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A few things you might not know about Loopy Central (our shop here in Colorado):

When people walk in, this is the view right in front of them. (See the folding chairs on the right? We were set up for Knit Night.)


But if it’s their first time here, they usually turn to the left instead of looking ahead. To the left, they see our red cabinet (which just has a few fun things on it, because it’s too close to the door for yarn and accessories):


My favorite thing in the red cabinet is the picture of our St. Louis Loopy Elves. We had to leave them behind when we moved the shop to Colorado. But this way, they’re always kind of here “in” the shop with us.


Also to the left? Herman. He collects your packages every day and then goes down the elevator to transport them to the mail truck. He’s a beast. Huge and heavy.


To the right of the front door is the checkout counter. And Office Manager Lynn’s Little Bunny. We sell a lot of those patterns in-store, as people stand there to check out. The bunny is just too cute to pass up. (I just went over to Ravelry to find the pattern to link to and typed in “Little Cotton Rabbis”. Funny, no one has made a pattern for a little cotton rabbi.)


We also have cute alpaca pictures behind the checkout. These make people smile. 🙂 You can get your own set of these cuties in our alpaca notecard sets, if you so desire. The toothy guy is my favorite.


We can see mountains from our shop windows. I love that. (We can also see Lowes, but who looks at Lowes when there are mountains out there?)


If you know where to look back in the fabric section, you might find new fabrics waiting to go up in the next Thursday Update. Although that little hidey nook will go away in a couple of weeks when we re-arrange things.)


We bought a toaster oven for the Loopy Kitchen for the sole purpose of being able to bake chocolate chip cookies once in awhile. And if you’re in the shop when we do it, we’ll come around with the heart platter and offer you one.


There are probably a lot of other things going on here that we could fill you in on, but that’s it for today. Anything else you want to know about Loopy Central for our next post about it?

Sheri feelinglikeachocolatechipcookienow.Maybethisafternoon.

P.S. We have winners from our Quilt Market Blog Contest! Winner of the Graphic Quilts book is Kathryn from Alaska and winner of the Little One Yard Wonders book is Cathy from Texas.  We’ll get those right out to you!


  1. Oh wow. I really want to come out there now. Just seeing all of that welcoming, homey kinda feeling stuff makes a person feel so good. And who could pass up cookies?! Have a good weekend!
    One thing that might be kind of interesting to see close up is how you arrange the stock. Where you place the different types of yarn and how you group it, (by company, color, fiber, etc) , accessories, samples, etc. I love seeing how yarn shops are set up.

    1. Lisa, the shop is organized by weight. When you walk in the worsted is on the left and it moves down by weight as you move to the right (towards the windows). It’s incredible!

  2. Thanks for telling your online, faithful customers about the brick & mortar shop! You have quickly become my new LYS, and I live in WI! Nobody beats your selection & customer service. I love the blog, rewards program, designer spot lights and weekly updates (the website is incredible!) The contests/events/subscriptions are fun & unique. All of this is what make me feel like I’m “one of the locals.” Thanks!

  3. After this blog post, I bet there will be at least one Revelry pattern for a little cotton rabbi. It wont be from me, but it’ll be there sometime.

  4. wait, wait… you can make cookies in a toaster oven? What is this madness! I have a toaster oven! Why do I not have cookies?

  5. I think even Alton Brown would approve of your ‘unitasker’ oven since it bakes cookies! Just read this week how having a ‘cafeteria’ can improve employee morale. Assume that works for Elves, too.

    1. Well, for SURE cookies improve morale! (Not that the Elves suffer from bad morale, but cookies make everything better pretty much 100% of the time.)

  6. Loopy Central is really one of the greatest places you can spend an afternoon. Sheri and Julia and the elves are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and of course the yarn is TO DIE FOR. I highly recommend everyone make the “pilgrimage” at least once! 😀

  7. I love visiting your shop! I’m just 3 hours up the road in Wyoming. Anytime I visit my friend in Loveland or we decide to do some shopping in Ft Collins I try to stop in! 🙂

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