Highlights from Loopy Academy, Semester One

We’re getting ready to share Loopy Academy Semester Two with you on Friday, so we thought we’d highlight some of the projects that were turned in for Semester One. (Click on the photos to make them bigger.) You all did beautiful work!

Just a reminder – if you missed out on Semester One (or started, but didn’t do the whole thing), you can start over with new Semester One projects next week when Loopy Academy starts up again. Or, you can do Semester Two this spring and then do Semester One in the fall. It’s ok to do the semesters out of order, as long as all three projects from that semester are done within the time frame. (More info on Friday!) If you’re planning on starting up with Semester One in February, you can get some great ideas and pattern suggestions from the galleries, linked below.

The projects for Semester One are:

1. Cowl in a multi-colored or self-striping fingering weight colorway. Here are a few examples. You can find the whole gallery of cowls here. Some of my favorite patterns were: Slipstream Cowl, Irish Mesh Cowl, Brighton, Brush Creek Cowlette, Father Time Cowl, Willow Cowl, Gris de lin, South Kaibab Trail, That Nice Stitch, and Global Nomad Cowl.

Cowls Loopy Academy

2. Hat from a designer new to you, in a sport or DK weight. Here are a few examples. You can find the whole gallery of hats here. Some of my favorite patterns were: Yarnster, Thicket, Wurm, Pasha, Slipstream Hat, Hinagiku Hat, Dembow, Foliage Hat, Cafe Hat, and Whitman.

Hats Loopy Academy

3. Mittens in a solid or semi-solid colorway in a worsted weight. Here are a few examples. You can find the whole gallery of mittens here. Some of my favorite patterns were: Northanger Abbey Mittens, Cruiser, Maplewood, All the Water, Almond Mittens, Mittens for Fishermen, Eugenia’s Mittens, Woodruff, Grove, and Ramble On.

Mitten Collage Loopy Academy

Pop back to the blog on Friday to read all about our Semester Two challenges!

Sheri lookingforwardtomakingtheenewthingsmyself


  1. The project pics are awesome. There are a ton in there I want to add to my queue!
    Can’t wait to hear about semester two! Is it Friday yet?

  2. Oh Sheri! You are so bad!!! Now we will all be on pins and needles till Friday!!!!! I’m so excited to start! ☺️

  3. Waiting impatiently for Friday’s announcement about Semester 2 of Loopy Academy. I have yarn in my cart waiting, hopefully it will fit one of the project’s requirements. ( Hubby wants a stranded colorway hat, he picked the colours already, so it will need to be made regardless)

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