Spring Flower Inspiration

These flowers aren’t blooming yet (they’re pictures that WH took during previous Springs), but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the spring beauty and get some color inspiration for new spring-y yarn projects, right? Click on the yarn photos if you’d like to see what they are.


Cherry Blossom The Loopy Ewe


Fortune The Loopy Ewe


Land of Happy The Loopy Ewe


Naive The Loopy Ewe


Rain in the Mangroves The Loopy Ewe


Sergeant Pepper The Loopy Ewe

Now – are you ready for Spring? I am!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. This is an inspired and inspiring post! We’re supposed to get yet more snow again tonight and tomorrow here in the east, so I am more than ready for spring to finally get here after the winter that won’t end. I’m off to shop since I don’t think I can resist Land of Happy or Sergeant Pepper; they’re all beautiful!

  2. Thanks for putting this post out today. We are having a dark, dreary and chilly day after beautiful 70+ degree temps and sun yesterday. It is hard to adjust – but these pictures and the yarn to match them made the day a lot brighter!

  3. I love all the yarn matched up to the photos, very inspirational! Happy Spring! I bet “someone” had a lot of fun in the shop!

  4. So, so pretty!

    I’m tying myself to the house, to keep from dashing over to get some of this springtime cheer.

  5. That is just beautiful, Sheri. Those spring flowers are blooming somewhere; just not here in Iowa yet. We DO have Snow Drops.

  6. Lovely photos! Just what I needed as we currently have snow on the ground in this winter-that-will-not-end start to 2015.

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