester! Leave a comment and let us know the first project you’re going to work on this semester, and we’ll draw a name next week to win a $50 Loopy Scholarship. (The $50 credit will go into your Loopy account and can be used any time, on any purchase. It doesn’t have to be related to Loopy Academy projects.)

Pick a new sale bag, get your yarn or fabric, and hop into Loopy Academy with both feet this fall. We can’t wait to knit along with you and see your finished projects by the end of the semester!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I’ve been wanting to make the Neon Ski Bonnet for awhile now (it has beautiful texturing), so I think that’s where I’ll start this semester!

    I’ve also had a pillow pattern queued up since I first started knitting 4(?) years ago. Maybe it’s time to finally make it. Thanks for the great assignments!

  2. I want to knit the Hexagone cowl for the 2nd project! Some of my friends knit it for camp loopy, and it’s so pretty!

  3. Go Sophmores! I am excited to start my sophomore year! This is the first time I have skipped a grade! Haha The projects look fun and advanced just right for me to learn some new skills! Keep Calm and Knit on!

  4. I’m knitting a cowl and sewing a set of drawstring bags – got my yarn and fabric ordered and I can’t wait to start!

  5. I’ve been longing for a Winslow pillow ever since BT Kids was released. I think I’ll jump into that project when my needles are free.

  6. I think I will start with the textured project and keep my fingers crossed that you get in some more Bulky yarns for the pillow!!

  7. My first project for the semester will be a pillow. I do not know the pattern yet but it will definitely be the pillow assignment.

  8. I will make the Smushion cushion. In a lime shade, I do believe. I shamed myself by not being able to finish the 3rd Camp Loopy project. We stole my knitting time to paint our kitchen cabinets, which are now GORGEOUS. But I can certainly knit small projects & finish Project 3 for Christmas.

  9. I am thrilled to be participating in the first Loopy Academy for fabric. I will be using the Moda Cold Spell Batik fabric line to make a wall hanging and matching placemats. I am looking forward (I think) to working on my quilting skills. It’s a good thing that placemats are usually covered up with something. -:)

  10. This is my first time joining the Loopy Academy and I’m very excited about it!! I’m going to challenge myself and start Sophomore year! I checked all the patterns and they are beautiful!!
    I’m going to start with the Slip Stich Game Cushion!! 🙂

  11. For my first project I’m going to make a “Sheep in the Meadow” pillow or two. I love sheep and my youngest son is getting an apartment with some friends at school and will be making off with some of my pillows.

  12. I’ve been sick and haven’t been knitting for about a year. I think Freshman semester one is a great way to get back to it. Now I need to remember how to cast on….

  13. I’m going to do a pillow from Robyn Chachula’s Unexpected Afghans crochet book. Might use it for my crochet cable project too. …Thinking it might have projects for this whole semester actually!!

  14. Guess I will start with the Freshman I projects…I’ve never actually used a multicolored yarn so this will be a new experience right away.

  15. I am going to start with DIY fair Isle hat. I have wanted to try this style for a while but I am somewhat intimidated.

  16. I will probably start with the Forest Park Cowl for my cabled project, I need something simple right now and I love the color I ordered for this one!

  17. I’m excited to start the new semester!
    My first project will be the pillow out of Cascade 220. I haven’t narrowed down the pattern yet, but my yarn is on the way!

  18. I was thinking of doing the pillow first, but can’t decide. I also want to do French Cancan, it’s been in my favorites a long time. …

  19. I plan to start the Freshman year fall semester of Loopy Academy. My first project will be “That Nice Stitch (cowl)” because I think it will work well with the required multicolored yarn.

  20. How exciting! I’m pretty good at knitting, but my sewing skills could use some work! The drawstring bag sounds pretty good!

  21. Just ordered all my yarn and think I will start with the Geology Shawl- should be beautiful in dream in color smooshy, which I’ll be using for the first time. I’m excited to cast on!

  22. This is my first time joining the Loopy Academy and going to start with the Sophomore session. I going to start with the project that has textured stitches in the body of the pattern and will be knitting the Secret Garden.

  23. I plan to work on my socks first since making the two always seems slower than other projects. I am making the Elementary Watson Socks in Lorna’s Lace Shephard Sock. It is for the cabled requirement.

  24. My first project will be the pillow. I’m making a Cradle Me blanket for my little granddaughter and plan to adapt that pattern to a matching pillow.

    I’m excited to resume Loopy Academy, now that Camp has ended. It’s all such fun!

  25. I’m a Freshman, so I’ll be just starting school! My first project will be a cowl, as I currently am obsessed with Cowls! I really look forward to school this semester!

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