Leftovers Cowl

Isn’t this beautiful? One of our Loopy Class Instructors, Katrina, knit this up as a sample for a class that we’re offering in the shop this semester. This is Wendy’s Leftover’s Cowl pattern, available on Ravelry. The idea is that you can use all different bits of leftover fingering weight yarn, or get colors specifically for the pattern in shades that you love.

unnamed-1Katrina used two of our Loopy Cake Sets (Steampunk and Colors of Loopy) and then added in a whole skein of Loopy Solids in White and a skein of Charcoal. Of course you can combine any Loopy Cakes and additional skeins (or use some of your leftovers and add in some other colors that you love.) It’s quite the eye-catcher and might be a fun winter project for you!

If you’re local and want help through the project – sign up for Katrina’s class!

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  1. Ooooohhhh what a great idea! I have that pattern already. I wish I lived near your shop, I would totally take the class. I may have to buy the yarn!

  2. Oh wow! That is gorgeous! I love all of the colors and designs she used. How long did it take for her to complete?!
    The choices for colors are endless! What a great stash buster!

    1. I think she started in November and brought it into the shop in January. Not sure how much time during those months, and if this was the only thing she was working on, though!

  3. This design has been tempting me for months as a way to learn new technique. Alas, two of those Saturdays are spoken for or I would definitely sign up. Rats!

  4. I love the leftovers cowl! It’s in my favourites. Thanks for featuring it. Now I have an idea of what I will need to make it. Loopy Cakes it is!
    Thanks again for featuring this cowl in your blog!!!

  5. I love this pattern and the colours are beautiful. I have not had much success with colourwork and this seems like a great way to get a handle on it. How long is this version of the cowl? It doesn’t seem as long as the pattern photos and I must admit I prefer the length that Katrina did.

    1. It has about a 23.75 inch drop (or about 47.5″ all the way around). And it’s 11 inches wide. I know at least one person in the class is making it a bit narrower (leaving out 2 repeats) and a bit shorter (one loop around, closer up to the neck). It’s very easy to adapt this pattern to exactly what you want.

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