Camp Loopy Photo Contest Two

Horsetooth and Loopy The Loopy EweLast month we asked you to photo your Loopy postcard (or stuffed Loopy or Leonard the Lion) with your wild animal. It was fun for us to go through the photos and see your beautiful pets or your creative sharing of other wild animals! You can see highlights on the blog, or go to the photo gallery to see all of the entries.

Bear and Loopy The Loopy EweIt’s time for another contest! This month, we want to see pictures of Loopy in your hometown. What do you want Loopy to see? Where would you take him for a visit? Take a photo of Loopy in that spot, “spying” different things in your hometown.

Upload your picture to our Camp Loopy Photo Contest 2 photo galleryYou can post up to five different photos in different places, but each one must contain Loopy.

Tiger and Loopy The Loopy EweVote for your favorites by clicking the heart on the right when you’re looking at the photo (you can vote for more than one). We’ll tally the votes next Friday afternoon (July 3rd) to pick a winner. In case of a tie, we’ll use the random number generator to pick the winner. The winner will get a $35 Loopy Gift Certificate (just in time for next month’s camp week!)

Lion and Loopy The Loopy EweIf you didn’t order for camp or didn’t receive a postcard and you have a stuffed Loopy or a Leonard the Lion, you’re welcome to have him pose with your animal instead. Loopy loves photos!

Cool Transportation The Loopy EweSo, have fun finding some fun hometown favorites for Loopy to see, and be sure to check the gallery early next week to vote after everyone has a chance to upload their own photos!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

P.S. We’d share Horsetooth Rock with Loopy here in Fort Collins, as well as letting him visit the animals at the Wild Animal Sanctuary nearby. Loopy and Wild Animal photos work again this month if you have a zoo or animal sanctuary to show Loopy at! Doesn’t that tiger look annoyed at having Loopy standing on his back? (All photos by my hubby, of course shared with permission.)


  1. Hey! It looks like Loopy’s been to the wild animal park out by Keensburg! I’ve never been there! I bet Loopy loved it!!

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