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On Wednesday’s blog post I shared some pictures from our Fall Fling Retreat, which was held last weekend. Be sure you get in on the drawing for one of the goodie bags! One thing I really love about the Fling is seeing all of the knitted items that people are wearing. I always add several things to my “to make” list. Here are some patterns that inspired the Flingers last weekend.

hitofudeI shared this photo on Wednesday, but am sharing it again. Cindy and Patricia both had on their Hitofudes. Cindy is currently making a second one, and she told us that she’d do an unofficial KAL with us to make a third! I already had Hitofude on my favorites list because the back is so pretty, but I wasn’t sure about the length. Cindy made hers longer, and that’s what sold me on it. I also loved Patricia’s gorgeous teal color. The pattern calls for fingering weight. It would be beautiful in Blue Moon Fiber Art’s Worthy, Baah! LaJolla, Cascade Heritage Silk, Fable Fibers (Novel or Story), and Shalimar Breathless.

Claudia and JulieI’ve wanted to make a Boxy ever since I first saw Claudia wearing one in Germany. Here’s a picture of Claudia in one of two Boxy’s that she has made, and Julie from Juliespins. (I did get the ok to post this today.) 🙂 The first Boxy pattern calls for fingering weight (and it would be great in Mrs. Crosby’s Satchel, Spud and Chloe Fine, or Dream in Color’s Jilly). There is also Boxy and Buttony (also fingering weight, more texture), Boxy Cape (in an Aran weight like Superwash Aran), and Boxy Worsted (quicker to knit up in this weight. Try it with Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes, Dream in Color Classy, Mrs. Crosby’s Steamer Trunk, or Shepherd’s Wool Worsted ).

Since I am not good at finishing sweaters, I know you’re doubting my ability to get these two done. (I’M doubting it, too. But I really would love to do them!) First, I will finish my Funky Grandpa that I started last year, after visiting Claudia in Germany. All I have left is the two sleeves. THEN I will move on to one of these other patterns.

Here is a link to some of the other patterns that caught the eye of different Fall Flingers over the weekend: Textural Healing Cowl (calls for sport/dk), Yarden (calls for fingering), Sandbank (laceweight), Stripes Gone Crazy (fingering), Lipstick Cardigan (worsted), Brickless (worsted), Nuvem (laceweight), Paulie (fingering), Golden Hazel (fingering), Primula Florindae (laceweight), and Myrna (worsted).

What do you think? Did any of these pattern links catch your eye, too? And now that you have a chance to win a Fling Goodie Bag and have seen some of the knitted inspiration that we were treated to last weekend, do you almost feel like you’ve been to the Fling?

Sheri finishingupacowlthisweekendsoIcanfinishsweatersleeves


  1. OMG, a picture of Claudia!! And Julie!!

    I’d be in on an unofficial KAL for the Hitofude, too! Let me know if this congress to pass!

  2. Several of those patterns are already in my queue and several may have just been added! 🙂 No . . I still don’t feel like I’ve been to Fling but some day . .

  3. I’m in for the Hitofude KAL. I am especially interested in taking a peek at Cindy’s modifications. Could you post a link to one of her Hitofudes on Ravelry? Thanks!

  4. I would do a Hitofude KAL – I have been wanting to do it in MT ML but I could also see some of your suggestions working as well. I like Boxy but not sure that styling would work for me. I think I entered the giveaway from the other blog post – I presume you are not doing another one here – but thanks for the opp. Mel

  5. It looks like Hitofude isn’t a full-wrap cardigan–am I correct, or am I missing something? I’m supposed to be doing a KAL with a “No Limits Everything Along” group, but I haven’t started yet–3 or so projects ahead that need work! Typical knitter, huh?

  6. Hitofude has been in my queue since I saw it on the Rainey Sisters blog in the late spring/early summer. I have now added Lipstick Cardigan to my list as well. Boxy might be worth a look, too. Usually I am a shawl knitter.

  7. I did a Hitofude for my July Camp Loopy project and enjoyed it very much – and won best of show in amateur division at our county fair with it! It is now my favorite sweater and was actually (I thought) pretty easy to do.

  8. I love all the pattern suggestions you share with us; thank you so much.
    Minght I ask for more cowl suggestions, please? My daughters love them.

  9. Oh, you are an enabler. I have a hat that MUST be done for the Homecoming Parade next month. Have to focus…although Hitofudes is in my library too.

  10. I love the Boxy and Bottoms. I’d make it in Dream in Color Jilly, Rain Cloud. I also have the Hitofude in my to make list and would love to be in a KAL as I’ve never done one.

  11. I’ve knit Lipstick and I love it! It was a very easy, very enjoyable, well written pattern. I will definitely do it again.

    I’ve been wanting to knit Funky Grandpa for a while, but it’s been too warm. Might be time to get started!

    Any yes, the pictures helped with my vicarious Fall Fling Retreat. 🙂

  12. My LYS is going to be doing a KAL of Hitofude and one of the yarns suggested was Malabrigo Sock, so that’s another possibility. Hitofude is an incredible pattern…the shop model was put on by a score of different women with different sizes and body shapes and it looked fantastic on all of them! It’s a magical design.

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