Loopy Academy Freshman Year, Second Semester

unnamed-2Winter Break is over and it’s time to get back to Loopy Academy – our virtual school full of challenges, learning, and fun! Here are the assignments for Second Semester (which runs today, January 30 through Sunday, May 31st.) After the assignments list, we’ll answer FAQ’s, including how to join in if you missed the first semester.

Freshman Year, Second Semester Assignments (each project needs to use at least 175 yards). This semester we are focusing on some techniques.

1. Striping – knit a project that has stripes somewhere in the design. (Not self-striping yarn.)

2. Felting/Fulling – knit and felt/full a project of your choice.

3. Slipped Stitches – knit a project that includes slipped stitches in the pattern.

Individual photos of each of the three assignments must be uploaded to the Freshman Year, Striping, Felting and Slipping galleries on our website by the end of the semester, in order to get credit for finishing. In this case, May 31, 2015.

Yarn for all Loopy Academy projects needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe during the semester in which you’re participating, but they don’t need to all be purchased at the same time. For this semester that means you can use yarn purchased from us between January 30th and May 31st, 2015, or order numbers beginning 150130 through 150531.

loopy-academy-aug5Remember – when you have finished two semesters (completing one of your school years), we’ll be sending you a cool celebration gift!

A few pattern suggestions to get you started:

Striping: Striped Hat, Striped Scarf, Stripe Study Shawl, Nothing but Stripes, Accelerating Stripes, Drachenfels, 3 Color Cashmere Cowl, Dream Stripes, Another Way, Foolproof, Color Affection, Ishneich, Quicksilver and Ridge Top Echo.

Felting/Fulling: Cashmere Beret, French Market Bag,  Moonkoosa Boots, Kitty Pi, Booga Bag, The Perfect Pouch, Høne til vinpose, Stockbridge Felted Mittens, Oatmeal Bonnet,  Fairy Castles, Blooming Icicles, Hubert and Cletus, and Go Green Shopping Bag.

Slipped Stitches: Dalekanium, The Amanda Hat, Colormatic, Stitch Sampler Shawl, Fiesta Mittens 220, Cupido Cowl, Jeck, That Nice Stitch, Metalouse, Cerus Scarf, Honey Cowl, Prickly, and Great Divide Shawl.

School BusesFAQ’s

Q: I am new to Loopy Academy. Can I start with the Second Semester or do I have to go in order?

A: You don’t have to go in order. You can start in with the second semester assignments. and then go back and complete Semester One in the fall or at another time. Any time you complete both semesters of a year (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior) you earn a fun prize from us.

Q: What if I want to do both semesters at the same time?

A: You can do that as well (you over-achiever, you)!

Q: I completed one project assignment last fall and then got busy with other stuff. Can I finish the other two this semester and have it marked complete?

A: To get a complete for the semester, all of the projects need to be done in the same semester, with yarn purchased during that semester. Getting them done during the 4 month semester time period is part of the challenge.

Q: I am going to do this semester, but then I’m busy in the fall and won’t be able to do Loopy Academy again until a year from now. Do you have to do it every semester?

A: Nope. You can hop in and hop out as it works with your schedule. We’ll keep track of which semesters you have completed so we know when we owe you prizes.

Q: Is there a way to participate using my stash yarn?

A: For Loopy Academy, we do require you to purchase the project yarn from us during the semester you’re completing.

unnamed-9You’ll find a thread for Loopy Academy Semester 1 and Loopy Academy Semester 2 on our Loopy Ewe board on Ravelry. Great ideas and pattern links there, as well as a fun way to talk to your fellow students along the way.

You can find the original post with Loopy Academy information on Sheri’s blog, by clicking on that link.

For those of you who need a re-do on Semester One (or are just jumping in to Loopy Academy and want to start with Semester One), here are the details for that. The same photo deadlines and yarn purchasing requirements apply as above. You’ll find pattern suggestions for these challenges on the original post.

Freshman Year, First Semester Assignments (each project needs to use at least 175 yards):

1. Cowl in a multi-colored (defined as 2 or more distinct colors in the same skein) or self-striping Fingering weight colorway

2. Hat from a designer new to you, in a Sport or DK weight

3. Mittens in a solid or semi-solid colorway in a Worsted weight (extra credit for using a new-to-you cast on or bind off).

Have fun picking our your new projects and yarn, and we look forward to seeing what you do!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. I LOVE the Fairy Castles. I haven’t purchased the pattern yet, but if the yardage for an individual ‘house’ isn’t enough, does it count to make multiple houses as they show on the pattern page? I have no idea how much yardage each one takes up. I fear, though, that if I try to make these to hold my DPNs, my daughter will steal them for her fairy garden. . . They are adorable!

    1. Yes, for the felting challenge you can make a set of something (Fairy Castles, Bowls, etc). For the rest of the challenges, the yardage has to be used up in one single project.

  2. And gosh darn it, now I’m in love with every single pattern in Tiny Owl Knits’ store. The cuteness! I have to make the petticoat too, and the bunny slippers. And the Gnome Homes. . .

  3. Ok! Time to start thinking! I assume that you have no yarn weight preference for the projects? That we use any weight yarn for the projects that we choose based on the pattern suggestions? That’s a lot of choice!!! Awe—some!!!

  4. Is it okay to Crochet? The Hubert & Cletus pattern on your list is crochet, just double checking.

    So excited to get started!!

  5. Arroyo doesn’t really use slipped stitches – it’s just the first stitch of the row that does. You may want to double-check and clarify what you mean – if Arroyo counts, then any heel flap sock pattern should count too! I know a few people are already planning on Arroyo, just wanted to make a note!

    1. Oh – ok. I will delete that one. Frustrating that it is tagged with “slipped stitches” when it’s really not, pattern-wise. Thanks for letting us know!

  6. Question about stripes. I am thinking about a gradient infinity scarf perhaps in loopy solids going from lights to dark. Would that be considered stripes?

    1. If it’s a construction that has you changing colors of yarn, that can count as stripes. (Versus just using a gradient yarn that transitions within the skein.)

  7. So many great projects!

    Is it okay to knit a pattern used previously? I love the Grace Akhrem striped hat and adapted it in the past to use with Cascade fixation as a baby hat.

    Thank you!

    1. Well, apparently it doesn’t really use slipped stitches, even though it was tagged as being a slipped stitch pattern on Ravelry. 🙁 We’re happy to help you find other options, though, for the yarn you ordered. Just email us (support@theloopyewe.com) if you’d like us to come up with other suggestions for you!

  8. So…I’m looking at a sock pattern that has stripes AND slipped stitches. If I make 2 pairs with that pattern, can I count one towards the stripes challenge, and one towards the slip stitch challenge?

  9. If I want to jump in with the Fall Semester right now, buying my yarns today, where do I submit the finished items to get credit for completing my semester?

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