Outside and Inside

Outside – Cloudy, gray, snowy, and bitter cold:

unnamed snowy cold


Inside: Warm, colorful, happy and inspiring:




What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Cold? Come see us – we’ll keep you warm in our wool and fabric aisles. Not local? We’d be happy to send you a box of warmth and color.  🙂

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  1. Here in Pasadena, CA the current temperatur is 64 F or 18 C —mostly cloudy but not cold. That’s quite the contrast from your outdoor to indoor!

  2. The cold weather is coming into our neck of the woods tonight! We have been enjoying almost 70 degree temps for a while and it has been delightful. Working on my Hitchhiker scarf and my mittens. Love the yarns and fabrics! Very inspirational!

  3. Brrr.. It’s a balmy 25 degrees here but you know it’s cold when you have to switch knitting needles because the cable won’t bend. My riding the bus to work knitting is on needles with the clear plastic cables that are not very bendy. It’s fine except while waiting for the bus they get too cold and don’t want to unbend from whatever warped shape they were stuck into my bag in. Have to go search the needle bag for a pair that stays pliable. 🙂 At least we only had a few flurries.

  4. It’s ch-ch-chilly here, and we had our first hard frost last night. It was a beautifully sunny day though, and that means another COLD night. Good knitting weather!

    1. I’m always glad for the first hard frost, as that helps with all of the allergens that have been around since spring!

  5. Bitter cold here in dairyland! Only in the low 20’s. We have a bit of snow here in central but the north got hit quite hard. I’m staying inside as much as possible!!! The colors of Loopy are wonderful!

  6. Might we trade just a bit? We hit 100+ here in Adelaide. The hot wind blew so hard today that all I could do was think, I sure hope there isn’t going to be a bushfire today. Whew! Cooler weather coming, we hope.

    Love the photos — your snowy haven cooled me down.

  7. Its 45 here in NH…Sunny and bright! I would swap for Snow here any day, Sheri…
    Its Knitting weather for sure!!!
    Toodles, Snowhugs

  8. TLE is always warm and welcoming, no matter what the weather is like outside! Thanks for the weather update and pictures; I learn much more from you than I do from my son who lives in Fort Collins!

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