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2014 ProjectsWell, I have one more pair of socks to photo and then my completed projects list for 2014 is finished! Here is a collage of all but that last pair of socks, which I’ll photo in the next day or two and will share in an upcoming blog post.

I added year-tags as well as project type tags to all of my projects on Ravelry and like that I can look things up that way now in my projects list. I don’t keep track of stash on Ravelry, but I definitely like keeping track of my completed projects. This year I finished 34 things – definitely my most productive year. Having to knit up the Celebrations yarn every month sure helped! (Next year we’ll do Celebrations yarn quarterly. I can’t keep up with every month again! We do have some fun ideas for celebrating through yarn in 2015.) This year my projects broke down to:

SONY DSCSocks: 6 * Cowls: 7 * Hats: 6 * Shawls: 7 * Sweaters: 1 * Mitts/Mittens: 6 * Booties: 1

I think my favorite was the Angelus Shawl I did for Camp Loopy. Camp always seems to push me into some of my best projects. This was done with Blue Moon Socks that Rock Mediumweight. We have more of those two colors coming in January.

Socks2In 2014, I wanted to complete more socks (and pairs, not singles), so I did focus on that. Only one single this year. 🙂 It’s really terrible how many single socks I have. (There were so many different yarn lines I needed to test out back in those years.) I know my knitting gauge has changed over the years, because now I have to knit my socks on size 0’s and it used to be 1’s. So it’s probably pointless to make the matching pairs, don’t you think? See all of these singles?? This is a true confessions post if ever there was one. I know I could wear mis-matched pairs, but I really don’t think that would work for me. My feet (and brain) would be feeling weird all day.

As you look back at your 2014 projects, were you happy with the ones you were able to get done? What was your favorite completed project this year? Do you know what type of project you knit most often? Will that change in 2015?

My plans are to keep knitting pairs of socks and to finish the two sweaters that I currently have on the needles. (Because FPS already!) Of course there will be Loopy Academy and Camp Loopy projects in my queue for 2015, as well as working with the gorgeous Celebrations colors that we’ll have coming out. And somewhere in there I want to fit in some quilting time. So – it looks like another full year ahead for me. How about for you?

Sheri HappyNewYear’sEve!



  1. I usually knit socks! I do mine two at a time (magic loop) so I rarely suffer with 2nd sock syndrome. I can’t pick out any one project that was more of a fav than any other: anything I put on needles or hooks is a favorite while I’m creating it.

    1. I think the reason I was able to get pairs done this year is because I have started to do two at a time as well. I knit on DPN’s, but I do a section of one, then a section of the other, so they progress at similar rates. That has really helped!

  2. I am SO impressed by all of your completed projects, Sheri! WOWSA. I know I don’t have that many! I think I may be up to 9 – 12. I’m still a slow knitter! I think I have that second sock syndrome even though I have only made like 3 pair ever! I am still stuck on Daniel’s second Tardis sock! IT’s been a year!!! He just asked me about it the other day too! He He He! I guess I better get going on that before he graduates high school in 6 years!!! I like almost every project that I try to knit. So no favorites really. I will say that my least favorite has to be ‘Sleeves’ from Martina Behm though. I know she’s such a great designer but that one just gave me the troubles!!! Have a nice holiday tomorrow and be safe!!! Thanks for a very nice 2014!!!!

  3. Thank you for a fabulous knitting year, Sheri!! I’ve loved the challenges and Academy! I learn something, each time. And Camp Loopy is always my favorite! I’m so impressed with your knitting output. How you do all of this plus all you do for the rest of us is beyond my comprehension! Love, love, love!

  4. HI Sheri,
    I think for sure you can still make matching pairs, I mean gauge is gauge-so you get gauge on a different size needle now, just use the new needle size :0) Think how productive you could feel finishing so many “pairs” of socks LOL
    I also like my socks the same and so I understand the feeling weird part well, if you decide you don’t want to finish them and you don’t want to keep them you could do a cute giveaway like Susan B Anderson did with the one finished sock and the yarn to complete the pair-that could be lots of fun :0) Happy New Year and no matter what you decide to do have fun knitting this year :0)
    Much love, Mel x x x

    1. Well, that’s true. I just have to get the same gauge. Darn. I was hoping that this was a good excuse not to have to go back and make the matching socks …..

  5. Wow, your 2014 FOs are impressive! I like your idea of adding year tags to projects and I hope doing that myself will inspire me to finish more in 2015. My favorite project this year is one I just finished yesterday, a Hitchhiker in Peppino (Happy Times colorway) that I got at TLE while visiting my oldest son for his birthday. Wishing you health, peace, and happy knitting in 2015!

  6. Socks are my most favorite projects to do in general but I do like my sweaters! I got one completed for a friend and one for me this year during camp and more than a few hats shawls and cowls.

    Happy New Year to your family and all of the Loopy Elves!

    Thank you for all the pretties this year while I look forward to some lovely yarns and ideas this coming year.

  7. I’m jealous. I think my total is in the single digits. I finished 2 cowls and pair of socks. One cowl was started last december. I have a shawl to finish ( tie the fringe). Most of my projects this year were small things. I have higher hopes for 2015.

  8. I managed to complete 15 projects in 2014. The totals are Shawls: 8; Cowl: 1; Socks: 1; Mitts: 1; and Hats: 4…. Thanks for the great tip of tagging projects with type and year as I go… As for my favorite project, probably the Song of the Sea Cowl I made for my daughter, or the Geology Shawl, also for her. I made myself a number of smallish shawls which I use all the time. You are a VERY productive knitter! Happy 2015!

  9. A question about your Downtown Cowl…. Do you remember how many stitches you cast on? I want to do one with a sport weight but use the skein and have it a bit longer than the original length in the pattern. Just curious. You used up a mediumweight STR and I have a slightly shorter skein to use. Thanks if you can remember. I didn’t see anything in your project notes about it.

    1. I’m pretty sure I did whatever the pattern said. If I change things around, I usually note that in my project notes, and I didn’t mention anything on this project. So you’d make yours longer and narrower? It’s a nice pattern – glad you’re making it!

  10. I used the Romney Ridge Farm calendar to keep track of my 2014 projects-when I started and when I completed. This also helped when I posted projects on Ravelry. I knit 11 shawls, 11 scarves/neckwraps,12 pairs of socks, 8 cowls, 5 sweaters, 5 pairs of mitts/mittens, 1 hat and 12 sweater ornaments. I am a fast knitter and I always take a project with me. It was wonderful to get so many gifts done with all the challenges and Academy. I had a lot of fun and tried projects that I probably would not have done on my own.

  11. Congratulations on fitting in 34 wonderful projects amid all the amazing things you do at The Loopy Ewe!!! I completed 35 projects this year and knit 7.49 miles of yarn! (It sounds more impressive to say “just over 12 kilometers”, but not everyone knows the metric system…) I thought I hadn’t done much until I checked the data I had entered into my Yarn Meter account. That is a really fun program! Good luck with making the matching socks – maybe just do one at a time, and then you can rejoice that you have knit a pair, even if there has been a bit of a time space between the knitting of the first and second sock!

  12. Sheri you had great stats for 2014!! How about making a sock tree at loopy central and leave it up all year for inspiration. For those single socks, anyone there who has single socks could donate to the tree. You could put a tag on the sock to say what the pattern and yarn is. It could be a feather tree doesn’t have to be a huge blue spruce or something. Just something productive to do with those single socks plaguing you. Maybe I will vow to try at least one pair of socks this year. Since I live in NE FL I typically knit scarves, shawlettes, shawls, cowls, etc. an occasional hat or mitts. We just can’t use a lot if sweaters but I still will make a cardigan every now and then. Hope you have a happy healthy new year! Mel

  13. She-rrreeeee!!!

    I have a solution for your single socks. They should be a little extra bonus you throw in random boxes of fun – the sock, the rest of the yarn, the pattern (if it’s a freebie) or at least the name of it – just because.

    You’re welcome!


  14. It has been quite a knitting year. Thank you Sherrie for the great Fall Fling. And now we must wait until 2016, sigh. I did manage 10 shawls, one of which was a pi shawl. 5 pairs of socks and 1 pair of mittens. I really love my socks made from the Continuum self striping yarn. And my favorite shawl was from the Lilac Wish Lace Shawl pattern with my first nupps!

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